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During the pandemic i had a lot of spare time so i was hooked up in reading post about cat breeds.. i love maine coon initially and dying to get one.. unfortunately i read a lot of horror things like dying at early age due to HCM or being injured easily and having hip dysplasia.

i also consider having persian but they are too high maintenance and im scared i couldn’t keep up as i already have 3 furry babies so i decided to look deeper and see this beautiful breed called ragdoll they look like a painting and the way everyone describe them they are absolutely perfect for my house hold not to high maintenance they are big and easy going.. so im all set now i just have to look for my perfect ragdoll baby.

Simon - Ragdoll of the Week 20200425_135135

And then as i look everywhere it wasn’t easy.. i contacted a lot of breeder around me unfortunately i have to wait for 6mos or so but its ok i can wait then i came across to this so called gao village he is a new breeder in california and very polite and patient but his new kittens are all reserved except for one that was already seven months old. So i was still undecided.

Simon - Ragdoll of the Week 20200426_122058

He showed me this picture of the baby and he’s so adorable..his birthday is aug.23, 2019 and he is a blue bi-color which i was looking for… the breeder said he was returned due to pandemic cause the owner cannot keep him anymore.

Simon - Ragdoll of the Week 20200822_132756

but i was determined to get a younger one so i decided to put a deposit on one of more known ragdoll breeder for upcoming litter but unfortunately im the last one on the list and the kitten that is supposed to be mine passed on😥… but then i realized this one is meant to be for me and this boy needs a home so no more second thoughts and i drove all the way to Barstow, California to meet up with the breeder. As we drive we already search for names and we call him Simon i think it fits him perfectly.

Simon - Ragdoll of the Week 20200811_184634

at first i was stunned he looks like adult cat he’s supposed to be almost 8mos only and his fur is not fluffy at all my Domestic Medium hair rescues are more fluffy than him..but he is soft as a rabbit and his ears oh so big ears its supposed to be small right???

i was confuse but he’s so behave well behave that he just slept the whole time we traveled and i didnt hear a single meow from him im also kinda disappointed cause i might got scammed 😔 but the breeder seems so nice and he actually sold kittens before i calm down either way i didnt lose anything cause i took this beauty home..he got a long with my other 3 kitties right away so i guess ill just pray for his fur to get fluffier..and lets see if he’s gonna looks like true ragdoll as he grows. We feed him weruva canned food but he only eats chicken he never like fish flavors he’s kinda picky. And also Farmina N&D Chicken flavor dry food mixed with dr elsey’s clean protein are his favorite

Simon - Ragdoll of the Week 20210319_134608

then he turned one.. and he’s getting fluffier hope it grow more 😅.. but even though he’s not as fluffy as the others i adore him.. his icy blue eyes, his soft fur and his sweet and docile temperament is enough for me.. he also loves to follow us around like a dog and we’re over joy every time he let out a very sweet little meow which i only heard like 10times in one “YEAR”.

Simon - Ragdoll of the Week 20210217_155557

He loves to perch and he often choose a very high spot so we cannot bother him.. cause he hates being pick up but likes being brush and petted.. i guess he knows he’s more handsome when I’m brushing him. I use slicker brush and stainless still comb for him i also have furminator but he hates it so i discontinue using it. He is very laid back but have his moments of zooming around like he don’t care how big he is and bumping everywhere.

this is how he looks like once he see birds outside with eyes widely open.. and as you can see he’s such a fluffy dude now finally after a year of waiting he’s a full bloom ragdoll now.. and he is 15 lbs ball of fluff.

Simon - Ragdoll of the Week 20210508_003307

when his dad or i picked him up.. he just cant keep his legs together and tries so hard to escape.. he’s strong but also so soft so its really hard to hold him together. by the way im relieved that i didnt got scammed cause he looks and act like a real ragdoll now except he’s not a lapcat.

Simon - Ragdoll of the Week 20201207_135130

Nothing to see here just a lazy cat fluffed around like a rag.. he loves belly rub sometime he follows me when i walk around the house and when i stop he fluff on my feet and ask for some belly rub.

Thank you for reading.. Simon said be safe out there and nice to meet you.

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  1. thank you for your suggestion i will definitely try that..

  2. Enjoyed your story. We have 2 ragdolls, one won’t sit on our laps but will sit next to us. The other will ONLY sit on our laps if we have a blanket over our lap! Try the blanket!

    1. Joy Forster says:

      I was so glad to read this comment as it describes my 2 ragdoll cats exactly. Neither of them like to be held. I love them so much and so glad I decided on this cat breed. They both have so much personality.

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