Gabby and Louise – Ragdolls of the Week


I have been a lifelong cat lover and have had cats all my life, starting when I was very young. My first cat was a purebred blue Peke-faced Persian with copper eyes, and I named her Neeko (which means Cat in Japanese, but I unknowingly misspelled it). She was the runt of the litter, so the breeder (Marjorie Plambek in Arlington Heights, Illinois) sold her to me in 1967 for $25.00! She never weighed more than 7lbs. and lived to be 16.

Since then, all my cats have been rescues, and I had one (Milo) who was feral and he lived 19 years. He was a beautiful, smart, long-haired orange tabby with a white ruff. He was also very wild and I can’t print the nickname my husband gave him here in this article (but it was really funny!) My other rescue cats were: Otis, Summer, Halle and finally, Cleo (an old Maine Coon cat).

After Cleo died last year after having her for only six months, my Vet told me “You need to start rescuing younger cats”, so I did research and discovered how amazing Ragdolls are, so I went on what my husband calls “…my cat hunt….”

Gabby and Louise - Ragdolls of the Week

I saw a posting on Rescueme.Org for Gabby and Louise. When you access the website, you list the breed you prefer. I listed my preference for a Ragdoll cat and was thrilled when Gabby and Louise appeared! They were listed separately and it took a minute for me to realize they were from the same foster home! I believe there was a third sibling who had previously been adopted – otherwise, I would’ve had three Floppycats!

I found not one, but TWO Ragdoll sisters in southern California. Their human mom had passed away at 86, and they were with a wonderful couple who were fostering them, along with many other cats. Their foster parents personally delivered them to our door in the Santa Barbara, California area last May.

We nicknamed them Weezy and Gabs, and they are a bonded pair – Louise is a lynx-point and Gabby is a tortoise shell. The vet thinks Weezy is approximately nine, and Gabs is between four and five years old.

Gabby and Louise - Ragdolls of the Week

Gabs was very thin and ill with IBS when I got her, and the Vet prescribed liquid prednisone and vitamin B12 shots, and said Gabby would need these medications for the rest of her life. Both cats had constant diarrhea. I read online about a woman who had two Ragdolls with projectile diarrhea (which I cannot wrap my mind around), and she cured it by feeding her cats organic poached chicken, along with the broth.

I figured I had nothing to lose, so I tried it, and IT WORKED! Gabs is now strong and healthy with a beautiful, silky coat, and neither one has a trace of diarrhea. Gabs is now off all medications! They both eat Blue Buffalo grain-free chicken: Weezy eats canned food and Gabs eats the dry food, but neither one has any interest in eating the others’ food!

Gabby and Louise - Ragdolls of the Week IMG_2630

They follow each other around the house and sleep together. They have very different personalities – Gabs is very outgoing and verbal, and is quite a character; Weezy is much quieter. They have adapted beautifully. We agree that they are the best cats we have ever had: Smart, loving, docile, sociable, and they are so affectionate and love their new family! We tell each other all the time that we won the “cat lottery” with our two beautiful sisters! And, for those of you who think two cats are a lot more work – no, they aren’t (….except for a bit more litterbox work!)

Gabby and Louise - Ragdolls of the Week IMG_2439


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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. What a truly wonderful story about your Weezy & Gabs! Thank you SOOOO VERY MUCH for sharing your love story with them with all of us! 🙂 <3

    Please accept my sincere and heartfelt condolences on your past kitteh losses. It's always so heartbreaking when a furry baby passes on. *GREAT BIG HUGS* <3

    Now, onto your Adorable Duo!! THEY are Simply STUNNING!!! How delightful that they are bonded but so different in purrsonalities! And God Bless You for rescuing kittehs who need a loving furever home (that's an awesome outlook to have when adding furry children to your life)!! 🙂 <3

    Weezy & Gabs are certainly two lucky girls for sure to have found such a wonderful furever home and momma like YOU!! Very happy that Gabs' medical issues were resolved and that both of them are thriving under your love and care!! 🙂 <3

    Wishing all of you many more years of love, happiness, good health and purry adventures together!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    P.S. LURVE the photos!!! 🙂 <3

  2. ABarletta says:

    I love the names Gabby and Louise. Seems to suit them. I love that you rescued them and they are a bonded pair. My kitty Gracie just left us this Saturday and you can imagine what we are going through since you’ve been through it so many times. My next adoption will be a bonded pair as well. Just makes it easier to adjust for everyone, and when you are out of the house for a long time, at least they have each other. I’ve had multiple cats at one time (3), but no one was particularly bonded with another. I do agree, two cats are better than one, and really are not any more trouble or expense (except vet fees). Love the last photo with your hubby and the kitties on the sofa. Adorbs. Enjoy your lovely furry family and thank you for sharing.

  3. thank you for your story and bless you for helping cats in need. we have to help the ones that are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. they are beautiful !

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