What is Cratejoy? 5 Types of Monthly Cat Subscription Boxes

Are you familiar with monthly subscription boxes? They are usually theme based and offer a fun box of goodies you can get monthly in the mail.

I have mentioned them here on Floppycats for cats – whether you send something to your cat-loving friend or yourself, they can be a fun way to try new things with your kitty.

The mystery factor turns each box into something fun. On Cratejoy, you can find the most extensive selection of subscription boxes that you can share with your cat. So it’s double the fun. Here’s everything you need to know about the Cratejoy cat subscription boxes.

What Is Cratejoy?

Cratejoy is a platform that unites subscription box providers. It features a vast collection of subscription boxes you can explore from a comprehensive genre list. You can also set up a subscription to the box of your choice via Cratejoy and have it delivered to your home every month.

How to Use Cratejoy

  1. Go to the Cratejoy site.
  2. Select the subscription box category you are interested in.
  3. Browse the list of options to find the subscription box you would like to receive.
  4. Check the pricing plans available for the box you have chosen.
  5. Check the shipping options for the box you have chosen.
  6. Set up your account on Cratejoy and fill in your payment details.
  7. Set up a subscription to the box of your choice, and it will be delivered to the address you provide.
Woman holding a cat with text \"What to get the girl who sends Holiday cards signed by her cat.\"

What Are Cratejoy Cat Subscription Boxes?

If you set up a subscription for a cat box on Cratejoy, you will get one every month. The box includes cat toys, treats, accessories, and other cool things for your kitty and yourself. You choose which type of items should be in the box, and then you get a monthly surprise.

If you choose a cat toy box, you will get a new collection of cat toys every month. What makes it all very special is the element of surprise. You know you’re going to get cat toys, but instead of ordering them online, you get them wrapped in a beautiful box every time, which makes it very special.

5 Types of Cat Subscription Boxes

If you want to find out more about the cat subscription boxes available on Cratejoy, you can explore the entire collection.

We have selected five of them to show you. Here’s what they include:

1. Crazy Cat Crates

Crazy Cat Crates

The Crazy Cat Crates subscription box features a collection of premium toys and treats for your kitty. In addition, this box offers high-quality products, including handmade cat toys, treats, and certified organic catnip.

Along with each box from Crazy Cat Crates, you will receive a unique print with tips for caring for your cat.

Crazy Cat Crates prioritizes small-batch and handmade items created by independent makers in the USA, so you get exclusive items. Their box includes five products each month. They donate to cat rescues and organizations to support the well-being of kitties.

Pricing & Fees
The Crazy Cat Crates box costs $23.99/ month and you can sign up on Cratejoy and subscribe to this box on the platform. You can also give a Crazy Cat Crates box as a gift. In addition, you can choose to unsubscribe anytime you want.

2. Catnipporium

Catnipporium Cat Monthly subscription box

If your cat likes catnip toys, you can get a collection of new catnip pillows and toys delivered monthly with the Catnipporium box.

Each includes 5 cat pillows with different patterns, one large kicker, and a secret treat or toy for your cat. The pillows are stuffed with fresh and natural catnip and sealed to ensure that the catnip is fresh when they arrive.

Pricing & Fees
The Catnipporium box costs $15.00/ month. You can set up your subscription on Cratejoy, and you will have it delivered every month.

The boxes are shipped on the 4th of the month, and Catnipporium offers shipment worldwide from the United States. Please note that the subscription is automatically renewed, but you can cancel anytime.

3. Words & Whiskers

Words and Whiskers Cat Monthly subscription box

If you enjoy reading with your cat, then the Words & Whiskers box might be a good choice. It has something for you and something for your kitty, and it is an excellent starter for some quality time with your cat.

It features 2-3 secondhand books depending on the box level. In addition, you can choose the book genre you would like to receive.

It also includes 1-3 items for your cat, depending on box levels, such as treats, accessories, and grooming products. The Words & Whiskers box includes 1-2 bookish, pet-related, or relaxing items. Their Premium box comes with a premium item.

Pricing & Fees
The Worlds & Whiskers box starts at $22.75/month.

The boxes are shipped between the 1st and the 6th of the month, and orders must be placed by the end of the previous month.

Please note that Worlds & Whiskers only ships within the United States. You can set up a subscription on Cratejoy, which will be automatically renewed, but you can cancel anytime.

4. Paws & Claws Kit LLC

Paws and Claws Kit LLC cat monthly subscription box

With the Paws & Claws box, you get a unique collection of cat toys, treats, food, catnip, accessories, and a special gift for you. This box is even more remarkable because the monthly box packing all the goodies is a scratching post, which your kitty will love to claw on.

Paws & Claws include high-quality products in every box, including handmade items sometimes. They provide a variety of items, and no two boxes look the same, so you get a surprise each month.

Pricing & Fees
The subscriptions for the Paws & Claws box start at $29.99/ month and you can set them up on Cratejoy. You can also give a Paws & Claws box as a gift.

All boxes ordered between the 1st and 4th of the month are delivered 3 days after the 14th. The boxes ordered between the 15th and 30th of the month are shipped 3 days after the last day of the month. Paws & Claws ship their boxes worldwide from the United States.

5. Gus & Bella

Gus & Bella Box Cat Monthly subscription box

The Gus & Bella box is shipped from the UK. It offers innovative cat toys from new brands, pioneering health products, delicious natural high-protein cat food and treats, and stylish, tasteful, and practical cat-themed goodies for cat lovers, all in one monthly box.

Each month has its own theme at Gus & Bella, such as Santa Paws for Christmas, Feline Spooky for Halloween, and Take Meowt for Valentine’s Day.

They also provide custom boxes for kittens, sensitive cats, and unashamedly fussy cats. In addition, each Gus & Bella box offers you the chance to find the memorable golden ticket, which comes with a cat-themes prize.

Pricing & Fees
The Gus & Bella box plans start at £26.95/month.

The boxes are billed on the 4th of the month and shipped between the 6th and 10th of the month.

Please note that the Gus & Bella boxes are shipped from the UK and may take 7-10 days to arrive in the US. The subscription you set up on Cratejoy is automatically renewed, and you can cancel it anytime.

Is Cratejoy worth it?

If you enjoy surprises, setting up a cat box subscription might be something to try out. The Cratejoy marketplace gathers a wide range of subscription box providers on a single platform, so you can choose the ideal box.

It’s much easier to set up multiple subscriptions on Cratejoy than going to each provider’s website. It’s also much easier to keep track of your subscriptions if they are on a single platform.

Discover thousands of subscriptions - Explore Now - CrateJoy

Another advantage boasted by Cratejoy is that they provide cat subscription box reviews for each product and a rating. This might help you better understand what the product is like and if it is worth buying.

Have you tried subscription boxes? What did you think about the Cratejoy cat subscription boxes on our list? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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