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I first learned about Ragdolls from a patient of mine. He had suggested over a year ago that he thought the cuddly, lovable breed would make a great pet for me. At the time I had an older cat, so while I enjoyed researching Ragdolls online (and watching videos of Charlie and Trigg!) I hadn’t really considered adopting a Ragdoll until after our Chrissy cat passed away from cancer in the fall of 2012.

When my husband and I felt we were ready, we really started reading up on the breed and fell in love with Ragdolls! The winning traits for us was their love of people and dog-like qualities (my husband really wanted a dog, but being that we live in an apartment, we agreed that a cat was the better choice for the time being). I think we were also excited to have a cat known for their size!


In my research I came across a video and interview on YouTube from Melissa at Rockstar Ragdolls and followed her to her website. I emailed her a list of questions about the cats, and was surprised when another breeder, Ashley from Fairytale Ragdolls, replied. Ashley told me that she was continuing the line from Rockstar, and had just had a litter born on September 22, 2012. Ashley was wonderful and answered all my questions about the breed and her litter in particular. After many, many emails, and coming to terms with our recent loss, we decided to adopt a little blue sepia mitted kitten with a blaze. His blaze and mittens were what won us over! Ashley kept us up to date on all his progress until we were able to bring him home in early December 2012.


We decided to name our kitten Monroe Napoleon because we consider our pets our “fur babies,” so it only made sense to give him a “real” name. Napoleon was chosen because of his regal stature (and what kitten doesn’t deserve a middle name?). Monroe’s favorite pastimes include cuddling in the morning before we head to work, chasing his tail in the kitchen, climbing the curtains, shadow hunting, watching my husband’s fish tank, and playing sneak-attack-cat whenever the opportunity presents itself. He also loves to talk and sing! His favorite toy is a small catnip filled bear that he got as a Christmas present from my sister.

A surprising favorite toy that I would highly recommend for any new Ragdoll owner to include is a baby gym with dangling toys! This toy gym was recommended by Ashley, and it has been a great investment! Monroe loves to play with (and under) it for hours!

Monroe is now 6 months old, and is tipping the scales at 9 pounds. I have to say that in the short time that we have had him, he has taught us a lot about patience and adapting to the unexpected, but we are loving every minute of it! We created a YouTube channel for Monroe so that we could share this awesome Ragdoll with the rest of the world.

Chrissy cat
Chrissy cat




IMG_0255 - Version 2



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10 thoughts on “Monroe – Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

  1. Sheryl Sbarbaro says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I have a full-blood brother to your Monroe. He came from the last litter Melissa at Rockstar Ragdolls had with Kisses from Kesha and Prince Blue Reign. Hobbes looks almost exactly like Monroe except for the blaze. His birth date is 3/26/12, and he weighs in at just over 15 lbs. now. I kept in touch with Ashley until she moved overseas to be with her husband. I tried desperately to talk my big man into letting me have Kesha and Prince when she moved, but he adamantly maintained that Hobbes was an only child. Sadly Hobbes and I lost Lee to a massive heart attack on May 3, and our lives have been plunged into turmoil. Hobbes is the reason I get up and moving most days, if only to keep him off the counters and out of trouble. Hobbes loves to watch traffic and likes to be up high (Lee was 6’9″). He is not a typical ragdoll, but I live for that baby. If you would like, I can send you a picture of Hobbes. By the way Lisa, mink ragdolls can have blue/green eyes. Hobbes eyes are blue at the pupil and get light green as it color fans out to the edge of the iris.

  2. Lisa says:

    Hes a really good looking boy,and the first baby picture eyes appear blue,the eye color looks different as he ages.He also appears to have many charachteristics of a Ragdoll.But if you paid for him from a breeder and have papers on him ,I would question the eye color.My whole family has Ragdolls some with papers some just born to Ragdoll parents with papers.My son bought a boy and girl with papers and let them have one litter,but all kittens blue eyed RAGDOLLS ONLY.yOUR BOY IS TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL SNUGGLER.I think its rare for a fullbreed to have any other color than blue.Mabey Jenny knows?Doesnt matter hes a total luv Bugger.Bye Lisa

  3. Teresa says:

    Monroe is darling. He looks like my Gracie and they might even be related because the breeders sometimes share breeding kitties between them and recognized the one you mentioned. Love his coloring and sweet face.

  4. Diana says:

    What a darling little love Monroe is! Beautiful, unique markings and colorings, combined with the typical Ragdoll expressions… he will undoubtedly continue to bring you ridiculous amounts of joy. 🙂

  5. Beth says:

    Your beautiful fur baby is SO lucky to have a perfect home with you 🙂

    Thanks for sharing his story and cute pictures!!!

  6. Coinneach says:

    What a handsome little big guy. 🙂

    Also, that’s a great tip about the baby gym. I’ll have to pick one up for my mob.

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