Baobab Cat Tree by the Square Cat Habitat

Last Updated on August 27, 2010 by Jenny

Baobab Cat Tree by Square Cat HabitatThe design of this 6 feet high cat climbing tree was inspired by the Baobab tree that is native to Madagascar, which is known for it’s towering height and stately nature. The Baobab tree is so enormous that it is possible to hollow out the trunk for it to be lived in.

The Baobab Cat Tree by Square Cat Habitat is definitely much smaller than the plant but it is suitable to be a home for our feline friends. There are two different kinds of construction material that you can choose from when you purchase this kind of cat tree houses which are bamboo or low-pressure laminate and comes in 5 various wood colors.

Each of the 5 cat perches has a mohair insert that can be replaced and there are 15 wonderful colors to pick from. The top level is large enough to accommodate two cats while the 4 lower levels can be used as a lounge or to facilitate the cat’s climbing up and down their new home. You may want to bring home the Baobab Cat Tree as it will surely stand out as a elegant piece of decor while providing the functionality needed by your pet.

When it comes to choosing cat products, making a worthwhile investment in quality cat furniture will ensure you the highest standards in safety and durability. Want more Floppy Cats? Enter your email address to get’s updates plus you’ll be eligible to win our monthly giveaway.

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