Ragdoll Cat Books

I was ordering a few things on Amazon.com the other day and was surprised to see the quantity of Ragdoll cat books that are out there! Here are some I came across – curious to know if any of you have read them and what you think! Of course, we are in the process of checking out The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat by Kim Maxwell – which I think is great so far…but curious about these others!  Oh and of course, I know about Floppycats’ A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide: Bringing Your Ragdoll Kitten Home.  Amazon.com does make it easy to know what’s good through it’s customer reviews, but sometimes oldies that are goodies don’t have reviews the new ones do!

Ragdolls Are the Best! by Elaine Landau

The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat by Kim Maxwell

Ragdoll Cats (Barron’s Complete Pet Owner’s Manuals) by Karen Leigh Davis

Guide to Owning a Ragdoll Cat by Gary Strobel

Guide to Owning a Ragdoll Cat by Gary Strobel and Susan Nelson

Ragdoll Cats (Edge Books: All about Cats) by Joanne Mattern

Discover Ragdoll Cats (Discover Cats With the Cat Fanciers’ Association) by Trudy Micco

Ragdolls: Alien Cats (Cat-Ographies) by Judith Bauer Stamper – interesting title on this one!

Ragdoll Breed Profile by Angela Lowe

The Ragdoll Cat (Learning about Cats (Capstone)) by Joanne Mattern

Ragdoll Cats (Eye to Eye with Cats) by Lynn M. Stone

Ragdoll Cat (Cat Breeds) by Denise Jones

My Ragdoll Cat is My Best Friend by Kathy Hansen

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4 thoughts on “Ragdoll Cat Books

  1. Dementia Boy says:

    When I downloaded Jenny’s Ragdoll kitten guide, Amazon almost immediately suggested “Guide to Owning a Ragdoll Cat.” I don’t know why, but it irritated the heck out of me.

  2. Judy says:

    I bought The Guide to Owning a Ragdoll Cat by Gary Strobel & Susan Nelson on my Kindle, and it is a waste of money. It is more of a general first time cat owners book. I’ll get them at the local library before I’ll but one right off the bat.

  3. Janine says:

    I bought the Guide to Owning a Ragdoll Cat by Strobal & Nelson before I got my little boy. It was a nice read (actually I think I almost read the print of the pages !). But I’ve found that my little ragdoll differs in many ways from those described in the book. Not that I’m complaining as I absolutely adore my boy.

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