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As you guys know, we love the Litter Robot Open Air – and there are often a lot of questions about them.  So, I asked one of the Litter-Robot employees, Kindra, if she could answer some FAQs about the Litter Robot that I get often. Thanks, Kindra, for helping us out!

Litter Robot Open Air Review Floppycats Addie and Ash

How many cats can one Litter Robot serve?

We generally recommend one Litter-Robot per 3-4 cats. An additional Litter-Robot can be useful for households with larger cats or those with health issues. You’ll also want to keep your floorplan in mind; if your cat must travel too far to get to the litter box you may have accidental puddles!

The more cats that are using a Litter-Robot, the more often you’ll need to empty the waste drawer. As a rule of thumb, a Litter-Robot being used by one cat will need to be emptied once per week. Two cats, twice per week, and so on.

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Is it easy for multiple cats to learn how “share” a Litter-Robot?

Yes! The Litter-Robot cleans automatically after each use so there is always a clean bed of litter waiting for the next cat. If your cats generally get along, sharing a Litter-Robot is easy. They know it’s always clean and ready for them to use!

What happens if one cat goes in the LR and then another goes in right after them without it cycling?

The Litter-Robot relies on a sensor to know when a cat has entered and exited the globe. After a cat exits, the Wait Time begins, allowing the waste to clump before performing a clean cycle. If another cat enters the Litter-Robot during that Wait Time, the Litter-Robot will sense the second cat and cancel the original Wait Time. Once that cat exits, a new Wait Time will begin, and the Litter-Robot will run a clean cycle to remove the waste from both cats.

How do you introduce multiple cats to the LR?

Introducing multiple cats to the Litter-Robot is similar to introducing just one cat, but you’ll want to consider their individual personalities. One cat may respond well to treats while the other just needs to see their old litter box get dirty. Many households find that it just takes one cat to make the switch first. The others tend to follow their brave sibling!

As always, be sure to leave the Litter-Robot turned off until all your cats are using it regularly.

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If I buy two Litter Robots for my 4 cats, should I put them next to each other or in different parts of the house?

That depends on your current litter box setup. If your existing litter boxes are in the same room, the Litter-Robots should be as well—at least until your cats have fully made the switch to the Litter-Robots. At that time, you could choose to keep one on another floor or different area of the home. However, relocating litter boxes should always been done over time. A sudden change can confuse Kitty!

If your litter boxes are already in different areas of the house, place your Litter-Robots in those same places (if possible). We always recommend putting the Litter-Robot near the old litter boxes during the transition period. The smaller the change for your cats, the better!

What are some of the unseen or un-thought of benefits of a Litter Robot? (you mentioned that pet sitters like them – with holidays approaching, maybe this can be said)

The Litter-Robot makes finding a pet sitter much easier. You no longer have to ask them to do the daily litter box chore. Instead, they can spend their time playing with your cats (a much more enjoyable task!).

Most new Litter-Robot users are shocked by how much litter they save. The patented sifting system removes only the clumps, leaving maximal clean litter after each cycle. Litter-Robot customers often report saving up to 50% on litter annually compared to traditional litter boxes.

How do you clean the Litter Robot Open Air?

The Litter-Robot Open Air is made with standard plastics, and the liner is made of PVC. Simply wiping the Litter-Robot down with a damp paper towel or disposable cloth can keep it fresh between deep cleaning. We recommend deep cleaning the Litter-Robot at least twice per year. This video goes into detail, but essentially, you just disassemble the Litter-Robot Open Air to its 4 main parts: bonnet, globe, base, and waste drawer. The waste drawer and globe do not contain any electronics so they can be hosed down outside or in a tub. The base and bonnet do contain electronics so a bit more care is needed, but usually a good wipe down with cleaner and a cloth does the trick. Just be sure to avoid harsh chemicals like bleach—that’s hard on your Litter-Robot, and chances are your cat won’t appreciate it either!


What’s the biggest reason people return a Litter Robot?

A very small percentage of Litter-Robots are ever returned, but those that are, it is usually because their cats did not make the switch. It’s important to take the right steps to introduce your cats to the Litter-Robot…especially if you have a skittish kitty! Most cats will take to the Litter-Robot quickly once they see what it is, but for those that need a bit more help making the switch, we have several tried and true tips. Those usually do the trick! If they don’t for any reason though, the Litter-Robot can be returned under the 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Tip: The Litter-Robot will run an initialization cycle when you power it on for the first time. If you have any concerns about your uneasy cat, be sure to remove them from the room before you turn it on.

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Do you have any questions about the Litter Robot?

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  1. Wonderful FAQ post, Jenny! LURVE the pics and the video, too! Thank you SOOO VERY MUCH, Kindra, for the great answers!!! The LR continues to amaze and fascinate me!!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. thanks, patti – i love learning about other people’s FAQs about the LR and also other people’s experiences.

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