11 Cat illustration Artists {You Need to See These}

Cat illustrations are a great way to celebrate a loved pet, whether in life or as a memorial once they’re gone. There are some very talented artists out there who work in very distinctive and unique styles, so it’s never hard to find someone that can create the perfect picture for your wall.

Most artists will provide a digital image only for your cat illustration, but printing is straight forward. Or use your cat illustration as a desktop background on your laptop or PC – so that even when you’re working, they’re there with you.

Other artists focus less on personalized works and instead create cat artworks that are suited to anyone. So if you’re not a cat owner but you love everything feline, these could be ideal.

Custom HAND-PAINTED Pet Portrait, Original Watercolor Family Painting, Dog Memorial Gift, Personalized Cat Illustration from Multiple Photos
Custom HAND-PAINTED Pet Portrait from JennysNoodleShop

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Check out these 11 cat illustration artists

  1. Lile Di Prima 

Lile Di Prima 

LiliDiPrima’s work is quite stunning. They’re quite simple cat illustrations except they capture a huge amount of personality. It’s all in the eyes, they’re super-realistic and so very striking. These are digital artworks so you will need to print them yourself if you want to, but the reviews are excellent and you can ask for the image to be amended if it doesn’t quite capture your cat, with as many changes as needed. The images take around two weeks, but gift certificates are available if you need something sooner.


  1. Jenny’s Noodle Shop 

Jenny's Noodle Shop 

If you want something that’s more traditionally artistic, these hand-painted watercolors from JennysNoodleShop may just be ideal. She offers a wide range of options for single cat paintings or even combined family shots with multiple pets, or pets and owners. You’ll get a physical painting, so there’s no digital option, and prices vary depending on how many subjects are in the painting and how big you want it to be. The paintings aren’t hyper-realistic but have some artistic flair by design, and again there are many 5-star reviews from happy customers.


  1. Christina B Draws 

Jenny's Noodle Shop 

ChristinaBDraws is a specialist pet illustrator – check out her shop for a wide range of styles. A lot of her example work is around dogs but there are some great cat illustrations in there too. She’s newer to Etsy but already has some great reviews, and the option to choose your style of illustration means you can find the perfect one for your taste. This cartoony one definitely has a bit of a Disney feel to it, making it the ideal gift for someone who loves their animated movies almost as much as they love their cat.


  1. Catinsky

Catinsky Artist

Catinsky’s shop brings together cat illustrations and art pieces with a variety of other influences, including famous art styles (the Picasso cat is particularly striking), celebrities (David Bowie cat for one) and horoscopes. You can buy prints to hang on your wall, educational pieces that almost work as art flash cards, or simple magnets to stick your favorite cat pieces anywhere. Again a newer store but many 5-star reviews suggests you’re unlikely to be disappointed with the quality of the cat art you buy.


  1. Camdora

Camdora  Artist

Camdora is a UK-based artist selling a wide selection of art prints, coffee mugs, magnets and more with their own unique designs. The store covers a range of topics beyond cats, but there are some delightful feline options amongst the varied store. The influences are clear – there’s a lot of traditional children’s novel styles amongst the artwork, but with a sprinkling of Japanese anime too – if you’ve seen any Ghibli films you’ll certainly recognize some of the pieces including works recalling the catbus from Totoro. Products are shipped from Europe so may take a little longer to arrive.


  1. Mimandarina

Mimandarina Artist

Mimandarina is a Spanish artist offering a selection of custom cat and dog portraits. The style again is relatively simplistic but still with a realistic look – each piece is charming and full of character.  As well as standard pet portraits you can also have them stylized – add floral frames for a memorial piece, or even accessories to transform your cat into a renowned personality (again with David Bowie – clearly a popular star in the cat world). Each picture is a fun way to celebrate your cat and reviews are again overwhelmingly positive.


  1. AMacIntoshPrints  


Aimee MacIntosh’s personalized pet prints make great use of bolder colors, creating an image that is modern and simple but still captures the essence of your cat. Aimee will create a picture of your pet and send it as a digital file, choosing the colors and fonts that best fit your cat. However if you’d prefer to have an input on those then she’ll happily incorporate your ideas. You can choose a framed version if you wish for an additional cost. Aimee’s turnaround times and prices are generally lower than other artists, so order quickly before she decides to raise either. Be aware that she is a newer artist and so doesn’t yet have reviews, but all the more reason to support a new talented seller.


  1. The Pawartist

The Pawartist 

ThePawArtist creates intricately detailed digital paintings of your pets from your reference photos, with finer details including fur accurately yet artistically captured. They have a pencil artwork style but make fantastic use of color to bring the shades of your cat’s coat and eyes to life. What makes this seller more unique is that you can choose a personalized print or stickers of your artwork instead. Opt for stickers and you’ll get 12 – stick one on your laptop, one on your notebook or just anywhere where you want your pet to be with you.


  1. Susanna Banks Art

Susanna Banks Artist

Susanna Banks’ Etsy store is certainly unique. Her range of animal prints are created in very bold colors and with a lot of fun and personality – these are less about realism and more about crafted works of art that are definitely striking. However, she does offer custom pet portraits that are less out-there, and while they still have a very original style they are absolutely recognizable as the pet you provide as a reference. Check out the examples to see the work she’s done and decide whether her distinctive drawings are to your taste.


  1. Pet Portrait Galaxy

Pet Portrait Galaxy

If your preference is for hyper-realistic artwork then the PetPortraitGalaxy store might be just what you’re after. You can choose from a wide range of styles and poses, including simple straight-on portraits, peek-a-boo artworks or even pictures of multiple cats nuzzling up together. These are hand-painted watercolors shipped from Pennsylvania which helps keep shipping times down, and with over 5,000 sales and over 1,500 5-star reviews you can be confident in the quality of your piece.


  1.  Art Sea Rosie 

Art Sea Rosie 

For something a little more quirky and unique, consider a Pet Plant portrait from ArtSeaRosie. These fun, cartoony pictures turn your cat into a plant, with various leaves and branches growing from their heads. The drawings are physical, and done in high quality Copic markers for bold colors and clean lines. You can dictate the plant, or let the artist decide, and can tailor any other preferences. 170 5-star reviews speak for the quality of the work.

These are some really cool cat illustration artists but there are others out there too. Leave a comment if you’ve got a recommendation. It’s a great time to be supporting artists and independent sellers online, and these cat illustrations make a fantastic gift for a loved one or for yourself.


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  1. SUPER PAWESOME & FABULOUS post, Jenny honey! WOW! What amazing artwork & artists! I LURVE ALL OF THE CREATIONS SHOW SO MUCH! Very well done! TYSVM for sharing these fabulous artists and pics of their work with us! (I posted a comment earlier today via my cell phone but don’t see it here so I thought I would post another via my laptop.) 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3


    Big hugs and lots of love and purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle

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