Best Pet Hair Cordless Vacuum for Easy Clean Up

I’ve written previously about the LuBlueLu Self-Standing Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, but they also offer a slightly cheaper model that, while not quite as powerful, should still do a great job at tackling the everyday messes of a pet-owners home if your budget is slightly more limited.

A women talking on the phone and cleaning with a cordless vacuum cleaner while her cat watches.

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Effectively traps nasties

A powerful vacuum cleaner is not any good if it’s recycling bacteria and odor-filled particles back into the air, only trapping the dust and dirt you can see.

The LuBlueLu Rechargeable Cordless vacuum has a 5-layer HEPA filter which effectively traps up to 99.99% of dust and particles. Great for any humans or animals that suffer from allergies, this can make sure your home stays clean as you vacuum, keeping all those nasties locked away.

Hepa filter in a cordless vacuum diagram.

Purchase the LuBlueLu Self-Standing Cordless Vacuum Cleaner through LuBlueLu.

Power without the noise

The vacuum can produce up to 15,000 Pa suction power, which is enough to get deep into carpet fibers to remove trapped pet hair and other debris.

It has two suction modes too, so you can preserve the battery life when only a surface clean is needed. And it manages all this while limiting the noise level to 65 dB, which is the equivalent of a normal conversation. This means less chance of you spooking your cats while you clean around them.

Up to 40 mins runtime

You can use the vacuum for up to 40 minutes continuously when using the lower power setting, or around 20 minutes when on maximum power. Whether you need a quick blast to clear up a mess that your kitty has made, or you want to tackle a couple of rooms at once, you’ll have power to spare.

The battery is rechargeable and removable, so you can keep the vacuum hidden away while the battery powers up if you don’t have an outlet near your storage space.

Clean in comfort

Many cordless vacuums only offer a standard height setting, which means if you’re taller or shorter than average you don’t get the optimum experience, making it a lot less comfortable.

This vacuum makes it much simpler with a telescopic design, so you can set it to the perfect height without having to stoop. It also makes it easier to reach high places without having to stretch. It’s also super-lightweight at less than 3lb, so you can clean for longer without any discomfort.

All surfaces that a cordless vacuum can clean.

Purchase the LuBlueLu Self-Standing Cordless Vacuum Cleaner through LuBlueLu.

Never miss a stray hair

The wide-angle floorhead is equipped with three bright LED lights that illuminate the path as you vacuum. There’ll be no more missed dust or pet hair in darker corners since you’ll see everything clearly and can make sure that those old blind spots get just as good a clean as the rest of your home.

Easy emptying

Nobody wants to get their hands dirty once they’ve finished vacuuming, but the one-click bin on this vacuum won’t cause you any headaches. Just hold it directly over the trash can and with one press, everything will fall straight where you want it. No more digging out clogged dust or accidental spillages that need re-vacuuming – it couldn’t be easier.

One floorhead, all surfaces

The vacuum’s floorhead is designed to be used on hard floors and carpet, so you don’t need to keep switching back and forth between different tools as you move from room to room. You can remove the telescopic pole when you’ve got some close-up cleaning to do, such as on a staircase or if you want to use it in your car, while the extra precision tools will make sure every nook gets the same deep clean.

Purchase the LuBlueLu Self-Standing Cordless Vacuum Cleaner through LuBlueLu.

About LuBlueLu

LuBlueLu is a company that specializes in creating innovative vacuums that make cleaning easier. Their self-standing cordless model went through a successful Indiegogo campaign, and this more budget model is designed for those who still want the benefits of a flexible cordless vacuum but have a little less to spend.

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  1. Patti Johnson says:

    WOW! Super cool! TYSVM, Jenny honey! 🙂 <3

    1. Patti Johnson says:

      How does it handle pet hair wrapping around the roller brush, Jenny honey? Is that an issue?

      I recently got a Shark® Vertex DuoClean® PowerFin Upright Vacuum (the most expensive vacuum I ever bought!) which has a guaranteed self-cleaning brushroll that won’t allow pet hair (or human hair) to wrap around it…it’s SUPER PAWESOME and I LURVE IT plus it has a 2nd removal brushroll that you can wash and dry (and even THAT brushroll had hardly any hair wrapped around it after a major vacuum session I had when I first got it to put the vacuum through its paces, etc…). Miss PSB’s Fluffies vs. Shark Vertex Capability test was a HUGE SUCCESS in confirming this vacuum’s claims.

      I’m thinking of investing in the Shark Vertex Duo Clean PowerFin Cordless Stick vacuum but it’s SUPER EXPENSIVE but it would be great for the light vacuum days, etc… However, the price point on this LuBlueLu is FABULOUS but if I have to keep removing hair from the brushroll then that kinda sucks as I hate doing that…my big Shark Vertex Upright has spoiled me now. 🙂 <3

      Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

      Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

      P.S. Is there something special I need to do to ensure I get copies via e-mail of any replies to my comments? Since the switch to the new blog format I have not gotten any notifications of replies to comments, etc… 🙂 <3

      1. Hi Patti, I do not know – as I have not personally used this vacuum. This is a sponsored post, so it’s written based on manufacturer information.

        Shark has it figured out – that APEX we reviewed years ago, had the same thing – no hair wrapped on the brushroll. It was awesome.

        I would love to review more Shark products – but they are a huge company and it’s hard to get a good relationship with them.

        P.S. I do not know – can you please email me about this, so I can ask my developer?!

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