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Popeye and Olive

At the beginning of this year, I had to make one of the most difficult decisions. I had to have my wonderful cat, Enigma, euthanized. Enigma was a black and white domestic short-hair cat. I loved him so much and I miss him a lot. I feel like I lost a part of me. We shared 13 years of our lives before his health disappeared. I feel better when I think that I gave him everything I could in order for him to have THE better of the 9 lives! Since I am a cat lover, I decided to adopt another cat who needs THE better of the 9 lives, but I ended with the decision to adopt 2 cats, to give them THE THE better of the 9 lives. About 10 years ago, I went to a breeder exposition. I saw a lot of very interesting breeds but there was one that attracted my attention more than others. RAGDOLLS. Why? They are cats that act like dogs (continue to read to see what happened), their fur is like a rabbit’s, they always want to be with you (if not on you), they wait at the door when you come home from work, they are calm and learn fast, etc. Thus, I decided to adopt 2 Ragdoll kittens.


On July 6th, 2013, I’ve adopted Popeye at 5 months of age. Popeye is a beautiful seal point-white ragdoll kitten born on February 2nd, 2013. He is an Aquarius. I adopted him from a breeder. Before I adopted him, the breeder sent me pictures of him with his little eye missing (this is why I called him Popeye).  I remember saying that he looks like a big boy. Yes, Popeye was born with a very small right ocular globe, which was removed through surgery to prevent infection. His right eye has been closed completely. I was so happy when the breeder confirmed that the surgery went well and that he was healthy! I went to visit Popeye before his surgery and I found him very special the first time I saw him. This cat has charisma and self-confidence! He is a strong player and a very good mate for my tinny Olive. On the first morning after his adoption, I was playing with him in the sitting room and he brought me back the fur ball I had just thrown (and he did it a few times!!!). I was so impressed and happy. To me he was saying: “Eh, I’m right, I feel great and I am happy to be here and play with you! I am sure you’re a good family for me, we will have fun!”. This is my big boy.

I adopted Olive on July 6th, 2013 at 3 months of age. Olive is…so cute!!!… a blue point/mitted Ragdoll kitten born on April 10th, 2013. She is an Aries. I also adopted her from a breeder (different from the one of Popeye). I’ve never seen a kitten to eat so much, sleep in weird positions and even if Popeye is bigger than her, she stands up! (and sometimes a bit too much…poor Popeye…). At first, I was really scared that they do not love each other and become like cats and dogs. Olive was not really well socialized when I got her (she didn’t know how to play, she was scared, etc). I gave her a lot of attention, play with her a lot and with Popeye at the same time and she started to copy what he was doing. Popeye helps her to gain confidence and to enjoy play time (and tuna time…). Only after a few days together, they started to groom each other. Yes! Mission accomplished! This is just puuurfect! During 2 months, I was anxious that it will not work, but I think that the time invested playing, speaking to them, creates THE link we need to be happy together.

To finish, I would like to recommend one toy. Popeye and Olive are crazy of “Fur balls” (pictured below) (which have small things inside doing a little noise).

Fur balls 9 Olive grooming Popeye 8PopandOlivechilling...again 7PopandOlivchilling 6_Olive sleeping position 5Olive_too cute 4Olive_breeder picture 3Popeye_1st visit breeder_4 months

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. What a sweet pair that deserved a great Mom like you,many fun ,happy,and healthy years to come for you and your precious,feline family.Lisa and her boys Murphy Bo Dee AND Ceasar.

  2. Dementia Boy says:

    What a wonderful family. From your photos, it doesn’t look like the kits have any problems bonding. Yes, we Aries need to be swatted and put in our place occasionally!! (Maybe that’s why Jolie and I butt heads so frequently.)

    I can feel your Enigma pain. Such is the price of love, da##it.

  3. Hello everybody! Thank you very much for you heartwarming comments!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story of Popeye and Olive with us! Am very sorry to hear about the loss of your Enigma. Understand from many losses myself how it just rips your heart out and you feel like a part of you will always be missing. Know that he is looking down upon you and is so happy you opened your heart not only to one, but to two beautiful babies. Popeye and Olive are gorgeous! You were very good at getting them to accept each other and it is wonderful that they love each other now so much. The photos are beautiful and such precious little baby photos! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story and hope that you all have a great long life together filled with much happiness and laughter. Best wishes!♥

  5. I love the way you opened your heart to Popeye and Olive, both. You created a well-adjusted and loving family for all of you. Nice work. And the photos of the two of them together – well, I just can’t tell where one purr-bunny ends and the other begins! 🙂 So cute. Clearly, Enigma lives on in the way you love your new family. Best wishes for continued love and laughter to all of you.

  6. Such cute babies. You are so lucky that they bonded. I’ve always wanted to have two that groom and sleep with each other. My two have a truce, at best! Thanks so much for sharing Popeye’s and Olive’s story. They are both beauties and it sounds like they have personalities to match.

  7. Thank you so very, very much for sharing Popeye’s and Olive’s story with us! I lurve, lurve those names! Bless your heart for taking Popeye in as part of your family. He is one very lucky kitty to have such a loving mommy as you! So happy to hear that they both get a long now. Lurve, lurve, lurve those pictures! Two beautiful, beautiful Raggies for sure!

    You are one lucky lady to have these two characters in your life. (And please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your beautiful kitty, Enigma. What a beauty! I hope he’s playing with my Sweet Sora girl (who we lost due to an illness a few years ago) up in Heaven. 🙂

    I’ll definitely have to check out those fur ball toys. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Big hugs, head butts and purry cuddles!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  8. what a wonderful story. i know how you feel about your enigma.. he is a beautiful boy. i had to put down 2 cats within 2 years and they had been with me for 15 and 16 years. i loved them so much that i thought i would die from the pain of losing them. then a sweet black and white showed up at my door, alone and abandoned and knew i needed help as much as he did .. 2 more came not long after. when you are a cat lover, nothing else will do and they seem to know. your new babies are so gorgeous and popeye sounds like a champ. and even though the aries is strong and “pushy” sometimes, the aquarius is poweful in a quiet and calm way and they compliment each other very well. lol.. i’m an aquarius and have had a few aries men in my life. it’s a good match. thanks for sharing your story and bless you for giving your love and improving the 9 lives of these wonderful cats.

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