Trigg Has Been Here 1 Year!

Trigg on November 7, 2009 in Charlotte Airport Waiting for his flight to Kansas CityWell, I missed posting this on Sunday, November 7, which was his true 1-year anniversary.  I cannot believe he has been here one year.

Of course, when I picked up Charlie, I was with my mom, but when picking up Trigg I was by myself for the flying process and the waiting in the airport process – hence, the photo is taken by me – I just extended out my hand and took the photo – needless to say, I got a few looks in the airport.

Trigg of Soulmate Ragdolls was a total freakin’ sweetheart that day and didn’t want to get out of his carrier and didn’t want to get out of my jacket which I had tucked him in.

He also continuously purred, which was wonderful.

Shortly after we got back to Kansas City, we headed down to my parents’ lake home for Thanksgiving and Trigg was exposed to two more kitties and two German Shepherds (my mom and dad’s pets).

Trigg doesn’t care much for dogs.  Charlie doesn’t hardly notice they are there, but Trigg wishes they didn’t exist – although I am sure he would be more tolerant (and I say, tolerant for a reason) if he had to live with one.  It is important to me that he is exposed to dogs though, in case I ever end up with one, one day.

Charlie and Trigg had a rough few days getting to know one another – but by the time we were at the lake, they were best buddies, as you can tell from this photo that I took with my iPhone:

Trigg and Charlie at the Lake 2009
Trigg and Charlie at the Lake November 2009

Okay, if you remember reading the post I did about Charlie’s 1 year anniversary with me, then you know I stuck him in Sherpa Sport Duffle that I brought him home in to see how much he had grown.  Of course, I had to repeat the process with Trigg.

Trigg in Sherpa Bag
Trigg in Sherpa Bag 11-7-10

Here’s a video I took of him the day after I got him – while he was at the vet in his Sherpa Bag:


Here’s a video I took of him on November 7, 2010 – a year or so later:


I want to thank Lora Tesh of Soulmate Ragdolls for both Charlie and Trigg – they have brought so many hours of happiness into my life, and I adore and love them beyond measure.

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  1. R_Sean Penn says:

    my ragdoll Sean Penn was 1 year old in 8/11/09 🙂

    1. wow – then trigg is just 1 year and 9 days younger than him. trigg was born 8/19/09

  2. Wow that picture of Trigg in your jacket is just TOO adorable for words! I love that picture! Time really has flown by, I remember when I first found your YouTube channel because of Charlie and Trigg. I even remember when I watched Trigg’s visit to the vet in his Sherpa carrier. They grow so fast! Feels like a year flew by as if it was literally just yesterday.

    1. thanks, i love that photo too – i think he just wanted to smell the phone!

      1. Looking back at kitten photos makes me wish that they were that small again, which is probably one of the reasons why kittens are so irresistible and why we sometimes end up getting a new one 😛

        1. I know! Makes me wish I would have taken more photos and more videos – you can sooo see him in those photos. But I adore him as he is now, so I am OK with him being older!

          1. I think I will definitely try to record and document as much as I can throughout their entire lifespan when I get my kitties! Hopefully I will have a digital camera by then! My memory is not the best so videos would be great for me.

  3. What a lovely story! He is soooooo cute!!

    1. Thanks, Alissa. Trigg is hands down, the funniest cat I have ever known. I laugh out loud with him more than any other cat I’ve known. He does the goofiest things!

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