The Bergan Turbo Scratcher Review (a second time)

Bergan Turbo ScratcherWe have reviewed the Bergan Turbo Scratcher before, but I thought it was time to do it again.  It seems recently that the videos I have on YouTube of Charlie playing with it have been getting a lot of comments lately, so I thought it was due time to review it when Charlie is an adult.  When I first reviewed it, he was a kitten.

The Bergan Turbo Scratcher is a 2-in-1 cat toy and scratcher.  It is a circle and in the center is a scratching pad for your kitty and around the outside of the scratcher, there’s a track where a ball rolls around as the kitty bats at it.  I got ours for Charlie when he was a kitten to product test and he loved it from the get go.  He also continues to use it every single morning.

In fact, he liked it so much as a kitten that he would wake me up at 3am playing with the ball on the track.  So, after one night of that, I moved the Turbo Scratcher to the guest room.  And also whenever he was scratching on something he shouldn’t, I told him no and took him to the scratcher, so now he is all about scratching on that sucker!

The pad usually has catnip too that you can sprinkle on top to encourage your kitty to use the scratcher.

It is one of the toys that I recommend in our book, A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide: Bringing Your Ragdoll Kitten Home because of how much Charlie uses it and loves it.


Buy the Bergan Turbo Scratcher online or you can usually find it in Petco or Petsmart.

If you already have a Turbo Scratcher, then you might be ready for some replacement pads – which you can easily buy online or you can also probably find them at pet speciality stores. Our original pad probably lasted 3 years (I keep Charlie and Trigg’s nails trimmed short).  The pad it comes with can be flipped over and used on the other side to get more life out of the scratching pad.

Here’s a video I made showing how to replace them:


Here’s a video of how Charlie plays with it now. He also uses it every morning as a scratcher.


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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Sorry, have just realised that the cyclone clips into the turbo to become the hurricane! Whew, they don’t make things easy 😉

  2. This is one of the first toys that I bought for Mia. She loved it as a kitten & she still loves it as an adult. She’s never tired of it & like yours I sometimes hear the ball flying round it in the middle of the night! A great toy but all of the Bergan ones that I have are. Have you seen the new Hurricane one with 2 tracks? I’d love to try that one but it will have to wait for my next trip to the US to get one for her!

    1. No, I have not tried the new Hurricane or even heard of it! Is it made by Bergan too?

      1. Yes it is, link: A friend has it & her Raggie loves it. I’ll def get one on my next visit.
        I also have the turbo track & they love that too. Only problem with that is the track comes apart fairly easily. The Bergan toys have all gone down well with mine, just wish they were easily available outside the US but unfortunately they’re not 🙁

          1. That one is still called the cyclone, the hurricane is a double track plus catnip! They do so many lol

  3. Tara Jones says:

    I just got mine through Amazon today and my kitty LOVES it! She can’t get enough of it! This and the banana toy has been enough to keep her busy ALL DAY!

    1. Yay! I love it! Hope you’ll share a video/photo with us on Facebook!

  4. I have one! Just waiting to get my kitty so she can play with it. 🙂

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