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Sonny Ragdoll Kitten of MOnthI’ve had cats all my life, but had never heard of Ragdolls until I got my iPhone a year or so ago and started watching YouTube videos of cats and dogs.  I’ve mainly had Siamese or Siamese-mix kitties and I love them, but the personalities and fluffiness of the Ragdolls made me become obsessed to the point of actually researching the breed and finding breeders in my area (Sacramento, CA) and then talking to and finally visiting a breeder (Furreal Ragdolls) and of course, we didn’t come home empty-handed!

This is a picture of Sonny when he was a few months old before we got him.  He was born on April 26, 2012 and lived with his mom and dad and littermates and we must have spent two hours playing with all of the kittens before deciding on bringing Sonny home.

Sonny and Bubba

Here is a picture of Sonny and Bubba just a month or so after we got him – we brought him home around the end of July, 2012.  We decided to name the kitten “Sonny” because we always called Bubba “Mr. Boy,” so Sonny would be short for “Sonny-Boy.”  Personally I wanted to name him “Angel” because he looked like a fur angel, but my fiancé thought that name would be too feminine for a male cat.  That’s okay, he’s still my “Fur Angel!”  We found out that Bubba was really sick with an enlarged heart and spots on his lungs about a month after this picture was taken.  Bubba put up with Sonny, but it looks like in this picture he’s saying, “The little fluff ball is right underneath me, huh?”  Poor Bubba, he and Sonny were just starting to pal around together and he passed away at home on September 24, 2012.  That’s what I hate about having pets.  He was only 14 and I was hoping to have him at least a few more years!  We considered getting Sonny a playmate, but put it off until after the holidays and now I think that he kind of likes being an only cat!  We’re his only playmates, so we get to play with him all the time.

Sonny - Ragdoll Kitten of MonthHere is a picture of my fiancé, Richard, holding Sonny.  Sonny is such a good kitty!  He follows us around from room to room and flops on our feet.  He has stayed with my mom and dad when we were out of town for a few weeks and they love him so much that when he’s with us they call and ask about “their” cat!  When I was growing up, I had a Siamese cat who lived to be 19 years old, but my parents never let her sleep on their bed.  Sonny sleeps right between their pillows!

When we got Sonny, they told us that he was going to be a big boy – you can see how big by the size of his paws!  I think he’s about 15 pounds already and he’s not even 10 months old yet!  I got the impression from the breeder when they told us how big he was going to be that they might think that would be undesirable to us, but his size just seems to make people gasp with wonder when they see him.  I’ve been trying to get him to walk on a leash so we can take him out more, but he doesn’t seem to be taking to it very well.  True to his name, he flops down and we end up picking him up and carrying him which is fine until a car goes by or there is a loud noise and then he scratches us and scrambles away.

photo (5)Richard (my fiancé) is a cabinet maker and he made Sonny this climbing tree.  Sonny liked the plant in my bedroom, so he built it to hold the plant.  He had to replace the steps a few times because Sonny is so big, but I think it’s finally big enough to accommodate him, as long as he doesn’t get too much bigger!

Sonny likes to sit on top of the climbing tree and play catch with his soft toys.  He has a stuffed star that he likes to play catch with.  He’s a great cat and I am now a Ragdoll fan.  My kitty Bubba was kind an aloof cat, although when he was lovable, he was really lovable!  But, I wanted a more people-oriented kitty and Sonny has lived up to everything that I had read and heard about Ragdolls.  Everyone who meets Sonny loves him and even people who don’t like cats seem to like him because he’s so beautiful and easy going.  I am now a Ragdoll convert.  The only bad thing is that I have always adopted cats from the shelters before Sonny.  I looked everywhere in the Sacramento area before deciding to purchase Sonny, but I didn’t find any pure-bred Ragdolls.  If anyone knows about rescues for these kitties, I would be very interested in pursuing getting Sonny a playmate from one of those.

This was taken by my fiance's sister, Jen, during Christmas and I just love it!  Sonny loved the Christmas tree and was really sad when we had to take it down.
This was taken by my fiance’s sister, Jen, during Christmas and I just love it! Sonny loved the Christmas tree and was really sad when we had to take it down.
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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Sonny is a very lucky boy to find such a loving family. He is beautiful! Love the climbing tree! These guys have a way of capturing your heart so quickly. Hope you have many many years of happiness and love with Sonny!

  2. Am so very sorry for the loss of Bubba. Loved the photo of the two of them. Sonny is adorable and beautiful. Hope you find a playmate for him soon. Good luck and best wishes for a long and happy life with your new Ragdoll.

  3. Sonny is so adorable and your description sounds like he is a perfect example of the best of Ragdoll traits. What a lucky kitty to have a handmade climbing tree. A great pet rescue in Northern California is Purebreds Plus They frequently have Ragdolls and most are fostered in homes near the Bay Area. Hope you find a playmate for Sonny!

    1. Thanks for suggesting a nearby adoption center! I hope sweet Sonny will have a new little friend soon 🙂

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