Ragdoll Kitten of the Month – Olivia Grace – “Grace” “Baby Grace”


The thought of getting a new kitten was really scary since there had been no kittens here for the last 15 years. Also, was still grieving the loss of my Manx, Bob, who died of a heart attack in his sleep, Tony, a sweet lovebug who died suddenly in November 2011 from a renal embolus of his only kidney, and of my heart and soul, Angel, who died of complications of hyperthyroidism in September 2011.    It had been a rough previous year, but my heart was aching to share that special love again.  Still, she had to be someone special to match my lifestyle, so she would be a happy inside kitty.  Began researching breeds and found that the Ragdoll breed seemed like a purrfect fit.  The search for a kitten was frustrating because all the breeders seemed to want a deposit up front on a kitten sight unseen. But I didn’t feel comfortable not knowing the kitten first and a little about their personality to ensure a purrfect match.    Even searched the rescues and shelters to no avail, but no kittens at the time.    Found a lady of a Ragdoll cattery who said if I could be a little patient, there would be more kittens soon.  After a month, there was finally a little girl available for me!

I could not believe what I was hearing.  A priceless gift directly from Heaven!  Had forgotten what it felt like to be so happy because my grief had been so intense. Made an appointment and visited the cattery in mid January.  There she was, a tiny little blue sepia/mitted puff of a kitten with the most  sparkling blue eyes I have ever seen.When she was put in my arms, my heart just melted.


They were just 8 weeks old and so very precious with cottony soft fur coats and beautiful blue eyes.   She had this endearing little tuft of fur that came to a point right under her chin making a little “goatee.”  So precious.  She was very laid back but playful, first being observant and then ventured out to play.   Reserved her right then and there.  Waiting 4 long weeks until she was old enough to leave was so hard, but I was kept up to date with lots of great photos and emails every week about her.   I felt like I already knew her and had definitely formed an emotional attachment to this little girl..


February 11th, 2012, was one of the happiest days I have ever had with the day becoming even more festive with a beautiful gentle snow.

When she was taken out of the crate and handed to me, she was still a little sleepy and so adorable.  I hugged her close and smelled the sweet fresh scent from her recent bath.  She fell asleep right on my chest in the car with a loud purr that resounded in my heart all the way home.  Decided to name her Olivia Grace, or “Grace”. Received her baby book with photos of her parents, the registration form, health records, and other important papers.  Never knew that so much work went into raising kittens, but was so thankful that all her shots, deworming and spaying had already been taken care of for me so all I had to do was just love her.


Grace is exactly what this little girl is all about.  She is a sweet, gentle little soul who is very unassuming but also very present.  My older cat, Mariposa, who also showed up in a snowstorm about 3 years ago,, never had another cat to play with.  In fact, think she missed her entire “kittenhood” and had to be taught how to play.  Was so anxious about their first meeting, but much more relieved after reading Jenny’s Ragdoll Kitten Care Book. It really helped a lot in so many ways because I was able to really prepare for Grace’s arrival and prevent bad things from happening that I never even thought about. We were very lucky because Mari’s reaction was to just go over and lay down on the rug very uninterested.  Later, she became more curious as Grace’s tiny mews and smell from the carrier became more apparent.


Even though Grace has only been here for several weeks, can’t imagine life without her now.   From the very first night, because Mari was not threatened, Grace slept in her crate beside my pillow and Mari at the foot of the bed like always.  Have been very careful to keep Grace away from Mari’s spaces like her food dish and blanket and it seems to be working out great.  Got a harness with a really light leash and put it on Grace after several days.  She didn’t seem to mind it at all – but then again, she is really really the epitome of a Ragdoll because she doesn’t seem to mind anything.  Slowly encouraged Grace and Mari to be friends by engaging them in play together.  They seemed to forget who was who


and just totally enjoyed themselves. My husband rigged up a kid’s fishing pole by putting a catnip mouse on the end. It is hilarious to see him cast the mouse and reel in two kitties.   Several times,Baby Grace got tapped on the head just to show her who is boss.  Grace rolled over and played dead until she was sure that Mari was no longer a threat.  That was the first time I let Grace off the leash and they actually chased each other around the room in play!   It is great to see Mari with a new friend.  Today we celebrated another milestone with them greeting each other with a nose “kiss.”  It is so sweet.  Mari, being a Maine Coon, is the motherly type and is a very good


babysitter.  When I leave Baby Grace in her playpen (a Chinchilla house), to do a chore, she has the most pitiful cry.   But as long as she is able to see Mari, she is totally satisfied.  When I return, Mari will be sitting in the doorway watching, and Grace will be sitting there quietly with her dainty little feet together.  She raises her head up and pushes her chin down like she’s laughing and smiling turning her head side to side when she sees me.  It is so heartwarming to pick her up and feel that instantaneous roaring purr.  I love her!

Grace is everything and so much more.  Her temperament is very sweet, loving and so easy to be around.  She is definitely not a curtain climber, but loves being in my lap, or on my chest (something I always wished for but never had).  It is really true that they like to be carried around.  She prefers to be carried either over my shoulder or with her feet towards the floor in my arms.  Right now, her coat is a beautiful, grey/blue with


her ears just a little darker and her paws and chest white.  As she gets older her fur will darken.  The first time I saw her in January, her eyes were a bright, rich blue, but now they are changing to the most beautiful teal color with some patches of the blue still visible.

Every day, it is so much fun to watch Grace grow and learn and see what new kitten antics she will do to make me laugh.  She is really intelligent and knew her name the very first week.  She now comes when I call her just like a little puppy would.  She loves the computer’s cursor and puts herself to sleep while trying to follow it.  Watching her in her crate without the door, I had my head


horizontal on the pillow and she was sitting straight up.  All of a sudden, she began staring inquisitively at me while turning her head until is was 90 degrees horizontal just like mine  It looked hilarious. Wonder what she was thinking – that my face looked strange sideways?   She does the funniest things like running like a little mink, so low and fast to the ground.There are so many things I can’t even count that I love about her.    In this short time, Grace has blessed and brightened my life with so much joy I never imagined possible.  Really believe that Angel might have played a part in directing her to me.  Wish she could stay a kitten forever because she is so precious, but know it will only last for a few short months and then she will become a beautiful, regal girl.  Can’t wait to see how her coat and eyes will change and will do everything possible to ensure she has a very long and happy life ahead.  Maybe next year, she can be in the Ragdoll of the Week and you will be able to see her and how much she has grown.

My Baby Grace – I love, love, love her!!!!!!!!!

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Well, today marks another milestone in Grace’s life. Thinking that I had kitten proofed all of the house, she was on her own to explore the downstairs a little while I monitored her. Looked in the living room and much to my horror, all I saw was the tip end of her tail as she was trying to go down the AC vent!!!! Ran over and pulled her out by her tail. Hated doing that but it was the only part I could grasp. Both of us were totally shocked. You better be sure that it is covered now securely. Just had read somewhere about someone who had a Ragdoll that they had to screw in their floor covers, so guess that will be done here too. Whatever it takes to keep my baby girl safe. A day in the life of a ragdoll!

  2. She is absolutely adorable! The sepias are just as gorgeous as the minks, which I am enamoured with! I agree with wanting to meet a kitten and make a connection rather than just putting down a deposit on a litter and hoping for the best. When I met my kitten, I knew he was the one and he’s been the perfect addition to my home.

    Her eyes will probably continue to turn into an aqua color, which is common with minks and sepias. I think it just makes them more beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much. I’m really fond of the aqua eyes too. Glad you got your perfect little boy. Would love to see photos of him too.

  3. Such a delightful little Grace! Thanks for sharing her pictures and her story 🙂 I’m so glad your butterfly (Mariposa) accepted Grace and is mothering her! I’d love to see pictures of Mariposa playing with her, too!

    1. OK, will try to take some. They are so fast that it’s hard not to catch a blurr! Thank you.

  4. Grace is so very pretty and she sounds like a charmer. She was sent to heal your heart. As far as her laying on your chest…well, you may regret that 🙂 – but not really. And Mariposa sounds like a sweetie too. Thank you for sharing such a tender story and good luck with your growing family!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments.

  5. What a gorgeous kitten! We don’t see too many minks. I starting tearing up from your story too.
    Yesterday was the one year anniversary of losing my Siberian to FIP. I have 2 Ragdolls to love 🙂
    Both have been Ragdolls of the Week, Violet and Baxter. Enjoy your Grace, I would LOVE to see her when she grows up too!

    1. Thank you so much. We are taking lots of photos so keep watching and you can see her in a few more months. Boy, it seems like their kittenhood is so short. She is already 15 weeks old and is starting to lengthen out and lose her baby face. No matter, she will always be my baby.

  6. KAREN GEORGE says:

    Love ur story, i just lost my ragdoll COZMO, have loving hime for 17yr 8months
    he developed kidney failure, i feel like my house is so empty He had to be put down and can hardly function…
    Iam retired and looking for a rescure or kitten
    i live in the beach area of LA California
    If u r able to help me find another Love of My Life, please send me any information in my area
    Grace is a lover and iam sure will bring u lots of fun/love in both of your lives


    1. Thank you KG. Am really sorry about your kitty and understand the pain and agony of renal failure. There is someone out there to fill your heart even though you might be frustrated now.
      I live in VA, so am on the opposite side of the US, but know that there are many Ragdoll breeders in CA. Google Ragdoll breeders in CA. After you find them, do some research. Jenny’s book on Ragdolls is really helpful in getting a new kitten with planning and what to look for, keeping your house safe. etc. Many of them put their kitties up on the internet so you can see them without having to pick one before they are born. Good luck and know you will find the right one.

  7. What a wonderful story! I truly feel your love for Grace!! You just made me cry with happiness for you! She is just precious! I wanna nibble on her little furry chin! I wish you both many years of happiness together! <3

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