Oscillot Cat Fence Price – Is It Worth Paying For?

The Oscillot cat fence is a popular option for cat owners who want to keep their kitty safe and secure in their garden or yard.

It’s a premium product, which means it has many benefits over alternative options but comes at a higher price.

Is the Oscillot cat fence price worth it? Let’s find out.

What is the Oscillot Cat Fence System?

oscillot cat containment system fence rollers

Unlike traditional fences or barriers that rely on physical barriers, the Oscillot system utilizes a unique spinning paddle design to prevent cats from climbing over fences.

You simply install the Oscillot at the top of your fence. When your cat tries to climb up and over it, the paddles spin, causing it to lose its footing and fall safely back into your yard.

It’s a gentle deterrent and much more discreet than many other cat fence options, which can be an eyesore.

What is the Oscillot Cat Fence Price?

oscillot cat containment system on plastic white fence

It’s impossible to tell you precisely how much the Oscillot costs because it depends on the size of your yard and the height of your fence.

As a guide, the cheapest kit you can buy is around $40, which covers 4 feet. But if you buy a longer kit, you’ll get a cheaper per-foot price.

If your yard is consistently high all around, you can get a much better deal on an easy-to-install long section.

But if your fence panels are at different heights – if you have a garden or yard on a hill, for example – you’ll have to buy several smaller sections. The Oscillot doesn’t bend, so you can only run it on a flat horizontal.

Reasons Why It’s Worth the Price

oscillot cat fence review

While the Oscillot is not a cheap cat fence system, there are several reasons to justify the price.

It’s Highly Effective

Ultimately, the main reason to choose the Oscillot is that it works—it’s highly effective at keeping your cat safe in your yard.

The paddle design of the Oscillot means that cats can’t get any traction on it at all – there’s no way they can pin it down to keep it still, so they won’t be able to get up and over it.

The only way the Oscillot will likely fail is if your cat has other ‘ladders’ nearby that it can use as a jump-off point. However, those would cause the same problems with any cat fence and can hopefully be removed.

Manufactured to a High Standard

The Oscillot system has been tested to work long-term—it is not a solution that will last you for one summer.

It’s durable and hard-wearing and will continue to work in all kinds of weather conditions – it doesn’t matter if you live somewhere hot, with freezing winters, with heavy rain and winds, or even in dusty locations. It’ll just keep spinning whenever your cat tries to climb over it.

DIY Installation Options

While the Oscillot system is a premium product, it comes with everything you need to set it up yourself if you want to. You don’t have to hire a professional to install it – everything is relatively easy to assemble.

Some people still prefer to hire someone to do it for them to ensure it is securely attached to their existing fence posts.

However, if you’re even slightly competent with DIY projects, you shouldn’t have any significant issues setting up the Oscillot independently (though a second pair of hands is handy – get your partner or a buddy to help).

Custom Sizes and Colors

The Oscillot system can be ordered in various sizes to fit pretty much any yard, so you know you’re getting a system that fits your space.

It’s also available in various colors, so you can get one that closely matches your fence.

One of the bigger reasons to choose a roller cat fence is its lower profile—it is much more visually appealing than extension posts with mesh between them.

But if you can get a roller that color-matches your fence, it’ll look even better.

3-Year Warranty Included

As proof of the quality of the Oscillot, you get a three-year manufacturer warranty whenever you buy. If there’s any fault with any of the components, it’ll be replaced free of charge.

You won’t get that with any DIY system or even most pre-built cat fence options, so it’s another reason to pay a little extra for the Oscillot.

Cheaper Alternatives to the Oscillot System

If you don’t have the budget for the Oscillot, other options are available to still help your cat enjoy the outdoors.

Other Roller Fences

oscillot cat fence rollers

The Oscillot is the original and best cat roller fence, but others are available. They aren’t necessarily as durable and reliable, and some use cylindrical rollers, which aren’t as effective as the Oscillot’s paddle design.

They might be worth a shot, but remember that they may not have been tested for all weather conditions – they could freeze up in winter, or the brackets may not have been designed to cope with extended heat or wet conditions.

Mesh Extensions

A common cat fence option is to install brackets on your fence and then run metal mesh panels, or netting, between them.

Using angled brackets means that the mesh or net hangs back over your garden, so your cat can’t get over the fence—it’s essentially a miniature ceiling blocking it.

These are effective, but they’re less appealing to look at. If you want to avoid anything that looks prison-like, these may not be right for you.

Cat Spikes

Rubber spike strips are a cheap option for installing on the top of your fence. The blunted ends are uncomfortable rather than painful for your cat.

They are a cheap option, but they aren’t the most effective, with cats sometimes able to clear them or step between the spikes.


Catio Ideas DIY Ragdoll Cats on a Deck IMG_2570
Ragdoll kitties loved by Nancy enjoying their catio

If you don’t mind limiting the space where your cat can roam, a catio could be cheaper than the Oscillot. A catio is an entirely self-contained cage – they can range from small window boxes to much larger structures with multiple levels.

A simple DIY catio can be very cheap. Still, if you want one with many interactive toys and levels to explore, you might spend more than you would on the Oscillot.

However, catios offer the best protection since they are completely enclosed, and you can even set up permanent access from the indoors so that your cat can enjoy the outdoors whenever it wants.

Is the Oscillot Cat Fence Price Fair?

oscillot cat containment system fence rollers keep cat in your yard

Whether or not the Oscillot cat fence price is worth it depends entirely on your circumstances.

But it is a fair price—this is a premium product that works really well, and so many people will prefer to use the Oscillot over cheaper alternatives to give their cat a fun outdoor space to explore without compromising the look of the yard for the humans, too.

It’s not affordable for everyone, but if you’re looking to invest in a reliable long-term solution, it’s definitely worth considering.

Learn more about the Oscillot system here.

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