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Hi,  please meet Mulsanne.  He is a 2 year old blue mitted Ragdoll we got from Dr. Jen’s Ragdolls in the Chicago area, when he was just a tiny kitty.  He has been a joy every day since we adopted him.  He makes us laugh every day with his kitty antics!

For anyone who doesn’t know the French language, Mulsanne is pronounced: mull SAHN, named after a famous annual endurance car race, the 24 heures du LeMans (or in English, the 24 hours of LeMans), that has a very fast stretch of course called the Mulsanne straight. Also, Mulsanne is the French town near Paris where the track is located. So, as a little kitty he made his own little race tracks in Mulsanneour home and earned his speedy name.  Now that he’s bigger, he could use a bigger house to zoom through.

Instead, my husband built him a very real aspen tree house that he adores playing on and spending hours sleeping atop of.

We happened to be the February 2011 winners of Lupine Pet cat collar, harness and lead set that we thought we’d try out since his great trick was to zoom out the door to the front yard or garage many times.

He really seemed to want to follow our Newfoundland dog Jewel into the yard and neighborhood and visit with neighbor kids and dogs. So…we did.  We harnessed up and now he takes walks throughout the neighborhood, meets other people, kids and dogs and gives everybody great Mulsanneentertainment to see a kitty walking on a leash.  It is quite something to see the contrasting pets on a walk together: giant black dog and little white kitty.  He loves her immensely.

Like many pets, he greets us at the door when we arrive home, tucks us into bed at night and is always sure to greet first thing in the morning when we’re in the bathroom.  He’s generally wherever we are, or the action is.  He’s very devoted to his birdwatching post since we have feeders on the deck.  He’s also


spotted squirrels and raccoons a number of times.  He’s also a fine keeper of the fish in the aquarium and watches them closely.  He has many varieties of toys he enjoys, especially if they’re Jewel’s toys. The favorite is a ping pong ball–zoom he goes! He’s a little less of a lap kitty snuggler type and more of a busier player and not at all interested in grooming or coddling of any kind.

The outdoor picture of him in his little jacket, he’s checking out the Christmas lights just applied to the shrub row.

Again, he’s been more of a joy than we ever imagined he would be.



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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. He is so beautiful! Love the tiny blaze between his eyes. Looks adorable on the leash walking around outside. What a lucky boy to have a mama like you and an amazing cat tree custom made for him! Cute name too!

    1. Thanx! He’s pretty special…

  2. They are not sisters. Coco is 16 months old her father is George, mom is Rosey. Sophie is only 12 weeks old Walnut is her mom and Hugo is her dad. Coco is a seal color point Sophie is blue mitted. They are such a joy, can’t remember days without them. Coco also walks on a leash, but prefers to go in the yard without it with her dad and the dog.

  3. Thank you for sharing your cute pictures and story with us! Mulsanne and Jewel are very handsome 🙂 I never saw a Ragdoll with silvery light blue eyes before… but the only Ragdolls I have seen in person were all Seal Mitted with turquoise eyes.

    Hugs and purrs 🙂

    1. Yes, he has pale blue eyes and very pale gray markings, almost like a lilac. So gorgeous and the tiniest little blaze with very subtle lynx lines on forehead. TU!

  4. Mulsane is just gorgeous. Such a regal beautiful guy. Love that photo of him with your newfoundland. They are such a sweet pair and know you love walking them like that. Am trying to get my new kitten (Grace – See kitten of the month), to learn to walk on a leash, but so far, she is just dusting the floor! Any tips on that because it seems like he really enjoys himself and is very confident. He is so lucky to have his own personalized cat tree! Thank you for sharing his story.

    1. Ohhh…she was beautiful. For the leash walking, maybe she’s still just a bit young. –Not sure. But do try a harness and keep practicing. I think some of cats naturally want to go out (and walk on a leash) and others just don’t. Be sure she’s not overstimulated/frightened (by neighbors, kids or puppies for example.) Let her do her roly polys and then maybe she’ll walk half block or so. Sometimes someone out ahead of her calling her name coaxing can help too. In Mulsanne’s case, he wants to keep up with the big dog Jewel, his idol! Good luck and keep on (leash) walking!

  5. Great story and awesome pictures. I love the cat tree – it’s awesome!

    The picture of the pup and kitty going for a walk together is just wonderful!

    I really enjoyed this a lot

  6. Mulsane is so lovely. Love the picture of him walking with the dog. The tree your husband built is wonderful, my girls would love it. My girls Coco and Sophie are both from Jenn, ( Dr. J’s)

    1. TU! Mulsanne’s parents are George and Cashew. Are your sibs? Which parents? She had some great cats!!

  7. Mulsanne is just beautiful! You dog is fabulous too, what a great pair! I also have a blue point, and his great love was also a big black dog, a Great Dane. I’m sure your neighbors love seeing those two out and about, you must be very proud! You can see my cat and dog love story (Baxter, Dec. 2011 rag of the week) Really enjoyed seeing yours!!!

    1. I do remember Baxter! TU!

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