Pictures of Ragdoll Cats Demonstrating Their Floppiness

Pictures of Ragdoll Cats Demonstrating Their Floppiness

Pepper and Rigsby - Ragdolls of the Week
belly rub please
Murphy's shaved belly
Murphy’s shaved belly

Hawkeye - Ragdoll of the Week Bellyrubs please

Ragdoll Cat Floppiness Miss PSB doing The Pretzel Patti Johnson
Miss PSB doing “The Pretzel.”
Photo by Patti Johnson
Ragdoll Kitten Floppy This 4-week old Raggie is already an expert flopper
This 4-week old Raggie is already an expert flopper.
Ragdoll Kitten Here is my Simon being so floppy I can't get enough of him IMG_0581
“Here is my Simon being so floppy I can’t get enough of him!” Loved by Susan
Ragdoll Cat Scrappy Jack just chilling
“Scrappy Jack just chilling” loved by Lynnette
Ragdoll Cat Lazy Sammy playtime Photo by Andrea
Lazy Sammy’s playtime
Photo by Andrea
Ragdoll Cat Merlin demonstrating his floppiness IMG_1654
Merlin demonstrating his floppiness
-loved by Mary
Pictures of Ragdoll cats demonstrating their floppiness
Jellybean flops on the bed like this to tell me he wants some kisses😘
Loved by Dawn
Ragdoll Cat Sadie showing off her floppiness
“Sadie showing off her floppiness”
Loved by Debbie
Pictures of Ragdoll Cats Demonstrating Their Floppiness
Duncan showing his “brother”, Oliver, how to chill. Loved by Amanda
Baby Finnegan's first flop at 4 months old
“Baby Finnegan’s first flop at 4 months old” loved by Nikki
Pics of raggies flopping
Casey says I disturbed his beauty sleep!
Loved by Jan.
Ragdoll Kitten Being contortionist
Rilian showing how he can be a contortionist. Photo by Carrie Hendrickson
Ragdoll cat Higgs
“Higgs must have a leak, I just inflated him a couple of hours earlier.” Loved by Mike
Ragdoll Cat Charlie loved by Ruth
“Charlie lying on my footrest of my recliner with me while I watch TV. “
Gatsby “flopping” on my couch – loved by Morgan

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  1. What a fun post, Jenny! Just sent a pic of Miss PSB doing her best imitation of a pretzel! Lurve the pics and can’t wait to see more! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. Brendalynn Lapekes Eustice says:

      Patti ~ Miss Sugarbelle has a spot on her right hock just like my Binx does!
      Brendalynn & Binx

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