Pictures of Ragdoll Cats with Their Bellies Shaved

Originally published January 19, 2012

This is Rags who had his belly shaved at 16 years old for abdominal surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on his liver. He was given 4-8 months to live if he had surgery and chemo. He lived another 3 years cancer free. He is the reason this website exists in the world.

Rags Zipper Belly
Rags Zipper Belly

This is Murphy – and his recent visit to the Emergency vet inspired this post.  His belly was shaved for an ultrasound to see what, if anything, was going on inside of him.  Also, they wanted to see if they could find any foreign bodies.  A lot of fluids later, Murphy is back home and thriving.

Murphy belly
Murphy shaved belly

“My female Ragdoll named, RagAngels Chindamalina (Chinda), has beautiful thick fur all over, but it wasn’t a problem until she turned 3 years old and that winter her belly fur started to mat up. She doesn’t like to be brushed, so it got to the point where we had to take her to the groomer and she got her belly shaved. She was actually very happy after it was done and loved showing off her bare belly to us. Chinda and her brother, RagAngels Bubba McPaw are now six years old we take them to the groomer every six weeks for a real good brushing and nail trim. I’ve included before and after photos.”

Chinda owned by Karen Lewis
Chinda owned by Karen Lewis
Chinda owned by Karen Lewis
Chinda owned by Karen Lewis

“When Nicky, my seal bi-color ragdoll, was 6 months old, we took him to our vet to have him neutered. He said that one of his testicles hadn’t dropped yet and he thought it would be better to wait another month to see if it dropped on its own. We took him back to our vet a month later and he did the surgery. The one testicle still hadn’t dropped so he had to make 2 incisions to make sure he got all of it.”

Nicky after being neutered - owned by Joan Frost
Nicky after being neutered – owned by Joan Frost

“Dusty went to the vet because he was losing weight and having diarrhea. The blood work showed that his white blood count was high, kidney values were high and electrolytes were low. The vet was concerned about his heart (due to the electrolytes), so we scheduled an ultrasound to find out what was going on. Fortunately, his heart was fine – but the ultrasound showed he had a severe kidney infection. He’s in for a long course of antibiotics, but hopefully there will be no long term kidney damage!”

Dusty owned by Jerri Kelly
Dusty owned by Jerri Kelly
Dusty owned by Jerri Kelly
Dusty owned by Jerri Kelly

LucyLoooooo just after being fixed. She’s very proud of her shaved belly and happily showing it off :-). Lucy is owned by Jessica Walker.

LucyLoooooo just after being fixed
LucyLoooooo just after being fixed
Ragdoll Kitten after being spayed
Baby girl Sonoma showing her hair growing back after being spayed.

Debra writes, “This is Hunter soon after returning from the groomer’s. He had many mat’s on his sides and tummy, as I was ill and unable to groom him. Once I was feeling well, I took him to a wonderful groomer who helped him out. She said the mat’s get tighter and tighter and join with each other. They tightly pull on the skin over time.

This must have happened to Hunter as he had become very inactive. Once free from them he returned to his happy, active self. I hope others will benefit from our experience and not delay when mat’s appear.

Also she strongly discouraged trying to cut them out yourself, as it is difficult with scissors. You may accidentally cut the skin and create another concern. Fortunately we did not try that step.”

Ragdoll cat with belly shaved
Hunter loved by Debra.


“Here is a pic of Cocoa after her ear mass was removed. I know it’s not a shaved belly, it’s a shaved throat! They had gone in under her jaw bone to get the mass out.
She is alive and well today (after about $4,000 in vet bills!). Had to sell my truck for a cheaper one, but worth every penny.”

Classic cattery


If you’d like to submit a photo of your Ragdoll cat with his or her belly shaved – please send one to me at info [at] and be sure to include a few sentences as to why his/her belly is shaved in the photo and how it turned out.

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  1. So happy you reposted this article, Jenny! Hopefully, all the kittehs with their shaved bellies for medical reasons have recovered successfully (RIP Rags)! For those kitties who need their bellies shaved for aesthetic reasons due to the massive amount of hair tangles, etc., they are BEAUTIFUL! Looks like little furry belly dancers! 🙂

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. They would still be adorable if they were completely bald but they look so vulnerable with their sweet little tummies bare.

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