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Peyton, a Lilac Mitted Ragdoll Rescue

Peyton - Ragdoll of the Week 4Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue in Ennis, TX is where I was rescued from loneliness. After the death of my sweet 17 year old soul kitty Jelly Belly in May of 2015 I was so lonesome. Never in my life had I been without a kitty. I contacted the rescue and got approved for adoption. I met a beautiful lilac mitted ragdoll which I named Peyton, after my favorite football player. Then he and I were off to Houston, about a four hour drive, it was a long drive with a meowing cat. I was told he was about a year old, but after a trip to the vet they told me he was probably 3 to 5 years old.

Peyton - Ragdoll of the Week 3I brought home this kitty that had spent most of his life in a cage at a breeders, his fur was all yellow and he was missing all of his small front teeth. As soon as I got him home he went straight into the bath (much to his dismay). His fur was still a bit yellow, but he looked much better. When he first got here, he would eat everything in sight. It took him about 6 months before he realized that he would always have food and fresh water. His fur grew out and he is such a handsome guy now.

He loves to play with all of his toys, (especially the noisy ones late at night), enjoys a bit of the nip and acts so silly. He also loves to sit in the window by my chair and follow me from room to room. Playing chase with me is a favorite and he usually wins. We have wood floors and he thinks they are made just for him to slide on. He will run from one room and just slide across the floor until he runs into something and jumps up and does it again.

Peyton - Ragdoll of the Week 2He makes some of the biggest air biscuits I have ever seen while I scratch his tummy. He purrs so loud you can hear him across the room, and when he is asleep, he snores! Soon after I brought him home I noticed he had a strange cough, so off to the vet we went. I got a video of him when he was coughing and when the vet saw this she immediately said he has asthma. So every day we have to sit down and do an inhaler. Most of the time he is very good about this, but some days the littler booger will hide until I put it away.

When he first came home Peyton really did not like to be picked up and never would sit in my lap. It has taken him almost a year, but he is finally learning for the first time in his life what it is like to be loved. He now will come and jump into my lap, sit and make his biscuits and then lay down for a nap. I was so spoiled by my loving Jelly Belly who was always in my lap, so I am very happy that Peyton now wants to love on me and I will sit here for as long he wants me to.

I do not know when my sweet boy’s birthday is, so I will celebrate him on August 8th, as that was the day I picked him up from the rescue one year ago!

Peyton - Ragdoll of the Week 1

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  1. Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your beautiful soulmate kitty, Jelly Belly (which I think is one of The Best Kitty Names Ever!). *BIG HUGS*

    Bless your heart for adopting your Peyton. He is a GORGEOUS, THRIVING lovebug now all THANKS TO YOUR LOVE & PATIENCE!!! What a marvelous relationship you two have together! Pawesome!

    Lurve his pics! He has such soulful and beautiful eyes! So happy to have read your love story with Peyton.

    Wishing you many, many years of love, happiness, good health and adventures together!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. Deedee Love says:

    I’m smiling ear to ear reading your story. So many things that I can relate to….Kitty making bread in the air and sliding on the floor to name a few. I too rescued a kitty from a breeder that must have neglected it’s older cats. Mine has feline herpes so my guess is he was kept in a separate room away from all others. His social skills are truly lacking and after 3.5 years he will still not allow me to pick him up. He was 1.5 when we adopted him. BUT he loves to be brushed and I can rub his belly while he makes biscuits in the air. When he meows (which happens a lot) he is begging for a brush. Enjoy your new fur baby! xoxoxox

  3. aaawww…I love Peyton’s happy ending!

  4. Teresa Reid says:

    So sorry to hear about the passing of your heart kitty, Jelly Belly. Peyton is such a beautiful little boy and so blessed that a kind lady like you took the time to find out about him and then adopt him! He is also blessed that his new Mama took him to the vet and got treatment for his asthma. That is so wonderful that he trusts you to give him those aerosol inhalers. That says a lot about how far he has come from being kept as a breeding kitty and then making the transition to give his heart over to you. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when they finally take that step and never go back! Such a love bug making those air biscuits! Wishing you a wonderful and long life together.♥♥♥♥

  5. What a heartwarming story! I’m so glad both of you were rescued. Peyton sounds like a love. I had a orange tabby with asthma and I could never get the inhaler on him- good for you for making that work. So much better than the prednisone I had to use to get his asthma under control! Congratulations on your one-year anniversary- thanks for sharing Peyton and his story with us.


  6. ABarletta says:

    You are a wonderful human being for adopting your kitty. Adopting an older cat is not without challenges and I should know, all of mine were around two to three years old when I adopted them. And, of course, the vet thinks they were actually older. They are damaged not only physically, but emotionally, and it takes quite a while to win their trust and love. But once you have, there is no better feeling in the world. Congratulations on your lovely little fellow Peyton. May you bring each other comfort and love for many, many years.

  7. says:

    It sounds like you and Peyton rescued each other♥ Thanks for sharing this sweet story with a super happy ending. He’s just yummy~fabulous~and deserving! ☺☺

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