WooPet! Pet Food Mat Product Review

WooPet! Pet Food Mat Product Review: Collect the Bits and Pieces of Cat Food Dropped on Your Floors

WooPet Cat Feeding Mat Product ReviewThe WooPet! Pet Food Mat is a product I would have never purchased for myself and one of those pleasant surprises I find when reviewing products.  I am now in love with it and didn’t realize I am happier in this world with it in my life. It’s a 24″ x 16″ silicone food safe cat or dog feeding mat that you can put on your floors to protect them from food spillage, water spillage and help to keep the area where your cats eat cleaner.  The fact that the mat is made of silicone makes it non-toxic, non-allergenic and very flexible.  It is easy to pick up and clean – and easy to roll up for storage or travel.  I show that in our final review video below. The top side of this cat feeding mat has raised bumps of dog bones and fish skeletons (see close ups in our final review video below) and then little dot bumps on the back side to keep it in one place while the cat or dog is eating from his or her bowl.  The raised lip all the way around it helps to trap spilled water or food.  When we got the mats to review, a reader asked about the little raised discs of dog bones and fish bones – wondering if they would be a pain to clean.  However, It’s a great mat, too, if you have a pet that likes to move his or her bowl around on the ground – the bowls will not move around on silicone.  So you can keep the bowls you love to use and use this mat instead. WooPet Cat Feeding Mat Product Review 2 WooPet Cat Feeding Mat Product Review 3Reviewers on Amazon say that it’s dishwasher safe.  I did not put mine nor did my sister put hers through the dishwasher. Many reviewers on Amazon mentioned how much they liked this mat to put under their pet water fountain – to help with the little sprays of water. If you don’t like the mat, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day return policy. I think it’s a great mat – and wouldn’t mind one that was a little bit longer and wider for my two who eat next to each other.  I suppose you could always put two together too.  Overall, it has been a wonderful product for us to review – and helped out a ton!

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Update Aug 20, 2017 – the WooPet! pet food mat that we reviewed is no longer being made – they have substituted it with this one. buy it now

WooPet! Pet Food Mat Unboxing


WooPet! Pet Food Mat Product Review

[youtube]https://youtu.be/ayEy4j027ak[/youtube] buy it now See more of our cat product reviews. We received the WooPet! Feeding Mat for review from the manufacturer and also asked that they pay a small review fee.  Receiving the free product and the review fee did not influence this honest post. Do you have a cat food mat that you like?  Which one is it?  Are you interested in trying this one out?
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  1. Did this company go out of business? I have 2 mats and need another one… Amazon is “currently out of stock” and I’m not able to find a business website 🙁

  2. Great review videos & post, Jenny, about a Truly Pawesome product! I definitely want one of these…on my wishlist. So glad one of your giveaways is for this terrific product. 15 lucky people will be very happy to get one of these wonderful mats. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the great review info about this product!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. thanks, patti – yes, they have been so generous!

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