AristaCat – Ragdoll of the Week

AristaCat – A Seal Mitted with a Blaze Ragdoll Cat

AristaCat - Ragdoll of the WeekArista, is the “legal name” given to her by her Breeder. When I asked the Breeder how she arrived at that name, she stated that she got it from “Aristocrat” due to her looks. From that time forward I named her AristaCat which I still call her today. We purchased AristaCat from KrystalBlue Ragdolls is a small in home cattery offering kittens from Champion lines in Traditional colors and were impressed with how much the Breeder loves cats and cared for them. She did not believe in declawing her cats, and neither did I. So AristaCat still has her claws which I trim about every two weeks myself. Would purchase from the Breeder again due to their love of Ragdolls and concern about the home environment that their cats are placed in. We have fed AristaCat Natural Balance Original Ultra® Whole Body Health® Chicken Meal & Salmon Meal Dry Cat Formula from the time we got her at the age of three months since it’s a kitten and adult cat food as well. AristaCat was born on July 22nd, 2015, no longer a “kitten”. The two things that she likes better is the “scratching bed” that sits in a bay window and her “cat tower” which we extended by adding a shelve on the wall that enables her to climb within a few inches of the ceiling onto a small loft where she often lays while we watch a movie, etc.

Window Bird Watch

Having loved cats all my life, I began a diligent search for the “perfect cat” for my wife and I in our retirement years. Ragdolls seemed to be exactly what I was searching for, especially when I saw the picture of Arista as a kitten on the Breeder’s site.

AristaCat loved to climb into my shorts while I was going to the bathroom as a kitten, but now she’s gotten to large to fit! See the photo…

AristaCat - Ragdoll of the Week

One series of three photos show AristaCat as she begins to take a ‘catnap’ until she’s completely gone.

AristaCat - Ragdoll of the Week
Some other photos show her as the Vet’s where she climbed on the scales to be weighed all on her on. The “taking a bath” photo was taken one day after her first birthday, while the others were as various stages of her during the first year of settling into her forever home. AristaCat has lived up to all expectations as a Ragdoll with one exception, “Ragdolls do shed – a lot”, which was not what we where reading online about the breed. However, with all her other attributes, we have learned to live with the shedding by grooming her once a week with a “grooming tool” and a brush afterwards. This cuts down on the amount of hair and grooming that she’s required to do as well. All in all, AristaCat is one fine Ragdoll Cat!

AristaCat - Ragdoll of the Week

Ragdolls are “people cats”, they love to be around their “humans”. AristaCat is a “talker” as her Breeder stated when we got her as a kitten. She continues to carry on “conversation” with different sounds and meows almost every time we are around or come into a room. She follows me from room to room, and cries when I go out of the house with loud cries according to my wife. Then she lays at the door where I went out until I come back in… All in all, I love my cat, and she apparently loves me as well!

AristaCat - Ragdoll of the Week

AristaCat - Ragdoll of the Week

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Oh my, wouldn’t my cats love to have their infinity scratcher in a big window like AristaCat has? What a lucky girl! Such a beauty and it sounds like she has the personality to go along with all that beauty. I thought the lap sitting in the bathroom that my cat does was nuts- but climbing in shorts is a whole other level! She’s the definition of a puppy- cat.

    Thanks for sharing her story, it was fun to read!


  2. AristaCat is a splendid name for your beautiful young lady! Whoever told you Ragdolls don’t shed didn’t know much about Ragdolls. As you now know, they have the softest fur – just like angels’ wings must feel, I think. Remember, you are honored to groom such royalty 🙂

    Thank you for letting us all share the joy of your AristaCat!

  3. Teresa Reid says:

    Awe, Aristacat is such a beauty and can tell by your story that she is your baby girl! What a purrfect gift of love to have for your retirement years! Wishing all of you much love and great times in the years to come.♥♥♥♥

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your love story with Aristacat with us!!! Lurve the name!!! She is SIMPLY STUNNING!!! Lurve her colors and blaze so much!!! She sounds like the purrfect fit for you and your wife and she’s obviously a “Daddy’s Girl!” The pics are super adorable!!!

    Wishing you, your wife & Aristacat many years of good health, love, happiness and adventures together!!!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle (who is also a “Daddy’s Girl and whom we also adopted in OUR retirement years!) 🙂 <3

  5. Debbie Levin says:

    Very gorgeous, sweetheart of a raggie! Love the story! Thank you!

  6. says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful Arista! She is my absolute favorite Ragdoll color, seal mitted w/blaze♥♥ She sounds like she has a wonderful home, and that you adore her, and her, you. I hope she lives a very long life, so the enjoyment goes on and on ☺

    I have a boy and a girl both blue, one pointed, one Bi-color. Ragdoll’s are fabulous!!!

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