Pet Remedy: A New Product to Help Calm Down Your Cat

Pet Remedy: An Alternative to Feliway

Pet Remedy A New Product to Help Calm Down Your CatThere are many reasons why kitties can be stressed out and as we all know, kitties do not do well with change. So whether it’s moving to a new house, a new cat moving in, a new family member moving in or more, our feline companions can easily get stressed out. All cats do not show the same signs when it comes to stress and therefore they can be easy to overlook. Excessive grooming is one of the most common signs, however loss of appetite, less interaction with family members, hiding, change in relationship with companion cats, elimination outside of the litter box and aggression are other warning signs to look for.

Often times it’s important to have a solution that will reduce stress and calm our kitties. Pet Remedy is such a solution. Made in the UK, Pet Remedy has been around since 2009. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety in pets in a natural way.

Pet Remedy comes calming sprays that can be used in your home, in the car, in the pet’s carrier and more. Vets in the UK have used it to spray on their clothes to be more appealing to the kitties and pups that they are working on.

Pet Remedy is made from herbal essences, Valerian, sweet basil, sage and vetiver.

Learn more about Pet Remedy on their website.


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  1. i use “rescue remedy” for pets, they have it for people too. i don’t know if this is the same company. it works on my little terror that likes to pick fights and i will be using it this year for the 4th of july. he is terrified of fireworks and he gets so upset that i freak out as well. so we both will be on a calmer. he doesn’t mind the dropper, i think it must taste good or something. i look at this one too. it’s nice to have something like this around when they get bad anxiety.

  2. Teresa Reid says:

    Great stuff! We tried some herbals on Miss Mari and they do help calm her down when she gets aggressive. The herbal above sounds very similiar to what I have here as far as ingredients go. Not something I feel comfortable with giving her a lot of especially since she has renal insufficiency, but it is good for stressful events.

    1. Teresa Reid says:

      Sorry, I was in a hurry when I read this the first time but just came back and realized it is the aerosol form which is great! Had one by another brand and it really did seem to calm them down. Much better than having to ingest something. Will put this on our list to try especially when we have an upcoming vet visit.♥♥♥

  3. I just ordered this product this morning!
    Then I get an email this afternoon of your latest blog post.
    I’ve been researching natural products to use to calm our two cats. Our oldest (8yrs) a Ragdoll has never warmed up to our rescue kitten (11months). Lola our rescue kitty loves Molly and has from the moment they were introduced. But then Lola loves everyone! My husband and I interact with Lola constantly to make up for the fact that Molly will not tolerate any cuddling, grooming, playing or interaction of any kind with Lola. They do eat peacefully side by side every day and when I brush them, they are peaceful. That’s it though. But Lola never gives up on Molly. She continues to approach Molly in spite of the ferocious hissing and growling from Molly. Our Molly is very loving and affectionate with us and we shower her with lots of love and attention too. But they both are showing signs of stress by over grooming.I have tried “Feliway” and “Spirit Essences”, with success in the past for traveling and moving into a new environment. But they are not helping the issue now. And we don’t want to sedate either cat, so I’m hoping that “Pet Remedy” will bring calmness back to our home.

      1. So, we have been using Pet Remedy for a month now. I ordered the spray bottle and it arrived very promptly March 21st, 2016. Both cats were excited by the aroma when I first sprayed it on the sofa where they like to nap. Their reaction was one of interest as opposed to catnip. There is a slight aroma, but not unpleasant and not long lasting. The product does calm Molly down for the car ride to the vet,she loves the vet, hates the ride. They are calmer now when I bathe them or trim their nails. I just spray a bit in the cat carrier pad. On the sink and counter for baths….and on their coats for anything else. They are calmer in most situations. But it has not helped with Lola’s “over grooming”. We are most likely going to have to medicate our sweet Lola. Lola is now a year old. Molly is 8 years old. Things have improved probably 25 % between them. Lola just wants to play with…love on and cuddle with Molly. But grumpy princess butt don’t like it! In regards to our relationship with our cats. We couldn’t ask for more loving and affectionate pets! I was so hopeful this product would help with the two key issues, but so far it has not. But it has been helpful in other ways.

        1. PetRemedy says:

          Hello Becca, So Pet Remedy is an excellent training aid for learnt behavior, it is not a cure. Therefore if your cat has learned an habit, Pet Remedy can be used to alleviate symptonms of the habit, over time. I think this lovely lady’s situation has proved just that. The habit (grooming related) is something that with constant use, Pet Remedy should help alleviate. Let us know if we can help further, I would be happy to answer any other questions you may have, Carina from Pet Remedy USA

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    Very interesting and helpful post, Jenny. I’m bookmarking their website. Will definitely need to have some on hand at some time in Miss Pink Sugarbelle’s lifetime, I’m sure. Excellent info as always!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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