How Do Pets Communicate With Us Telepathically?


Guest Post By Elaine DeCarlo

How does my dog know when I’m coming home when the time of day changes? Why does a thought pop into my head out of nowhere?

Our pets read our thoughts & send us images, thoughts, & words back.
Animals and our own beloved pets are constantly reading our thoughts. Relaying back their own thoughts and views.  One way an animal will communicate with you is perhaps by sending you a visual message. You pick that up and see, oh, maybe an empty bowl. You think, “Geez, Ginger’s bowl must be not full. I think I fed her 6 hrs ago.” So you go home, look at her empty bowl and go..”Yes, it was that long ago I filled it.” So, Ginger gets you to fill up her bowl!

Other ways are words…yes words… They will speak to us, using their thoughts to make sounds/words that we know.

One time I was speaking with my own beloved kitty and asking him how he was feeling. What his life was like before I got him, etc. To my amusement not only did he answer all my questions (Quite casually as is his own personality and nature.), but in my own tone! With my own accent and type of words that I USE! I had to laugh!! That is how they do it. To relate to you. So you understand them. And yes, they live with us so they acquire our mannerisms, thoughts, dialect, and even fears. So we must be careful there.

They do pickup all of our energies easily and this includes fear and worry. Many pets will assume our views and ways of coping. And this can make them physically ill. Some will do that, take it on so that you may feel better. During a recent house remodeling project that went on much longer than anticipated with many, many complications, one of my kitties lost 2 lbs even though he was eating well and sleeping. All tests done at the vets showed him to be very fine and healthy. I was so stressed out from the remodeling. And really, kinda loosing it myself. He just naturally picked up these energies and his body was running on a higher gear for months. Even though he appeared to sleep and eat normally. It was taxing on his system as it was on mine.
They are this connected with us.

Another time, while going through another stressful situation.  My dog started walking around with her head hung down on one side, depressed look on her face and yowling. A strange yowl moaning sound. This went on for one week and I took her to the vets only to be relieved to find she was fine physically. Again, I was depressed over circumstances I felt out of my control and so she manifested them.  She would pick up on my thoughts, my crying and show me in her own behaviors how they appeared. Well, needless to say, I got over my “crying” and depression just realizing this. It made me happy to know she was fine.

You must be aware they here to love us and in many instances to guide.  So, spend some quality time with them. As much as you can. Pet them. Talk to them. Tell them you love them and all is fine as long as you are together. You will hear purrs from you kitties and get lots of licks from your dogs.

I hope these little tidbits have helped you. A career as an Animal Communicator is very fulfilling. If you have an interest in learning this to start your own practice there are many workshops in every state being held by local Animal Communicators.

Guest Post By Elaine DeCarlo – visit her website at

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. lioidania says:

    Hi Emily, Bruce is so lucky to have you. I could not imagine the trauma and low self-esteem these babies endure prior to arriving at a shelter. I have a Rag from a breeder who is suffering from low-self esteem/lack of confidence and like you, I need to “show him lots of love and constantly remind him that I will always be there with him”. This is so powerful. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Emily Danielle Edgemon says:

    This was very interesting to read! I always thought I was weird for being able to sense the feelings or thoughts of an animal but now I feel a little less of an oddball. My Bruce is always letting me know how he feels! For me though, it is something that has come naturally with being around animals since I was born, I’ve always had a connection with nearly every animal I have ever met. It certainly made it difficult when adopting Bruce from the animal shelter, being able to feel all the sadness and loneliness from the cats and dogs there. Naturally I chose the one who felt the most concerned and scared about being there and insisted on hiding. But now he is vocal and has opened himself up considerably after being shown lots of love and my constantly reminding him that I will always be there with him! Sorry for a bit of a rant. 🙂

  3. Love this!

    I am so tempted to try.

    I did once use an animal communicator with a long-term foster dog but I was dissatisfied with the interaction and that’s holding me back.

    I checked out Tara’s site and think I might give it another shot!

    Things I Want to Know:
    1) how does Yoda feel about Prossimo joining the household?
    2) why does Prossimo insist on beating her up and attempting to hump her?
    3) is he happy I tricked him and stole him off the street?!
    4) are they both happy, is there anything that I can do for them or better?
    5) what makes Yoda the happiest?

    1. I understand about being disappointed with an animal communication session – I have a good one for you to try, if you want.

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    Thanks for the wonderful guest post by Elaine, Jenny! Really wonderful information! I couldn’t agree more!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. Thank you Patti! Jenny does have some wonderful people writing articles here. I always enjoy translating what the animals have to say!



  5. What a great article! There’s no doubt in my mind that our pets communicate with us telepathically. Holy Tara, my husband’s 17-year-old cat, puts her forehead against his forehead or mine when she is trying to tell us something. We can usually figure out what she wants.

    1. Thank you Beth! I did write this a few years back! It is always fun relaying messages from pets.


  6. i know all this is so true. i personally believe that they know everything we say, we just don’t know everything they say. but we can if we really listen. you can tell a lot by their faces too. i had to scold one of my cats last week when he was beating up on one of the others and he pouted like crazy for 2 days. when i would try to talk to him he would look away or leave the room. he was really pissed. and another of my cats is so happy about the new cat food i found that he is absolutely nuts over that he talks to me now when he never really meowed before and he chirps and snuggles with me all the time. it’s like he is saying “i love you for the cat food and please keep it coming”. i think we all have the ability and it used to be very normal and natural for us to communicate telepathically with everything and everyone. we have lost that over thousands of years or we just aren’t in tune with it but i know it’s there and if we practice and pay attention, it’s very easy.

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