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The Twins

Hello there, I have a story to tell you about two adorable twins. Mittens & Bella Osborne. Mittens & Bella were born on June 21, 2019 with a few brother & sisters. I had just lost an older cat & his sister Daytona was lonely. I bought them from a wonderful breeder in Belleville, Ontario Canada called Belleroyale.

Mittens and Bella Osborne - Ragdolls of the Week IMG_1458

Mittens was named for his paws & how fast they moved. It just suited him at first glance. Bella is a princess with the way she walks & cries for her favourite treats.

Mittens and Bella Osborne - Ragdolls of the Week IMG_1455

I was able to select them at age 6 weeks. A brother & sister combo team. All the other kitties were spoken for but these two were very special to me. They called to me. The breeder & I had become friends when she had her first litter. I was not ready for more cats at the time.

Mittens and Bella Osborne - Ragdolls of the Week IMG_2531

I should have known from the start that these two would melt my heart & anyone that came in contact with them. They are both extremely sassy & so fun to watch. Ok they did terrify the older female cat in the beginning. They have become great friends in the end though.

Mittens and Bella Osborne - Ragdolls of the Week IMG-3110

Mitten’s aka Mitty the male of the two, loves teasing his older sister by running up to her like he’s going to attack but stops short of it. Daytona would get so upset and would run away.

Mittens is also a drape rod walker. From a very large cat post he can scale the wall & up on to my drape’s rod. Then Mittens would walk straight across the top of it. Of course, his mom (Me) freaks out, telling him to get down. I have now attached the drape rod to the ceiling. He tries to reach it but isn’t able to. Mittens loves to kneed & suck his favourite blanket. Oh, I need to be under the blanket for this to happen. Mittens is the little prince & is the suck of my two Rag Dolls. He’s already over 12 lbs & is extremely large. I am use to large cats as Daytona is half Main Coon. I can’t wait to see how large he will get.

Mittens and Bella Osborne - Ragdolls of the Week IMG-3248

My sweet Bella aka Bell or Bells, is the dare devil of the twins but also the princess. She has figured out that she can jump from one giant cat post to another in one big leap. It must be about 4 – 5 feet apart. Bella makes it every time without any issues.

She loves rolling around asking for many tummy rubs all day long from almost anyone that comes to the house. Who could say no to this cute sweet little girl? Bella & Mittens have tons of toys around the house. From plastic springs to fake mice. Bella maybe sweet but a notice to all mice beware because Bella has arrived.

Mittens and Bella Osborne - Ragdolls of the Week IMG_2807

Bella enjoys walking around with stuff material mice (catnip & honeysuckle) in her mouth or she throws them around, attacks them & rolls on them. She then will bring them to her Mommy to protect them. Sometimes in the middle of the night Bella brings them to bed with her. I wake up hearing chew chew. I have to buy them on a regular basis. I could end up with 2-4 mice in my bed on a given night.

Mittens and Bella Osborne - Ragdolls of the Week IMG_2699

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  1. Sandy Nicholas says:

    I lost my beloved Tounce in March 21st at 3:30 pm. Very very devastated . No papers did he have I was coming home one day down our farming community road,and there he was on a grassy knoll. It’s a wonder how I even saw him, there was an abandoned barn and a corn field there. He fit in the palm of my hand. It wa true love at first site. We were inseparable from then on.i belive he had some other features or blood line . He was mitted dark chocolate, big blues, long hair . Boy I miss him something Tfierce. He didnt have to die either. The Vet ,he was very misleading. AND EXPENSIVE. but anyway I’m looking. I’m far away though. But sometimes miracles do happen. Rest in Peace TOUNCE.

  2. Beautiful kitties! Thanks for sharing their stories and pictures!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Those sure are beautiful kitties!! They look a lot like the ones featured here on this site (and also on my calendar that I got a couple of years ago). I would love to have a ragdoll or 2…or 4, but my house seems to fill up with rescue kitties (all great kitties!). Ragdolls were very popular at the TICA cat show that I went to about 3 years ago. That’s how I found this site. Anyways, beautiful kitties, and thanks for sharing!!

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