Interview With Animal Communicator Tim Link

Tim Link With One of His Schnauzers, Buzz
Tim Link With One of His Schnauzers, Buzz asked Tim Link, an Animal Communicator, to answer some questions we had about animal communication as well as questions about his services.  Thank you, Tim, for the interview. 

Tim can be reached through his website:  or via phone at 404-422-6355. Tim is located in Cumming, GA.

Answers are Copyright of Tim Link.

1. How long have you been communicating with animals?

I learned, much to my surprise, that I could communicate telepathically with animals in February 2004 while attending an all-day Animal Communication workshop. Until then, I had no idea that I had this gift.

2. How does one communicate with animals?

When I connect telepathically with an animal, I make a connection with their specific energy. Think of yourself as a radio receiver. Once you are tuned in to the right channel, you are able to communicate with them clearly.

3. Can you share with us, one of your favorite animal communication stories? How it impacted the owner or the animal or both?

The best stories are those with happy endings. I do a lot of work with lost pets. Reuniting them with their families is always special. One such story is about Madison the cat which I wrote about in my book, Wagging Tales: Every Animal Has a Tale. She had jumped out of a 4th-story window from her apartment building (her home) in the Bronx. After working with Madison and her ‘mom’ for almost 3 weeks, she came home. That Christmas, I received a Christmas card from her ‘mom’ with Madison’s picture on the front. The caption on the card was, “I’m home for Christmas!” Then in May of last year, Madison’s ‘mom’ drove from the Bronx out to Long Island where I was doing a book signing event. She said that she wanted to meet me in person and give me a big hug from both of them. That was truly special!

4. Do you prefer to communicate with younger or older animals?

It really doesn’t matter to me whether I communicate with younger or older animals. However, I have noticed that the older animals have more to say and their attention span is usually longer.

5. Do you prefer to communicate with a certain type of animal? I mean, do you do better with cats, dogs, horses? Do you even talk to reptiles?

The wonderful thing about my gift to be able to communicate with animals is that I can communicate with any type of animal at any time.

6. How do your services work? Do you come to my home? Do I bring my pet to you? Do you communicate LIVE over the phone or in person?

I offer in-person, telephone and e-mail consultations as well as distance or in-person Reiki energy sessions for pets. In fact, 95% of all of the consultations that I do are done over the phone.

7. What do you charge for your services? Do you have a package deal?

My current fees are $35.00 (15 minutes), $60.00 (30 minutes) and $95.00 (1 hour). The option that you would select is based on the number of pets with which I would be communicating. More details are listed on my web site’s “Appointments and Fees” page.

8. Why do you think animal communication is valuable?

If you have a pet in your family, you of course want what is best for him/her. As an animal communicator, I can help you learn a lot about your animal including answers to questions such as, “Why has my pet’s behavior changed suddenly?”, “Would my pet like to have an additional pet added to the family?” or “Where is my lost pet located and does he/she want to return home?” I only want what is best for the animals. If you open your heart and mind to the possibility of being able to communicate with your pets, you may be surprised with what they will share with you.

9. Do you think if a vet would incorporate animal communication into their practice it would be helpful?

Definitely! Using animal communication in combination with Reiki energy I am able to ask the pet what is going on as well as perform an intuitive scan of an animal’s body. I can detect problems in certain areas and then I can convey that to the pet’s family. They can, in turn, communicate my findings to the vet to help narrow down the health problem.

10. Are you able to communicate with an animal in the after life? How does that work?

Yes, I am able to communicate with an animal once it has made its transition. We all are made up of energy and we are all connected to one another through that energy. Even if a pet has left its body, its energy remains. That unique energy is what I am able to communicate with.

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