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My name is Hannah. I’m from Birmingham England, I suffer from chronic illness, having had a spinal injury from an early age and now I suffer from a condition called Dystonia so this means I spend quite a bit of time in bed and not being able to go out. Ever since I was young, we’ve had cats, most of them have been moggies. But at 15 years of age, I was introduced to Ragdolls and I fell in love.

Lilley - Ragdoll of the Week paw close up

Bad Breeder

This meant I saved up my pennies for my first Ragdoll, sadly it wasn’t a great experience due to choosing from a bad breeder and inexperience with breeders!! Oreo was my first kitten and even though I only had 6 months with her due to her being extremely ill, I had to make the decision to have her put down being the hardest decision in my life!!

Lilley - Ragdoll of the Week2

This never put me off having a Ragdoll, actually Oreo’s personality made me want to have another because she had just the best personality coming to love her greatly in such a short time!!

Lilley - Ragdoll of the Week in wheelchair

Recommended Breeder

So, I went to the GCCF site and found a breeder recommended in my local area and this is where my Lilley came into my life, I saw her from when she was born and from the moment, we met her she showed her great personality and as she got older, she truly had never disappointed.

Lilley - Ragdoll of the Week1 (1)

5-Years Old

Now 5 years old and she just becomes a huge lovely fluffy part of my life. She is always beside me telling me off if I don’t touch her fast enough or not fed her at the right time, making me laugh when she loves to have her arm pots scratched!! She may have many funny qualities about her but it is this that makes her the best cat!!

Lilley - Ragdoll of the Week closeup

Cats Bring Silent Happiness

Now you may think I’ve forgotten my other cat but kitty may be small but she too has a big personality that brings me joy and happiness to have them both in my life! Both keeping me going when times are hard, recently we have had my 96-year-old nan move in with us and you really see how much cats brings to people, which amazes me- I’m never surprised! – but amazed at how they can bring such silent happiness and peace to those that need to be lifted.

Lilley - Ragdoll of the Week

My nan makes us laugh getting very put out if she doesn’t have a cat on her lap! We all need those blue-eyed fluffy balls in our life!!!

Lilley - Ragdoll of the Week (2)

Thank You to Floppycats

Thanks to Floppycats my love of Ragdolls may have started and been encouraged because who can’t fall for Charlie and Chiggy!! And see how much work she puts into bringing those video, unboxings and tips to help us with our love of Ragdolls just grow!! Ragdolls are just the best and no matter what no one will ever make that change my love for them will be there forever like us all!!  

Submit Your Cat Story

Ragdoll of the Week or Floppycat of the Week on Floppycats isn’t a contest or really a selection process – as long as you follow these guidelines (that keep us sane), and submit your story and photos in full, your kitty will be next in line for Ragdoll of the Week or the Floppycat of the Week. If you are interested in submitting your kitty as Cat of the Week, we welcome you to share stories and photos of your cat or cats with us and’s readers.

Silhouette of a ragdoll cat

We know that not every reader has a Ragdoll cat. And we’re not Ragdoll cat exclusive, so we started a Floppycat of the Week so that readers that don’t have Ragdolls could share their kitties too! Or readers that do have Ragdolls and other kinds of kitties, could share their whole house of kitties individually.

Read more on how to share your cat story.

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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