Lumos – Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

I recently lost my 17½ yr. old Siamese/Snowshoe mix (Mia) from kidney failure and hyperthyroidism. I was shattered. Mia had a large personality and omni presence, that when she passed, made a huge impact on me and in my home; the house was eerily quiet, the mood dark and I was devastated with sadness.

Lumos - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

Searching for a Kitten for Sale

After several days, I couldn’t take the loneliness anymore and Google searched “kittens for sale”. So many websites came up, but one particular Ragdoll breeder – “Poshdollz Ragdolls” – caught my eye.

Lumos - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month 16 wk

I’ve always been interested in and loved the Ragdoll breed, so I clicked and instantly fell in love with this little 14 week old guy named “V”. [Pretty ironic, my name begins with the letter “V” and his identification name was “V”!] I didn’t keep it — I know, it would have been cute — but, I changed his name to Lumos (LOO-mos).

Harry Potter Cat Name

For all you non-Harry Potter fans, Lumos is ‘a wand-lighting charm’, that illuminates the wand tip, which was very appropriately chosen for him because when I met “V”, he instantly brought “light” into my dark world, thus Lumos. 😊

Lumos - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month showing belly

Lumos has such an easy-going disposition, is extremely playful, has an enchanting charm when he looks directly at you, and a joyful personality. He loves to play with his plastic spring toys and rubber balls in the bathtub, which keeps him highly entertained for close to 20 minutes! After I make my bed each morning, he insists on playing hide and seek within the multiple decorative pillows, sometimes pushing them completely off the bed! I find his little tube toys hiding under the pillows as well!

Lumos - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month crawling on water fountain

His Favorite Toys

His favorite things to eat are Salmon with Pumpkin and he even likes small bites of a Banana! And have I mentioned his purr?!? It is so loud for such a little guy, and it has this soft whistle to it, like he is trilling and purring all at the same time! It’s so cute! Lumos likes to be cradled like a baby or held like a football, sometimes over the shoulder if he is super exhausted from playing so hard, but mostly cradled and loves it when he gets lots of kisses.

Lumos - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month full tummy

I hope to teach him a few fun tricks as well, since he catches on to phrases and gestures quite easily; so far he responds to ‘Hi Lumos,’ ‘let’s go night-night,’ ‘come ’ere, Lumos’ while tapping my leg, and ‘do you want a snack?’ I will be teaching him to fetch a ball, how to shake hands, give a high-five and do circles. And if he is up to it, maybe even teach him to do a few agility exercises! Wouldn’t that be fun to watch him do poles?! Lumos is so interactive in everything that I do, it is seriously a joy to have him in my home.

Lumos.14 wk

Lumos has made it easier for me to grieve the loss of Mia. I find I am constantly laughing out loud during his playtime and smiling when I watch him sleep. I look forward to spending the next 15-18 years with him, God willing! Thanks for adding us to your family! ~Valerie

Lumos - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month 14 weeks

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