How Much Does Your Ragdoll Weigh?

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Chiggy says, “I’m only 14 lbs? Am I below average?”

How Much Does Your Ragdoll Weigh?

I am always asked this question on YouTube because Charlie and Trigg look a lot bigger than they actually are.  And well, compared to a 7 lb. cat, they are a lot bigger.

It’s curious because I have always heard that Ragdolls, neutered males, are supposed to weigh between 15-20 lbs.

Here are the weights of neutered male Ragdolls in my immediate family:

  • Rags – 13 lbs
  • Caymus – 17 lbs
  • Murphy – 12 lbs
  • Charlie – 14 lbs
  • Trigg – 14 lbs.

Somehow I think that 15-20 lbs average is a little off.

Also, “How much do they weigh?” really isn’t an accurate assessment of how big they are.  For example, a kitty could have a small body frame and be obese and weigh 14 lbs. or s/he could be tall, long and lean at 14 lbs.  There’s a big difference.

So that begs the question – How much does your Ragdoll weigh?  And how would you describe his or her body type?


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  1. Fiona was 10 lbs and change at her last vet appointment in May of 2012. Her growth was stunted as a kitten as she could not digest her Royal Canin kitten food (took several vet appointments and one awesome vet tech to figure this out) so she’ll always be a bit small.

  2. Dex weighs 22 lbs. no lie. He has a *little* fat pooch that swings, but its mostly skin since he lost weight (he used to be upwards of 27 pounds at one time)

    since switching to wet/raw food, he goes from 19 to 22 pounds. Some weeks hes lazy, some hes super active.

    1. Congrats on the weight loss, I am sure his knees feel much better. If is mostly eats dry food, cut him back a little bit more and add 1/2 can wet food (if he will eat it). Eating dry food only is like us eating potato chips only. He’ll proabaly loose at least another lb. or 2.

  3. Annabella weighed 8 lb, 6 oz, when we first brought her home at 9 months. Two years later, she still weighs the same!! She’s just going to be petite, which is fine with me. She eats like a piglet and is healthy, and that’s what counts.

  4. My male (blue point)is long and slender and he weighs 11.3 lbs. My female is shorter and chubby (blue bi-color), she is 11.6 lbs. It doesn’t sound chubby, but she was overweight already at 5 mo. (early spay result). I would have waited until she was 6 months, but she was done at 9 weeks. My male was neutered at 7 mo. My cat only vet says it’s sort of a problem, but better than the alternative of people breeding them.

  5. Wolffie 24 years 11lbs in his prime 13lbs. male
    Rowan 21 years 16lbs. female
    Strykerman 17 years 21lbs. male
    Leo 14 years 17 lbs male
    Bear 14 years 16 lbs. male
    Rain 6 years 19 lbs. male
    Viola 6 years 15 lbs. female
    Boo 8 lbs. 6 years male
    Valentine 24 lbs. 4 years male Last the baby
    Lochland 9 mouths 17 lbs he is tall and not done growing.

    1. I want to be your cat sitter!!!! To come into your home and be surrounded by that many Rag Dolls at one time would make my heart sing. I only have one (out of 8 cats at home) and several of my clients have two. It’s all I can do to keep myself from adopting six more that are in need of new homes. You are so lucky, even if you do have to bush everyday.

  6. My almost 3 year old, Duchess, is about 9 lbs. She has maintained that weight for a while now. She is very active and healthy, and she enjoys her meals (she lets me know if it is past mealtime!) She is just small!

    1. My Ragdoll, Milo is the same way! He is our first Ragdoll and he has a huge coat on him! We have a stainless steel rake that can really get out the thick underlayer without damaging his outer coat.

  7. Boomer’s weight, at 6 years old, fluctuates between about 16.5 and 17 lbs. He’s a tall, long boy (with tons of fur), and although he looks positively *immense* when he flops and displays his belly, when he stands up and I smoosh all his fur down, there’s no saggy abdominal area to be found. He’s quite active, but we’ve learned to always measure his food; at his one-year check-up, he tipped the scales at 18.3 pounds(!), which was clearly too much.

  8. Mine is a 7 month old male, but he only weighs 8-9 pounds. He has really cut down on his food after I switched to all-wet canned/raw diet. He really does not like the wet food (and I’ve tried every grain-free brands!) and is just not eating enough calories (less than 1/4 the daily amt)… sigh. I might go back to adding dry food so that he gets the calories/nutrition he needs to grow! After his 1-year bday, I’m thinking about going back to all-wet food.

    1. Try EVO, my girls (1 rag doll, and 1 siamese calico) love it! they are gorgeous, healthy, great coats, and no issues at all. Just started feeding it to the siamese mix because she is pregnant. She is getting the cat/kitten formula and my rag doll steals it every chance she gets. Grain free and all natural. High protein, my vet recommended it and was he ever right.

      1. I’d be a little concerned about the EVO since they just had a recall. I highly recommend Orijen!

      2. I was too until I checked the formula and lot number on my food does not match. I have tried Orijen and my cats refuse to eat it. Went almost 2 weeks and started losing weight.

      3. I also feed my kitten of 5 months Orijen . He loves it. I also feed him soft food- grain free of course. My Tommy weighs about 6 lbs. -6 1/2 lbs. Is that healthy/normal weight.

  9. I have two of my own. our 14 year old male, Bubba is 15 pounds, and our 4 year old(we think she was supposed to be a spayed female 15 pounds, lady got her cats confused apparently, she has been in heat 3 times) female, Lulu we got about 6 months ago is a little thing at 7 1/2-8 pounds. LIttle fluffies. lol

  10. Miss Charlie-foof weighs 11.7. Girls are supposed to be 10-15 according to TICA, so she’s actually on the small side. Which is hi-larious when I see her next to my 8-pound Persian.

  11. I think my Lucy must be the smallest Ragdoll reported here — she is just under 7 pounds! She was a rescue cat who was skin and bones when I adopted her (she was 2 years old at the time). She is a very dainty eater and no matter what I do, she stays below 7 pounds. She is now 12 years old and is happy, healthy, kittenish, and playful so I don’t worry about her size too much. As long as she remains healthy that’s all that matters.

    1. My Mia is going to be 12 years old in June and has been just about 6lbs. her whole life… we got her from a breeder… Her her baby sister Zsa Zsa Is only a year old and is 11 pounds already…

  12. Mr Darcy who is a neutered male and will be 4 in May weighs just over kilos which is over 15 half pounds.

    He has been consistant around this date for a while and the vet says he is not overweight at all, he’s just a big cat.

  13. Mr Darcy who is a neutered male and will be 4 in May weighs just over 7 kilos which is over 15 half pounds.

    He has been consistant around this date for a while and the vet says he is not overweight at all, he’s just a big cat.

  14. Bastien weighs 16 pounds at 5 years; Saxon weighs between 12-14; little Roanoke only weighs 10, BUT we have had foster Ragdolls that weighed from a tiny 8 pounds for Purl (purebred girl) to a 24 pound purebred male that came from a cattery in California. His “girlfriend” (they were both altered, of course) weighed a hefty 20 pounds, the most I have ever seen in a female cat. PERIOD.

  15. My 3 year old male Mulsanne is 12 pounds of cat power! Amusing every day. I do wonder if that very early kitten neutering affected his growth.

    What a variety in weights between cats of the same breed. Wow!

  16. My Ragdoll will turn a year in 2 weeks, He is just 10 lbs. I sure hope he gets bigger, He is also shedding so bad I think I could make me a coat from his fur. I feed him Natures Logic canned as it has no grains in it, I also feed him 4 little mice a day.

  17. I have a male Ragdoll, “Whitie,” that is 8 months of age. He weighed in at my vet last week at 12 pounds. He is long and muscular and was the largest of his litter when he was born on July 14, 2012.

  18. My four year old male, Frank Sinatra is only 9-10 pounds. He was the runt and looks a lot smaller than most male ragdolls, he is also not a big eater. The only food he does like is freeze dried chicken. He sort of likes science diet dental formula, which my mother fed her cat, but I am currently switching him to all wet food-it is kind of a trial.

    1. Thanks for these kitten posts – I was asking the same thing. My Edmund is 13 weeks and weighs 2.3 kg (5 lb 1 oz) – so this post and replies helps. He is so much bigger than he was 5 weeks ago!

  19. Our gorgeous George was a very sick cat, we got him last October and he weighed a mere 6.6lbs. He has cat flu and is doing very well he now weighs 8lbs 6ozs, approx 3 years old. He is so adorable!

    1. Both my Ragdolls weigh exactly 10.8 lbs and are very healthy, in fact the female who is short and squat is a tad chunky, even at that. My male is long and lean, but also very healthy. Both came from big stock, and just are not huge cats. And both are better then average looking Ragdolls! Neither was a ‘runt’ either.

    2. Both my Ragdolls weigh exactly 10.8 lbs and are very healthy, in fact the female who is short and squat is a tad chunky, even at that. My male is long and lean, but also very healthy. Both came from big stock, and just are not huge cats. And both are better then average looking Ragdolls! Neither was a ‘runt’ either. 5 & 6 yrs. old

  20. have 2 males. chico is 3.5 years old flame point and is 20 pounds. his brother dandy is 2.5 years old and weighs 11 pounds. totally different cants. both have the coats and the blue eyes but chico is text book ragdoll..goes limp etc.. and dandy is a hunter does not like to be carried. cant be alone but does not like to be crowded. dandy is a very, very long cat.. the vet was stunned as this cat walked in the office. long, long tail but very athletic.

  21. Davidson (“Davi”) is 13.5 (neut. male). I thought he felt heavier than that and was closer to my 20 lb dog’s weight. He did lose weight after his dental 3 weeks ago, but is gaining it back.

    Unfortunately, he cannot tolerate any high protein foods. He will puke it up EVERY time. (And that includes the dog food he steals, which is high protein.) Here I thought I was being good to buy him Wellness Core & Grain Free wet food (spendy) but I dealt with puking for months before a vet finally told me to put him on prescription wet food. We tried one brand of rx food and I had to throw half of it out because he didn’t like it. Switched him to Science Diet’s I/D formula and he did great for about 3 weeks, and now he’s puking again. I just don’t know what to do!

    1. We have a 7month old ragdoll weighs about 10 lbs. I’m now happy with his weight. I had wrote earlier concerned of his weight, but now he is growing beautifully, a purr machine and very playful. Our problem is that Tommy has a very soft stool which causes a “messy bum” for the last Four weeks. We brought him to the vet three weeks ago he is on FortiFlora -a probiotic – which has kind of helped but not fully helped. We now think it may be the high protein grain free food Orijen. We are thinking of changing his food which would have less protein. What are you now feeding your ragdoll and besides puking did your cat have other symptoms. We are also thinking of going to the vet and providing a stool sample to rule out a parasite, , which our vet doesn’t feel is the issue since he’s an indoor cat and has had all his shots. I

      1. We have only ever fed Instinct. It is grain free kibble and the one we buy has raw pieces in it. SASHA LOVES IT. We use their wet food too. He loves it! Stools are normal and we just weighed him in at 11 pounds at 6 1/2 months. He’s got big paws and larger bone structure. If I had to guess, 18-20# will probably be his full weight.

      2. When I inherited my Raggies from my brother, they had wicked diarrhea. It took several tries at different foods and finally found one that worked. I also found out that they both have bladder issues, so they are on a CD diet. Don’t give up. Try different foods.

    2. Hi we have a ragdoll cat age 21 months called Teddy as we are out working all the time we introduced a same age female ragdoll called crystal from quality stock,
      A month later we moved house as teddy was big and fluffy we did not pick up straight away but he lost almost kilo before we really noticed how ill he looked and was not eating, he lost his furry thick coat and Maine and crystal got bigger , she is now 5kg perfect,
      After trips to vets because teddys poo,s were soggy with blood in them all the time,she checked him for parasites and treated him with concentrated doses, but he was still bleeding from colon
      He had blood tests from neck and found a number of issues inside that needed further tests, very worrying we hand fed ted (force fed) every morning before work for 4 months he was taking food but no gains,
      Then one morning we gave him raw meat what the vets recommended not to, as she believed this was the cause of the illness to begin with.
      It was like the lights were switched on he wolfed it down, so every morning teddy as raw meat biscuits available all day and a fish based commercial cat food mixed with tuna every evening,
      boom teddy has gained almost a kilo in 5 weeks his coat is returning to thick and fluffy and body is changing back to how it should be, while he was ill he just looked like a slender moggy.
      Bleeding has ceased in his colon ,poos care sometimes sloppy and sometimes normal with no mucus or blood he is almost back to 6kg and still needs another kilo on as still looks slender,
      His mental state has improved and he now stays by us all the time instead of lying in a corner somewhere on his own.

      Our thoughts are this a new cat brought into the house and moving house affected his mind and he got depressed stopped eating and we didn’t see it in time as crystal little piggy ate her food and his so was not noticed until almost to late to recover him.

      Anyhow ragdoll s can get depressed with change , they need large amounts of fibre in there diet mainly from quality dry foods if not spoon it into them forcefully , after a few days they learn to accept hand feeding science diet ID is what we kept teddy going with also with a mix of pumpkin mashed into a fine mix so can be swallowed easily we also soaked and turned science diet dry food into a soggy paste and fed him that with pumpkin also.

      I’ve gone on a bit here but don’t take your eye of the ball , take action I’d needed

  22. Gee alotof replys on the weight thing.umm Murphys weight was about 12 .8lbs jan 2013,Doctor said he should not get any larger,and did not matter if he was a Ragdoll.I have noticed lately that he has gained weight not sure how much,hes eating more dry food since we got the baby Ragdoll for him .Even know he loves his new buddy he seems to be snacking on dry food as much as possible,I guess I need too control that situation quickly.My husband has been commenting alot about his weight gain .I Thought he just looked big next to the kitten.But he seems to be at the food bowls with the high energy 3 month old Ragdoll .Mabey competing for his share of the dry food?

    1. My Neo & Seven are brother and sister. She can free feed (pick at food all day long if left out), but Neo is like a vacuum cleaner. If it’s out, he eats, so I cannot leave food out. You may have to set a feeding schedule and when they leave their bowls, put the food where they can’t get to it.

  23. Our male ragdoll Santtu weighs only 10.6 lbs (4.8 kg), and he’s already 3 years and seven months old – meaning he only has five months to go until that “full size and weight” date. He’s a bit of a picky eater, he only eats fish.

  24. My boy Mylo is a 5 month old neutered seal mitted ragdoll he already weighs 8.1 pound!! I think hes going to be a big boy he literally eats everything in sight! Hes not fat tho just a big boy.

  25. My Coco is very long and lean, 4 yrs old and only 3.9 kilos (8.6lbs) she is a fussy eater with a small appetite.
    Snowdrop is very petite, she doesn’t have a long body, she looks like a little fluff ball, she is only 3.2 kilos (7.1lbs), she will only eat dry food.

  26. I am glad this came up in my search. My pretty boy is 6 months old and about 8.5-9lbs. I haven’t had a particularly large breed cat before so i wanted to gauge whether this was normal or if i should switch his food. Though I dont see him camped out at his dish or anything. So far he sounds to be about normal. Which is a relief. I want him to be healthy even if he does get large.

  27. I’m glad I found this thread. I was curious if Sasha was within the range for ragdoll. He is 6 1/2 months old, was neutered when we got him, and weighs 11 pounds already. He has big kitty paws and larger boning. I think he will be a good sized adult male. He was about 3-4 pounds when we got him at 3 months. Does the weight gain slow down for the 2nd half of the first year? My female orphan kitty was 12# in her prime, but she was not a ragdoll. SASHA is our first and he has all of the wonderful traits of a floppy ragdoll.

  28. I’m glad I found this thread. I was curious if Sasha was within the range for ragdoll. He is 6 1/2 months old, was neutered when we got him, and weighs 11 pounds already. Does the weight gain slow down any between 6-12 months?

    1. Colleen, I’m glad you gave Sasha’s weight. We have an 8 month old male, “Milo” who is around 13 lbs already! He could not tolerate Royal Canin food (soft, stinky stools!). He loves his food, but we measure is dry to 1 cup/day + a small amt. of canned meat for breakfast (like 1 TBSP mixed with his dry food moistened w/water & 1 TBSP of meat at supper. He is our first Ragdoll, so visiting this site helps me to learn more about the Ragdoll. We sure enjoy him! 🙂

  29. My 7 month old boy is at least 11 pounds… I think he may have grown a little, but I haven’t weighed him in a week. I am also glad that I came across across this thread (as others have mentioned before me). I’ve never had a ragdoll before (he’s my first!), and i just just wanted to see if it was normal for him to be so big already.. He already weighs more than my other two adult cats. He follows me everywhere..he does have a little tummy pooch, but I don’t think he’s fat. He’s my little buddy 🙂 I I just want to make sure he’s healthy and not fat

    1. I have a male ragdoll too and he sounds exactly like yours! He follows me around everywhere and has a tummy pouch but definitely isn’t him being over weight. He his 6 months 3 weeks old today and was weighted at the vet, his 9lbs 11.5 ounces! I’m guessing he’ll be 11lbs when he is 7 months old too. Very happy I found this thread and your response!

  30. Glad I found this! My neutered boy who turns one next week is around 14lbs. He doesn’t seem big to me but my vet said he needs to stop gaining weight. I was thinking we was already overweight but I feel better after reading this. I think my vet just isn’t familiar with how big ragdolls can get.

  31. My little guy Teddy, who was neutered at 12 weeks, is a whopping 9.4 lbs at 10 1/2 months. I don’t think he will be as big as his buddy Gracie, my mom’s ragdoll, who is 2 1/2 years old and weighs 16 lbs.

  32. My Chloe is 9 yrs. old and weighs 14.6 lbs. She was a “gift” because the owner was moving to FL and couldn’t take her with her!! I really think the owner never bonded with Chloe! It has taken over 2 yrs. to have Chloe come out from under my bed. She will eat and poop when she needs to, but no social skills! The previous owner had the “Litter Maid” litter box, so Chloe does not know how to cover up her litter. High maintenance Ragdoll! And…her poop stinks! she shares her litter box with my 14 yr. old black long haired domestic cat “Bandi”. It has taken 2 years for the two to become friends. All is well and I love them to death. They are good travelers – harness trained and do well in my RV on long distance trips.

    1. My female’s poop also stinks…she knows how to cover it up, but leaves it on top as a ‘gift’, then runs around “Look at my poop, look at my poop!!!” She likes to leave one LONG one if she can. So proud of herself!! Miss Violet♥♥♥ Thankslove bug! I SEE IT!!!!

    1. *****UPDATE*****
      Hi, Jenny!

      Our Miss Pink Sugarbelle now weighs in at 15 pounds. She’ll be 3 years old on October 7, 2015.

      I would describe her body type as long and solid.

      Big hugs!

      Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  33. I have 2 unrelated Rags, male and female 5 & 6 yrs old. My male is very long, his dad was 22 lbs, he weighs 10.8 lbs. My female is short and squat, and weighs exactly the same 10.8 lbs, and she’s a bit chunky at that. I wanted huge cats, but this is how mine turned out. My female comes from a line of regular weight cats (13-17lbs) WEIRD!!


    There father was 24+ lbs and mother around 13 lbs

    it is said that a UN-nuetered male will be very large and neutered male much smaller.

  35. I have had Izzy from the age of about 4 ’til now. He will be 11 next month. He has always weight between 17 and 18 pounds. I have had to get him a lion cut a three times… the hair and the hairballs during spring and early summer were more than I could live with some years… and he’s not a fat cat.

  36. you can’t really know their full adult weight until they stop growing and changing colors around 4 years of age, give or take.
    Louie weighed a robust 21 lbs from age 4 till about age 10. Then he got sick and we needed to pull his teeth. So now he is 12 and only weighs a little over 11 lbs. But he is happy and healthy non the less 🙂

  37. Prossimo weighs 16+ pounds.

    December 2012 vet guessed his age at 2-5 years and he was 15#.

    I’m guessing that he’s on the younger side so I suspect that he will continue to grow for a bit. However, my suspicions could be wrong!

    He could have gained weight due to normal growth or it could have been that he was underweight when he arrived. When he first got here, he ate 4 meals a day for a while. He’s gone through 3 or 4 periods where he will eat double of his typical daily intake which lasts anywhere from 3-8 weeks at a time.

  38. My 5 year old neutered male, Neo, weighs in at 13.5 lbs, but he is about 1 lb overweight (per the vet) even though you can still feel his ribs. He is also a fluff ball with cottony hair and looks a lot bigger than he really is. Even his face is fluffy. Seven, Neo’s spayed sister, weighs in at a little over 8.5 lbs and is not a fluff ball. Her fur is super silky.

  39. Baby maintained an 11 lb. weight until she was diagnosed, in 2013, with bladder cancer. She’s almost 10 months into this condition and only takes one, anti-inflamatory medication 2x week. Now she hangs out at 8.5 lbs and is 18 years old. she still looks 14 so we don’t tell her how old she really is.

  40. Thank God for this thread! I was recently getting a bit concerned about my 7 1/2 month old Giorgio who eats on average 4, sometimes 5 cans of food per day! He does not eat any dry food, only cans and he eats the whole can, not just some of it!. This boy can eat and my guess is that he is around 12 lbs, having been weighed in at 10 + over a month ago. I was told by my ver, who has two Ragdolls of his own, that I can bring him in on a Sunday to check his weight in a few months, so I’ll be doing it pretty soon. I am afraid of him getting too fat, but he’s just a kitten and I don’t want to let him go hungry. I’ve had plenty of other cats in my life and after the initial 4-5 months, they’d eat 2 cans or so per day and all was well. Not this guy! He’s a bottomless pit! It was good to see other’s under a year old weigh as much or more than Giorgio. He doesn’t have worms and is perfectly fine and healthy. I ‘d like to avoid letting him get obese.

  41. Maya (spay female, 2 yrs old = 7.92 pounds
    Yaluc (neuter male, 3 1/2 yrs old = 7,48 pounds
    Taj (neuter male, 10 yrs old (RIP) = 20 pounds

    Both Yaluc and Maya need to gain weight…Maya eats like a piggy,and cleans up anything left over. Yaluc isn’t too interested in much food (seems to like only chicken)…have tried them on everything…going to increase wet food to twice a day…dry high protein food is always available. They are fairly active cats in the morning but pretty much nap the rest of the day. Vet says they are healthy but I feel bones and think they should be eating more.

  42. My Hawkeye is a 3 yr old neutered male, and weighs in at 13 lbs. He is active and likes to play every night with Da Bird. He nips my feet to let me know he wants to play. He also loves his “cheats”, but has to earn them by playing or using a cheat puzzle of some sort. I’m amazed that he weighs so much because during the rare times that we bathe him, he looks like a drowned rat under all of that fur. He eats wet canned food. I slipped and gave him a little bit of dry food we got as a sample and it gave him diahrrea (sp?). Ugh, not doing that again! he is our pride and joy.

  43. Hello everyone 🙂 I have a 13 month old neutered male who just gained another 2 pounds in the last 3 months. He is now 14 lbs. The breeder told me she looks at the width of their butt bones and believes he will be a big boy like his daddy, 20-22 lbs. I’ve read that rag dolls will reach their full growth at 2 yrs. I have also seen 4 yrs.(?)

  44. Sasha turns 1 year on 6/10. He is a neutered male weighing in at 14.4 pounds. I understand he may not attain his full growth for another 2-3 years. He does very well on Instinct grain free kibble and Instinct limited ingredient wet catfood. He free feeds on the kibble and gets one 3 oz can of the wet food per day.

  45. Rocky, almost 6 years old, male – 12.5 pounds
    Lucky, just over 1 year, male – 13.8 pounds and still growing

    Hope you will let us know the average weights this thread yields!

  46. Illaria Rose – 13 pounds, Ragdoll coming up on her 2nd birthday on June 24th
    Olivia Grace – 11 pounds, 2 years old and will be 3 on November 24th
    Mariposa – 12 pounds – Maine Coon about 10 years old – rescue

  47. My Loki is 3 years old and weighs 13.5 pounds. He is a retired stud and was neutered shortly after his second birthday.

    When I got him last August he had been recently neutered (6 weeks previously) and weighed 10.5 pounds, so he’s put on 3 pounds since coming to live with me. He did seem to have a mini growth spurt a few months ago and he is a very solid kitty, just like you’d expect for a neutered male Ragdoll!

    Lucy, my sweet neutered female Ragdoll who died last summer at age 13, weighed barely 6 pounds. Imagine my shock the first time I picked up Loki after being used to carrying Lucy around.

  48. At his prime, William weighed 19 lbs. plus change. When the dementia hit, his weight fluctuated between 17 and 23 lbs. because he’d either forget to eat or would forget that he had eaten. But 19 lbs. was William’s optimum weight. Because he was a cryptorchid, he was neutered late, so perhaps that contributed to his heft.

    I swear, William weighed at least 50 lbs. when he’d flat flop and couldn’t be moved. He thought this was jolly good fun because it usually resulted in spin the kitty.

  49. My Sophie is nine & 1/2 years old and weighs 10.0 lbs. She has maintained this weight for sometime now. My Jedda is 1yr old and already weighs 16lbs. He is a large boned raggie. Our breeder says not to be too concerned about this because it will not be unusal for him to get to be over 20 lbs.
    we will see. He has his annual wellness visit next week.

  50. Hello. I have three Ragdoll cats.

    Finn, my seal bi-color and the biggest one, is a 13.2 pounds. Ty, my red Ragdoll, is 10.8 pounds, but he’s more built on the lithe side and Tasha, Finn’s half sister is almost 10 pounds and she’s still growing! She just turned one in early May.

    I want to say that these guys grow even after a year old. I don’t really know what the “average” is anymore. As long as you get your vet check-ups with your loved furry pals, monitor their portions of what food you give them (wet or dry) and setting aside to play with them every day at least 10-20 minutes, they will be super happy and healthy, too. 🙂

  51. Lulu, My six months old seal mitted ragdoll, is about 11.8 lb.!! He’s not overweight at all (I actually think he’s kinda lean), but he’s really tall and wide-boned. I’m so excited to see how big he’ll get. I give him the best, most nutritious food possible so he can grows like tree. 😀

  52. My Miley is 14 lbs, and Sophie is 12 lbs. They are 9 and 8 yrs old respectively. I thought they were Fatty McFatFat. but i guess not, reading this site! They eat Purina urinary tract health dry food in a big bowl to nibble all day, and i give them wet food in the morning and night (i split 1 can – and they dont eat it, they just lick it for a snack. i end up with dry chunks of food at the end of the night)

  53. Our 4 1/2 year old ragdoll weighs 16 lbs. He doesn’t seem to be overweight, has a large frame, is very active and can jump WAY high. But the vet said he should lose 2 lbs. (I don’t necessarily agree).

  54. Our Toby is about 3 1/2. He weighs approx. 15 lbs. he seems to still be growing slowly, mostly longer legs in the past year. Also his coat continues to darken ( chocolate mitted mink Lynx) and grow ever fluffier.

  55. Well My large Doll,will be 4yrs,old Feb2016 hes plenty large at least 16lbs last recorded weight at Jan 2015 check up with very large hind quarters,his nephew was the litter runt,Ceasar is about 12lbs he will be 3yrs may 2016,he has a skinny lil butt no huge hind quarters,vet says Murphy is plenty big try not to let him get any bigger due to arthiritus and age related illness.They seem very healthy and happy,we will see what the vet says Jan 2016.Im pretty sure Murphy Bo Dee is bigger now.Happy Holidays Jenny,Trigg Charlie and all the other Gorgeous Dean Family Kittys.

  56. Riley the Ragdoll is just over 4 years and weighs 14 pounds. He looks HUGE right now because he has his winter coat. Vet says he is “perfect”. 🙂 By comparison, our male Bengal, who is long and lean, weighs 18 pounds, but Riley appears to be much larger than him. Our adopted female tortie calico weighs in at a mere 7 pounds, but make no mistake … the boys know who the queen of the house is!

    Happy New Year to you, Jenny, Trigg and Charlie!

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