Ragdoll Cats and Dogs

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Ragdoll Cats and Dogs

Do you have a Ragdoll cat?  Do you have a dog?  How do they get along?  One of the questions I am asked about quite frequently is whether or not Ragdoll cats get along with dogs.  And then more specifically, it seems that the question about whether or not they get along with German Shepherds comes up frequently. If you read Floppycats with regularity, then you know that my parents have two German Shepherds and two Ragdolls. I took some videos this past week to show how well they get along – other than Napa (the youngest of the 4) wanting to play…

Reader Submissions:

This is my 10 month old seal bi-color Ragdoll, Nicky, hanging out with my 5 yr. old German Shepherd, Rowdy. Owned by Joan Frost
This is my 10 month old seal bi-color Ragdoll, Nicky, hanging out with my 5 yr. old German Shepherd, Rowdy. Owned by Joan Frost
C&C walking Jewel and Mulsanne - submitted by Karen
C&C walking Jewel and Mulsanne – submitted by Karen
Mulsanne and Jewel walking - submitted by Karen
Mulsanne and Jewel walking – submitted by Karen

Do you have pictures of Ragdoll cats with dogs? Please either send them to info [at] floppycats.com or post them on Floppycats’ Facebook page if you want them posted on this post.

I’m anxious to hear your experiences with Ragdoll cats and dogs…

Ragdoll Cats and Corgi Dogs

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9 thoughts on “Ragdoll Cats and Dogs

  1. Bonkers says:

    Wow! German Sheppards & Ragdolls- match made in heaven it seems! I didn’t choose my breeds of animals they chose me! & I find it rather amusing the my RagdollX “Sphinx” & my German Sheppard X Corgi “Koda” get along so well! I also find it amusing that those breeds are mentioned together quite regularly! Amazing! My two play like dogs would- I got Sphinx from a friend & Koda from the RSPCA a few months later, Koda is older than Sphinx but I’ve had Sphinx longer- they love each other! Sphinx wasn’t keen on Koda for about a week- no they can’t be separated Sphinx will quite often (given the chance of an open door) follow me & Koda on a walk and doesn’t mind crashing parties of neighbours (following me there) & will even jump in the car for a car trip!!! Koda & Sphinx will play and play together like puppies (they are both still young) and I think they keep each other company when I’m at work. I love my pair!

  2. ash says:

    I have two golden retrievers and an adopted ragdoll. They get along pretty well. Sometimes the goldies try to rough house her, but she holds her own. There’s been a couple of times where I’ve caught the cat cuddled up with the dogs, but they move when I try to take a photo (they don’t want to admit their friends.) Ironically, the reason the ragdoll was put up for adoption originally was because she can’t tolerate other cats, even her own litter mates. But she’s fine with two 80 lb dogs. Go figure.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hi – I have a male ragdoll turning 4 years old. Two years ago we got a golden retriever puppy. I have to say that I thought the cat would adjust, but it’s been 2 years and he hates the dog, and spends most of his time hiding. The dog is extremely friendly and gentle (he’s a golden after all) but of course wants to play and thinks it’s the best game on earth to spot the cat and go tearing after the cat to chase and play. The cat, instead of learning to stand up and give the dog a good swipe across the nose, just runs which only makes the dog even more excited. I feel so bad for the cat we are about to give him away to my parents so he can enjoy a quiet house to himself. My girls are 9 and 7 and love the cat, but the cat has taken to occasionally and out of the blue biting and scratching the girls and other adults (including me) while they are petting him or just after they stop petting him. The cat attacked my 9 year old in the face while she was sleeping (terrifying for her) and scratched her face leaving a scar. He is adorable and sweet most of the time, but the combination of never settling with the dog, and the aggression, means unfortunately he has to move…

    • Amanda says:

      That’s so sad:(..I have 2 mini australian shepherds a boy and a girl.I Also have a ragdoll kitten.The boy and ragdoll l adore each other,but the girl dog is afraid of the ragdoll. Sometimes it’s so funny:-))

  4. Karen says:

    I have a young male Ragdoll (fixed), now just over two years old with a very old giant breed female Newfoundland dog at 11 years old. They take care of each other; he adores her and sometimes she enjoys him. Other times, they annoy each other, much like any siblings in the same house. Jewel, the older Newfie was trained well at the start with little kitty Mulsanne, that he was to be cherished and protected/part of the family or ‘pack’, and she does that. But sometimes he jumps all over her and she’ll growl/bark at him because he deserves it. Many times she moves away from trouble, the cat who is into mischief knocking things off shelves/counters. They do fine together and the kitty was in a protective large crate/kitty condo when he was tiny for couple months but now has free run of the house, as does the dog. I have no worries about these two together. Not sure about other dog breeds however. Newfies are very smart and mellow and kind souls. It would be bad if the kitty were 120 lbs and the dog was 12 lbs.

  5. Sarah still says:

    Hi, I have a 12 year old Bichion Frese called Tia, and Sophie who is a 18 mth ragdoll
    When Sophie was a wee kitten Tia would cuddle her and clean her, now Sophie is bigger and heavier than Tia and Sophie does the cuddling, they both sleep together at the bottom of my bed,Sophie always wakes me in the morning and is very persistent
    And she keeps Tia young love them both x

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