How Much Does Your Ragdoll Weigh?

Chiggy says, “I’m only 14 lbs? Am I below average?”

How Much Does Your Ragdoll Weigh?

I am always asked this question on YouTube because Charlie and Trigg look a lot bigger than they actually are.  And well, compared to a 7 lb. cat, they are a lot bigger.

It’s curious because I have always heard that Ragdolls, neutered males, are supposed to weigh between 15-20 lbs.

Here are the weights of neutered male Ragdolls in my immediate family:

  • Rags – 13 lbs
  • Caymus – 17 lbs
  • Murphy – 12 lbs
  • Charlie – 14 lbs
  • Trigg – 14 lbs.

Somehow I think that 15-20 lbs average is a little off.

Also, “How much do they weigh?” really isn’t an accurate assessment of how big they are.  For example, a kitty could have a small body frame and be obese and weigh 14 lbs. or s/he could be tall, long and lean at 14 lbs.  There’s a big difference.

So that begs the question – How much does your Ragdoll weigh?  And how would you describe his or her body type?

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Brutus Beefcake says:

    My first Raggie was 35 lbs. My current one is 5 lbs. She was the runt and just doesn’t eat much, no matter what is offered to her. She is 10 and not likely to change. They come in all sizes.

  2. My boy is only 10.3lbs at 1.5 years. I’m hoping for another growth spurt but I think he’s just petite.

  3. Karen Hughes says:

    Riley the Ragdoll is just over 4 years and weighs 14 pounds. He looks HUGE right now because he has his winter coat. Vet says he is “perfect”. 🙂 By comparison, our male Bengal, who is long and lean, weighs 18 pounds, but Riley appears to be much larger than him. Our adopted female tortie calico weighs in at a mere 7 pounds, but make no mistake … the boys know who the queen of the house is!

    Happy New Year to you, Jenny, Trigg and Charlie!

  4. Well My large Doll,will be 4yrs,old Feb2016 hes plenty large at least 16lbs last recorded weight at Jan 2015 check up with very large hind quarters,his nephew was the litter runt,Ceasar is about 12lbs he will be 3yrs may 2016,he has a skinny lil butt no huge hind quarters,vet says Murphy is plenty big try not to let him get any bigger due to arthiritus and age related illness.They seem very healthy and happy,we will see what the vet says Jan 2016.Im pretty sure Murphy Bo Dee is bigger now.Happy Holidays Jenny,Trigg Charlie and all the other Gorgeous Dean Family Kittys.

    1. thanks for sharing! merry christmas to you too!

  5. JLSmithson says:

    Artemis weighs 15.5, Adam weighs 17, and Binkley weighs 12. They are all 8. Artemis used to be the big alpha but Adam has surpassed him.

  6. Sheri Wertheimer says:

    Our Toby is about 3 1/2. He weighs approx. 15 lbs. he seems to still be growing slowly, mostly longer legs in the past year. Also his coat continues to darken ( chocolate mitted mink Lynx) and grow ever fluffier.

  7. Both Gizmo and Moosie, my neutered male full-grown boys, averaged 17 or 18 pounds at their vet appointments. 15-20 pounds sounds right to me with my limited experience.

  8. MY male, Loki, weighs 15.4 lbs and is 1 1/2 years old. I’ve heard that the don’t quit growing til about 3.

  9. Our 4 1/2 year old ragdoll weighs 16 lbs. He doesn’t seem to be overweight, has a large frame, is very active and can jump WAY high. But the vet said he should lose 2 lbs. (I don’t necessarily agree).

  10. Charlene A. McMullen says:

    Our Lulu who will be 10 on July 5 weighs 9 lbs.

  11. strikersmom says:

    At one year of age, 15 pounds 🙂

  12. Holly Hutt Viola says:

    My Miley is 14 lbs, and Sophie is 12 lbs. They are 9 and 8 yrs old respectively. I thought they were Fatty McFatFat. but i guess not, reading this site! They eat Purina urinary tract health dry food in a big bowl to nibble all day, and i give them wet food in the morning and night (i split 1 can – and they dont eat it, they just lick it for a snack. i end up with dry chunks of food at the end of the night)

  13. Fahad Al Ismail says:

    Lulu, My six months old seal mitted ragdoll, is about 11.8 lb.!! He’s not overweight at all (I actually think he’s kinda lean), but he’s really tall and wide-boned. I’m so excited to see how big he’ll get. I give him the best, most nutritious food possible so he can grows like tree. 😀

  14. Bear Cat was 2 lbs when he came to live with us. Now at 5 months he is 6lbs 🙂 Growing like a weed.

  15. Ragdoll Mommy says:

    Anya is 13lbs and Nico is 14lbs.

  16. Hello. I have three Ragdoll cats.

    Finn, my seal bi-color and the biggest one, is a 13.2 pounds. Ty, my red Ragdoll, is 10.8 pounds, but he’s more built on the lithe side and Tasha, Finn’s half sister is almost 10 pounds and she’s still growing! She just turned one in early May.

    I want to say that these guys grow even after a year old. I don’t really know what the “average” is anymore. As long as you get your vet check-ups with your loved furry pals, monitor their portions of what food you give them (wet or dry) and setting aside to play with them every day at least 10-20 minutes, they will be super happy and healthy, too. 🙂

  17. Artemis, our big fluffy 7 year old, weighs 15 pounds. The vet says he is overweight but he flies around the house like a kitten!

  18. Loki weighs 11.5 lbs at almost 8 months. I hope he stops growing soon!

  19. Nancy, H. says:

    My Sophie is nine & 1/2 years old and weighs 10.0 lbs. She has maintained this weight for sometime now. My Jedda is 1yr old and already weighs 16lbs. He is a large boned raggie. Our breeder says not to be too concerned about this because it will not be unusal for him to get to be over 20 lbs.
    we will see. He has his annual wellness visit next week.

    1. My 11 yr female – Mille – 16-17 lbs. She’s not fat just big-boned!! 🙂
      10 yr. male – Max – 10 or so lbs.

  20. Dementia Boy says:

    At his prime, William weighed 19 lbs. plus change. When the dementia hit, his weight fluctuated between 17 and 23 lbs. because he’d either forget to eat or would forget that he had eaten. But 19 lbs. was William’s optimum weight. Because he was a cryptorchid, he was neutered late, so perhaps that contributed to his heft.

    I swear, William weighed at least 50 lbs. when he’d flat flop and couldn’t be moved. He thought this was jolly good fun because it usually resulted in spin the kitty.

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