Giving Your Cat a Pill

Last Updated on July 15, 2021 by Jenny

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Giving your cat a pill for the first time a scary experience. Most people can get away with hiding the pill in a piece of meat or cheese or sprinkling the contents of it in their food. However, there are some animals, like my Rags who is smarter than all the techniques I could come up with (without sticking my finger down his throat) and therefore has to deal with getting pilled the old fashion way. Most cats are not tolerant of receiving the new object in their mouth, so you can encourage swallowing by rubbing there chin after the pill has been put in their mouth. Always try giving your cat a pill as far into Rags’ throat as I can. That way, he is sure to swallow it. I also always tilt his head back to make sure gravity takes its toll as well.
If you have any questions at all, or if there is something that we’ve missed in stating about how to pill your cat, please send us a message or leave us a comment below. contact us In this video, the small blue pill that I am giving to Rags is called Denamarin. Denamarin is a herbal supplement that is good for a pet’s kidneys and liver. The Marin is good for their liver function and the Dena part is the portion that is good for their kidneys. You can order this product online or get it through your local vet. I give Rags one pill a day (on an empty stomach, so he is more apt to absorb the product) and his liver function and kidney function have improved. In fact, I would say that this product has helped Rags live a longer and healthier life. I also give Rags a product called Cosequin for Cats.  Cosequin is a product that is good for their joints and since Rags is arthritic, it makes all the sense in the world to have him on it. Cosequin is a glucosamine type of product and if you take glucosamine, then you know the benefits it can give you. It is ormulated to help cats with sore and achy joints and it is easy to use – simply sprinkle over your cat’s food (but I just give Rags the pill form). To get Cosequin, simply click on the image below. Bottle of Cosequin Nutritional Supplement for cats For Fun! Humorous Instructions for giving your cat a pill!

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2 thoughts on “Giving Your Cat a Pill

  1. Lisa says:

    My cat, Wuss, will no longer eat Cosequin when sprinkled on her food. You spoke of a pill. Are you talking about the huge capsule that we open up or do you actually buy Cosequin in tablet/pill form?? Isn’t the capsule way too big for her little throat? She’s not a big cat.


    • Jenny says:

      I am not sure – probably a question for your vet – who has seen and “knows” your cat. I always pilled Cosequin.

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