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Frolicat Bolt The Frolicat BOLT is an interactive laser toy that entertains your cat for hours. BOLT has two options: 1) hold it in your hand and move the laser light where you want it to go or 2) place it on a flat surface, turn it on, and your cat will follow the light wherever it goes. The interactive laser light allows your cat to chase, bat and pounce on the different laser patterns that BOLT produces. BOLT’s real advantage is its automatic mode that allows your cat to be entertained while you can get something done. This product is excellent for a kitten when you need to do laundry or clean dishes, and they want to play. It allows your kitten to get exercise and worn out, while you can get your necessary household chores done. Likewise, for older kitties, it gets them to get up and move and get a little exercise. Of course, the manual mode is also fun, and an additional great option if you are watching TV and want to play with your cat at the same time. Or if you are just looking to play with your cat and go room to room with the BOLT. You can set the BOLT on the floor or on the counter top (must be a flat surface for it to work properly) so that you cat gets the action from different angles and never gets bored. Since you can set it on the counter, it is a perfect way to entertain your kitty while you are cooking dinner or doing laundry (you can always set it on top of the washer or dryer). Perhaps the only downside to the Frolicat BOLT is the sound of the motor of the device that moves the laser around. Three different Ragdoll cats that tried it out were very interested in smelling the device causing the sound before they actually started playing with it. On different days, in fact, they smelled it over and over again before playing with it. This caused concern, as their interest in smelling it made their eyes come in contact with the laser. Fortunately, it was a negligible amount of time in which that happened, therefore there was no harm done. BOLT Features:

  • Automatic Timer – allows you to set a 15-minute play session for your cat
  • Adjustable Mirror – allows you to aim the laser across a variety of surfaces
  • Automatic Mode – allows your kitty to play by himself or with your other kitties
  • Manual Mode – allows you to play with your kitty and hold it in your hand and aim the BOLT wherever you want

Since BOLT was introduced in February 2009, it has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS’ Early Show, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The BOLT won Cat Fancy’s 2009 Editors’ Choice Award. Brilliant Pet™ develops innovative pet products under the ScoopFree® and FroliCat™ brand names. This is’s Ragdoll cat, Charlie, playing with the FroliCat BOLT in Manual Mode. Frolicat Bolt [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] This is’s Ragdoll cat, Trigg, playing with the FroliCat BOLT in Manual Mode.

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