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Hello, I’m Clark; named after the famous explorers Lewis and Clark. I have decided to allow you a sneak peak into my everyday life with my parents and brother.

Although I had a big family with a breeder once (around 3 years ago), I don’t remember them very well. This is my family now and I am very happy! My brother’s name is Argo and he is a dog, but he will henceforth be referred to as Stinky because that is his most dominant quality.

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Every morning Stinky and I wake up in Mom and Dad’s room when the light starts shining through the big windows. Morning is my FAVORITE time of the day because that is when I get the most appreciation.

Stinky is lazy and doesn’t like to get up right away, so I get plenty of time to share hugs and kisses with my parents. Sometimes they don’t like to get up right away either, so I position myself right next to their face so my luxurious fur is the first thing they see.

Let the adoration commence! After that, it’s time for breakfast in the bathroom as we get ready for the day. Every morning I am just DYING for some water. But my water bowl in the kitchen is just sooo far away that I have to request it from the bathroom sink.

I used to have two mugs that I used for water bowls in the morning, but one day both of them were out of water, so I knocked them off the counter in protest. Silly Mom and Dad still haven’t figured out that I want them filled and replaced. Anyway, in the meantime, I am forced to bite the water as it comes out of the sink.

Clark - Ragdoll of the Week

Next is nap time. Normally the adults do boring adult stuff, so Stinky and I sleep nearby. Sometimes I stop by whatever they are doing to supervise (Mom is a horrible speller so I always have to correct what she is typing by walking across the keyboard for her). She still hasn’t realized my full genius.

When lunch time arrives everyone cooks some food. Everyday I tell Mom and Dad that they are supposed to eat with me next to MY bowl of food. I yell and yell (yesterday I even nipped Mom’s toe to get the point across) but those silly humans still don’t get it. I guess I will just have to continue to take my meal times during the quick bathroom breaks Mom and Dad make. It is my lot in life to suffer I guess.

After work the small humans come home. I usually go to one of my hiding spots after a while. If I stay with them I get carried from room to room. My feet barely ever touch the floor! I know they are supposed to adore me, but my public needs to calm down sometimes.

Eventually, I get bored and want to get some energy out. Usually I attack Stinky if he’s in the way (he deserves it). But other times I will find my favorite hair ties to play with. Sometimes I like to get Stinky in trouble. Mom and Dad don’t like it when he plays rough, so I will smack him as hard as I can and then run away before he can catch me. He’s so gullible!

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Dinners are very similar to lunch time. I spend time with Mom and Dad next to their food bowl but they never go with me to mine! Every once in a while I will convince Mom to stand next to me in the bathroom while I eat my dinner. Those nights are the best!

In the evening we usually relax by playing games or watching movies. When Mom plays on the computer I sit right in front of the screen so she can pet me while she moves her silly mouse around. I don’t know why, but she doesn’t like that very much. One day she will get it!

Clark - Ragdoll of the Week

Finally, it’s bedtime, my second favorite part of the day. If they don’t go to bed by 9 I start reminding them that it is past my bedtime. They are slow to catch on but they always eventually get it. Mom and Dad say I snore, but I don’t believe them!

Anyway, that’s a sneak peak into my average day! I hope I answered all the questions of my adoring public!

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  1. Diane Larsen says:

    Love your great story telling of Clark’s adventures with everyone in the family.

  2. Love this! I was cracking up the whole time. So true too lol. Very well written, humorous and sweet.

  3. Josh Moore says:

    Haha couldn’t help but smile the whole time good job, it felt like a bedtime story.

  4. What an adorable story. Well done. I would love to hear more adventures of Clark and Stinky!!! LOL!

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