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The love of my life – my Ragdoll!

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My life changed, forevermore, one November afternoon when a Ragdoll kitten captured my heart!

Gone were the years of my breeding and showing pure bred Maltese dogs. Yet, I knew that I had an immense amount of love to give, and – my house was empty! I seriously weighed if I should commit to a pet. After all, my job required frequent travel throughout the United States and Canada.

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But I had encountered an adorable male Ragdoll mix several years in a row while on business at the office of a client of my firm. That kitty’s personality was definitely Ragdoll and piqued my interest in the breed. I decided to search for a breeder to purchase my piece of unconditional love.

That November afternoon I nervously awaited my kitten viewing appointment time. I knew all about breeder interviews. I had conducted such interviews myself as a previous Maltese dog breeder.

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After being interviewed by the Stardolls Ragdolls Cattery breeder for what felt like an eternity, I passed the test. Phew! I was suitable to view a litter of five blue kittens. The tiny bundles of fluff bounced around at my feet and dozed off for quick kitten naps flat on their back – so darling. But I was puzzled. What? I didn’t feel a connection with even one of the energetic bundles of fluff.

Then it happened! A curious seal bi-color kitten sauntered into the room to see just what was going on. At that moment the world stopped spinning and my heart skipped a beat. And those eyes – oh those beautiful blue eyes!

I asked, “Who is this?” The breeder said, “Oh, she’s a little older, six months, a very sweet kitty. I was going to show her but she would be available to the right person.” The kitten kept up her graceful tip toeing in front of me while her beautiful plume of a tail gently swayed back and forth. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I thought, “This must be what love at first sight feels like”.

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It would have been so easy to rush into an emotional buy that Friday afternoon. I asked the breeder if I could please think about it over the weekend. She told me she’d hold her until Sunday evening.

I left the cattery and sat in my car thinking. “Wow, what just happened to me?” That kitty was on my mind the whole way home. Think about it over the weekend? Are you kidding? The moment I stepped inside my home I called the breeder. “I want her. When can I pick her up?”

And so, my love journey started with a very special Ragdoll.

I named her Cinnamon.

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That first night I was awakened by loud purring. I opened my eyes to find my new kitten had cradled her beautiful face in the palm of my hand, near my face. My heart melted, I kissed her and fell asleep to her melodic purring. Yes, her breeder was right. She is a very sweet kitty.

Her first year she trilled much like that of a dove cooing. Later her communication now sounds like a momma cat talking to her babies. When we pass each other I always make it a point to stroke or speak to her and she elicits a soft trill and starts to purr. This makes me smile.

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To solve my work travel issue, Cinnamon had Iliana, an exceptional friend and vet tech at the pet hospital, affectionately known as Cinnamon’s Kitty Nanny. She agreed to send me daily photos while I traveled because I needed my fur fix.

Then I bought Cinnamon a playmate, a male seal mitted Ragdoll kitten from the same breeder. I named him Cayenne. (More about Cayenne in a separate submission.) Iliana loves my kitties every bit as much as I do. After retiring two years ago and during this pandemic Cinnamon and I are more bonded than ever, if that could even be possible. And Iliana remains ever so lovingly entwined in our lives.

Cinnamon is now 10-1/2 years old. The years have flown by, brimful of kisses, pets, cuddles, endless brushing, bunny fur tummy rubs, paw massages, long afternoon naps and loud purrs audible from across the room.

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She is breathtakingly beautiful, even her doctors and vet techs gush over her when she visits for her twice annual comprehensive checkups and yearly dental cleaning.

I learned, firsthand, one night how intelligent Ragdolls are. Cinnamon woke me from a sound sleep. She was so persistent. I could tell that she was bothered by something as she led me, meowing, all the way to the foot of the stairs.

She headed directly across the living room and stood in front of the white sofa looking at the floor then up at me and then back down at the floor. There it was – a large puddle! Rain was coming from the seventeen foot ceiling. California rainy seasons can produce heavy downpours and my tile roof was leaking.

Cinnamon developed health issues at age four and has been on an Rx diet and med regime. She was diagnosed with (EPI) Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency and (IBD) Inflammatory Bowel Disease after having emergency surgery. Her internist evaluates her regularly.

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Recently, although inconclusive, she is suspect for non-small cell lymphoma of the spleen, and is being closely monitored.

Cinnamon’s funny little quirk: her potty box is located in the upstairs guest bathroom. She runs up the stairs – minutes pass – litter is heard being cast far and wide -then she comes to the sky bridge that extends the length of the house and loudly proclaims that she has gone potty, then streaks back down the stairs.

My love for Cinnamon is immeasurable. She has always seemed more like a little girl than a cat, but then my Ragdolls are my fur children. She is a very happy indoor kitty and fun to watch when she gets the zoomies.

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We play hide and seek, fetch, chase, and she always comes when called. Some mornings I will feel her long whiskers on my face followed by a couple soft licks on my eyelid. “Wake up mommy it’s time for breakfast”.

On days when she thinks she is not getting immediate attention, she will pick up one of her balls, while angrily meowing with a mouthful of the soft yarn, turn her head to one side and promptly toss the ball in a hissy fit.

This is Cinnamon – my Ragdoll, the love of my life!

I hope you enjoy her photos.

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  1. What a beautiful kitty! I just love little kitties but especially little ragdolls this one is just beautiful! I bet you love your little cinnamon

  2. Cinnamon is gorgeous! I love her name, it seems perfect for her. I also love the litter box story, as my Ragdoll Loki does the same thing. He always announces that he has gone potty, and he continues to yell at me until I go clean it and remove his “business” to the Litter Locker.

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