CritterZone Air Naturalizer Product Review

The CritterZone Air Naturalizer is a natural air freshener that is safe for you and your kitties.

We first reviewed the CritterZone air naturalizer back in 2013 – and they have since improved the innerworkings of the product and have changed the design a bit.

I am excited that it’s back on the market because it is such a nice way to freshen the air inside your home.

The CritterZone is made in the USA 🇺🇸. 

CritterZone’s main aim is to make indoor air as clean as outdoor air. Outside, the sun and the wind give the air a natural charge. The negative and positive ions in the air enable it to break down odors and allergens. That’s why bad smells go away quickly when you’re outside. When you’re indoors, all you can do is air out the room, which helps, clearly, but has a limited effect.

critterzone air naturalizer review air purifier for cat litter critterzone coupon floppycats

Indoor air does not benefit from the effects of the wind or the sun, so after a while, it becomes stale. As for bad odors, not only do you feel them more intensely indoors, but they also linger in your home because the air does not have the necessary ions to break them down. This is where the CritterZone air purifier comes in.

By generating those negative and positive ions into indoor air, it energizes it and it gives it the ability to break down pollutants. This is how it helps eliminate those bad smells that have gathered in your home.

The CritterZone takes the natural elements in the air in your home and it puts them to work by pushing them into a series of chemical reactions, just like it naturally happens outdoors; it makes energized versions of them and releases these back into the room. Instead of stale air, this air purifier gives you clean air, active air, that is able to fight out allergens, bacteria, and bad smells.

When CritterZone reached out to me to review their product, I looked for CritterZone air naturalizer reviews to see what had been covered and ultimately decided that it was best to test them where I knew there were genuine cat smell problems – my parents’ house.

You will see in the unboxing video below that my parents – had two problem areas: their cat litter box situation as well as an area in their basement where one of their cats had been “marking” a corner.

CritterZone Unboxing


Of course, there are many people that search for an air purifier for cat litter or look for an air purifier to put next to litter box, but many just mask the odor with artifical scents – they don’t really get rid of the underlying problems or odors.  CritterZone does.  So much so that my parents’ 16-year old Ragdoll cat, Murphy, who had been spraying in the corner in the basement, stopped spraying.

CritterZone would explain that the air was cleaned – and the smells eliminated that made him want to return to the spot to mark it more.

Eliminates More than Pet Odors

If you have problem areas in your home – I’d say it’s worth a shot.  In fact, I have since bought 6 CritterZones – two for my Dad at his office to clean the air there, 2 for my sister at her house and 2 for me at my house – I don’t really have cat litter smell problems, but was so impressed by how the CritterZone took away the smell of natural gas and the smoky smell on their cat Caymus’ coat from moxibustion, that I just wanted them in my home.

CritterZone Air Naturalizer Product Review
CritterZone at my house (on shelf in upper left corner)

Shortly after we did our unboxing video, my mom had a fire in her gas fireplace – she thought the dapper was open, but it was not. I walked in shortly thereafter (I have been going to my parents’ house 2x a day to check on Caymus) and was like, “Mom, it smells awful in here.”

She said, “I know, I had the door open and the fan on from the oven.” And I said, “Why don’t we bring the CritterZone in here and see if it will do the trick.” 15 minutes later, I took Caymus outside for his nightly walk and when we came back in, we couldn’t smell it anymore – in other words, the CritterZone had done it’s job.  And my mom said, “That was a good idea to bring that in here – I didn’t think about that.”

critterzone air naturalizer review air purifier for cat litter critterzone coupon

I took the photo above that night – you can see the CritterZone on the chair with the fire going and Murphy giving himself a bath by the fire.

How to Operate the CritterZone

To operate your CritterZone, you just plug in the unit to a grounded outlet and place it on a dry, level surface away from reach of your cats or children.

They recommend starting your CritterZone on the low setting for the first 24-hours and then move it to the higher settings as you see fit.

The CritterZone smells like fresh air – some may think of it as a metallic odor – if you smell that it’s an indication that pollutants are being naturalized. The intensity of that scent varies depending on the pollutants and will fade as your environment is cleaned – and not everyone is cognizant of this scent.

It covers 800 square feet and helps to eliminate pet odors and allergens from litter boxes, kennels, pet beds and cages.  It costs a penny to day to operate.

I love that it can eliminate unpleasant odors without filters and chemicals – eliminating odors, allergens, dust and bacteria.  It mimics Mother Nature’s cleaning process of energizing air.

You can see in our final product review video that my mom really appreciates her fresh smelling house now =)


Cleaning the CritterZone

You need:

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Cotton Swabs
  • #2 Phillips ScrewdriverThey have instructions in the box it comes in or on their website on how to clean it – you just unscrew the 4 screws that keep the outer casing on it – and once you remove those, then you can start the cleaning process.

Improvements to the CritterZone

I mentioned this in the review video above, however, I would love to see Critterzone come out with a straight plug-in version.  What I mean by this is no cord – just a plug-in one.  I think the current set up is cool, since it’s a USB plug, so you can plug it into your car, for example.  However the long cord can be dangerous for cats and kids – unless you can keep it out of their reach like I can on the top shelf above my litterboxes.

CritterZone used to have a straight plug-in version, but they are re-designing it because it used to cover up both outlets when you would plug it in – so they’re re-designing it so that it doesn’t cover up both outlets.

Of course, if you know your cats aren’t going to fuss with the cord – then it’s not a problem, which was the case with my parents’ 16-year old cats.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee & Warranty

There is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – if you’re not 100% satisfied,  you can return it for your money back.  Return instructions can be found on their website.

There is a 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.  

Buy the CritterZone Online:

Buy the CritterZone air purifier for cat smells on their website and use CritterZone coupon code “floppycats” to get $15 off your purchase.

Join Critterzone on Facebook and Instagram!

Reader Feedback since Unboxing Video was posted:

Karen bought 3 CritterZones after seeing our unboxing video and wrote in with the following feedback:

“Hi Jenny!
I wanted to thank you for suggesting the air purifiers. I bought THREE! I love, love, LOVE them! I love how small they are, I ESPECIALLY love how they are made in the USA!! So glad you showcased them!
Many thanks!

I then asked her more about them…

“OH!! Awesome, I am so glad you like them! Were you able to take advantage of our coupon code to save some money off of them?

Where did you put them? What were some of your problems with odors? I would love to talk about it in my review.”

She replied:

“I DID use your floppycats $15 discount – THANKS!!

I do not have any cats, right now. Sadly, my Ragdoll died, from Cancer, on Halloween, 2019. Covid 19 has been tough to go through without any fur babies. (watching your videos has helped fix “kitty withdrawal”!)

I will be getting 2 Ragdoll kittens in 2021, from a breeder, here, in Southern California. I have been reading your kitten care book – THANKS for that, too! I am learning a lot!!!

I recently discovered a small patch of yellowish-brownish mold in one of my closets.
I chatted with someone at Critter Zone + they told me that these air naturalizers will (also) help prevent mold from forming.

So I purchased 3 air naturalizers. Right now, I have 2 in 2 different closets.
The other one I have in my kitchen (no real reason, for putting it in the kitchen, I was curious as to what it would do in the kitchen)

I had wall to wall carpets in my entire condo. 3 years ago, somehow, I got a flea infestation, IN my house and my poor (indoor) Diabetic cat got anemia, then her heart went bad, AFTER using flea stuff (don’t remember WHAT I bought, from the vet), and her heart was so bad, I had to put her down.

So, before I get kittens, I removed all of the wall to wall carpeting and had vinyl planks installed. I do not want fleas or mold to affect my health or the health of kittens, when I get them.

Thank you, Jenny, for ALL you do, for ALL of us, in the Ragdoll community!!

Hugs to you + all your fur babies!!

We received the CritterZones for review from the manufacturer and also asked that they pay a small review fee.  Receiving the free product and the review fee did not influence this honest post.

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    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  2. i had one when i won a contest and i loved that thing. it does all that it says. one day it just wouldn’t come on at all and i contacted them but they wouldn’t help me because i didn’t have the receipt with date of purchase because of warranty reasons i suppose. i did really love it though. an improvement that i would make is in the way you have to unscrew all the screws to clean it. those screws are so small that it’s hard to do . and like your mom said, i’d love to see a bigger one though it’s probably not really necessary. it’s just the bigger is better kind of thing i think. i do believe it’s a fantastic product and it will take away any bad smells and leaves your air so fresh and clean smelling.

    1. Thank you for sharing – yes, the screws – I agree…I can see myself threading those screws over time, which would eliminate ever cleaning it as some point =)

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