Cataction Bungaree

cataction bungaree
Cataction Bungaree

About three weeks ago, we got a big box full of grooming products and cat toys from JW Pet, so that we could review them.  The first one up is the Cataction Bungaree.

Since this is a harder one to get a still shot of, I have included a series of videos of our unloading process.

First, though, is the one that shows what it is and what it does. The Cataction Bungaree is a hook that wraps around your door and then there is a string that dangles from it with a mouse on the end – so it allows a door to become a play area for your kitty!

Charlie and Trigg play with it all the time.  As I mentioned in the video, it is on the door at the top of my basement stairs and since I work in my basement, I can hear them playing with it all the time.  In fact, when we first got it, I couldn’t figure out what it was and thought there are water dripping or something because each time they hit the mouse it would hit the door and almost sound like water dropping into a metal bucket.  Now, when I hear it, I just smile knowing that they are having a good time.

Charlie was interested in it while it was still in the box:

Then Trigg and Charlie dragged it into the kitchen (the had a hold of the mouse and the string and the hook was still inside of the box):

Of course, the intended purpose of this toy is so that it hangs from the door – but it was just so cute how much they loved it before I hung it on the door.

The only complaint I have is that the fur on the mouse is starting to fall off.  I would guess in about 3 more months it will be totally nude.

A similar product by Cataction is the one that hangs from the door – their Cataction Catapult Cat Toy, which we reviewed earlier this year.  It is ideal for kittens.

Has your kitty tried the Cataction Bungaree?  How does she or he like it?  If she or he hasn’t, do you think youwill order it for them?

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      1. Generally, when I buy a new toy, I also buy one for my mom and sister’s cats. Two for them and two for our four boys. I will let you know how they are received by all the kids!

      2. Well, they generated lots of interest. Then “Razor Teeth” Artemis chewed through the cord in 30 seconds. Then he proceeded to bat at the dangling string for 5 minutes. I am going to get some lightweight bead chain and attach it to the mouse and then to the elastic cord and try it again. The other three loved it until Artemis ruined it for everyone! My mom and sisters’ cats aren’t Ragdolls so I am hoping the cords will last longer. I will let you know.

      3. That’s weird – it’s usually non-Ragdolls that destroy things – not Ragdolls! Well, let me know how the bead chain goes and how your mom’s and sister’s cats like it!

  1. I swapped out 24 inches of the elastic with ball chain, reattached the mousie and let them go at it. They were very excited that the toy was working again! I can hear them batting it around. It worked out well!

  2. LOL! I used to have one of those with a previous cat I owned and she would pull it as far as she could go. She would get it caught up in the thing by the top of the door and come meow at me till I followed her and got it down for her. She was obsessed with this toy.

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