Cataction Catapult Cat Toy

Cataction Catapult Cat Toy

The Cataction Catapult Cat Toy, made by J.W. Pet, is a great toy for cats of all ages. It is also a very versatile toy that you can take anywhere. It can fit on almost all door knobs and cats love it.

The Catapult Cat Toy is designed to fit almost any doorknob. There is no installation necessary, as the product simply slides onto the doorknob. The rubber footings on the toy prevent it from damaging the door’s painting or coating. The white nylon elastic cord has a colorful mouse at the end of it that “jumps” (bounces back and forth and up and down) when the mouse is tugged.

Benefits of the Cataction Catapult Toy

  • A doorknob becomes a feline playground
  • No installation necessary – just hang it on the doorknob!
  • Rubber footings protect your door’s coating
  • 24” Nylon cord has a colorful mouse at the end
  • Nylon elastic cord makes mouse “jump” and intrigues cat
  • Can fit almost any doorknob

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Videos of Ragdoll Cats and Ragdoll Kittens playing with the Cataction Toy:





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