Ragdolls or floppycats are one of the newest, recognized breeds. The breed started in the 1960’s when breeder Ann Baker came across a litter of kittens her neighbor’s cat, Josephine had. Josephine, the queen, had been in a car accident. When Baker met the first litter of kittens after the accident she knew she had found something special. The kittens were large, friendly, and went limp whenever they were picked up. Josephine was a Persian/Angora type of cat that had been sired by a Burmese type cat. Ann purchased several kittens and through selective breeding created the Ragdoll. All true ragdolls are descended from Ann Baker’s cats.

This cat has many distinct traits. They are one of the largest of all domesticated cats. They have a sturdy frame, brilliant blue eyes and a long, plush coat with an absence of a dense undercoat. They are also known for their ability to become a floppy cat when picked up. This trait of going limp when picked up is believed to be a trait coming from the breeding. It also helped create the myth that the Ragdoll was pain resistant.

There are six colors that they come in with three different patterns.

The colors are:

Patterns are:

  • Pointed- One color that is darker at the extremities.
  • Bi-Colored- Large patches of white on legs and back and an inverted V of white on the stomach.
  • Mitted- Same as the pointed but with white paws and tummy.

They have gained popularity over the years and have become a very sought after member of the family for its wonderful personality.

History of Ragdolls

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