Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed Accordion Designed Product Review

Cat lying in the Pawaboo Accordion cat scratcher lounge bed I originally saw this bed featured in this review at SuperZoo (a HUGE pet trade show in Las Vegas in 2015). I think it is now mass marketed, and I wasn’t able to figure out the original manufacturer, so I am unsure if the glues and adhesives used are safe for cats – but I can tell you that my cats freakin’ love it. PAWABOO Accordion Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed IMG_2743 The PAWABOO Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed is a recycled honeycomb accordion style cat bed.  As you can see in the review video below, it comes to you in a box condensed down to it’s smallest size and then you open it up like an accordion – in a circular pattern to form it into a bed.  You then use the two hefty rubberbands it comes with to secure it.

Scratching Bed

PAWABOO Accordion Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed IMG_2724 My cats did use this to scratch on – you can see in our unboxing video how Charlie immediately wanted to scratch on it, however it is not like a corrugated cardboard bed where they can really get their nails in and go to town.  However, they were able to use it and you can tell from the difference from the unboxing video to the review video that it was used for scratching. Also, when I would pick it up to vacum underneath it, there were always cat claw shreds proving that it does help strengthen their nails.

Sleeping Bed

PAWABOO Accordion Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed IMG_2732 My cats mostly used it for sleeping or lounging on, and they loved using it for that.  Every afternoon I found one of them in the bed. I also found Charlie in it, more than I thought I would. PAWABOO Accordion Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed IMG_2738

Caution: Rubberbands

A vet tech commented on our review video saying, “as a vet assistant i have frown to learn that rubberbands are a terrible things for cats. If they are ingested then they can get tangled around the intestine. A terrible foreign body object.” After reading her comment, I thought, I am not sure why I didn’t think about that. My two have shown no knowledge or interest in the rubberbands even being there – which is odd because my two are attracted to hairties/hair rubberbands.  So if  they had shown interest, then I would have thought of it.  So wanted to share that word of caution with you all.  The rubberbands are wrapped around an indented piece of sturdy cardboard – so they don’t really stick out.  See what I mean in image above. PAWABOO Accordion Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed IMG_2746

PAWABOO Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed Unboxing video


PAWABOO Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed Product Review Video


Buy the PAWABOO Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed:

Amazon Buy Now Button I purchased the Pawaboo Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed using Amazon Gift Cards I acquired from doing Swagbucks. Check out our other cat product reviews.
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  1. Great product review videos, pic and post, Jenny! Totally understand your concerns about the glues, etc., (and total scratchability function based on its design) since you couldn’t communicate directly with the folks who make this. Glad Charlie & Chiggy use it so often, though. I’ll probably pass on this one as Miss PSB has plenty of better scratching options right now and the slight risk of safety with the materials, etc…(I realize it is a very slight risk and you like it and will continue to use it and I appreciate that…but will pass, nonetheless.) 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    P.S. Excellent about the rubber bands , too! Another possible/questionable risk exposure…

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