Cash – Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

CashOn 2/1/13 our cat Chase passed away.  I knew I wanted another kitten.

So, after doing a lot of research, my husband and I decided on the Ragdoll.  Thru word of mouth I contacted Scottie Cone in North Carolina.  She was great.  She answered any and all questions that I had.  After looking at the different pictures of  the colors and patterns the Ragdoll comes in, we decided on a Seal Mitted.  We also knew that we wanted a male.

After what seemed to be forever,  a litter born on 6/21/13 produced two seal mitted males.   Every week Scottie would send us pictures of them as they grew.   It was so exciting .

We were able to have pick of the two.  We finally got our little boy on 8/26.  He is just precious.  Funny thing is that my grooming business is Rags To Riches and Scotties cattery name is Rags2Riches.  So, we decided to go with the money theme for his name.  We named him Cash.  And will register him as Rags2Riches Show Me The Money.

Cash is fitting in just purrfectly!!!   He is doing great with our 5 dogs.  We have Dobermans and Chinese Cresteds.  We got into dog shows about 19 years ago.  They are our babies.  So, now we have a pack of 6 including Cash.  He follows you everywhere.  Talks to.   He is using his NVR Miss Litter box no problem.  I am trying the pad that you tried under the litter.  He is also enjoying his Karma Infinity Scratcher Lounge.   I also got him the Stainless Steel Drinkwell 360 water fountain.  He loves that to.  Along with many many more toys and scratching posts.  We are feeding him Blue Buffalo cat food.

cashonback 002He had his first wellness vet check up and the vet said he looked great.  The girls working loved him.  He loved everyone holding and loving him.  He is also enjoying all the people coming over to visit him.   He is never nervous or scared.  Just loves being cuddled and playing with his toys with people.  I just clipped his nails and eventually will teach him to let me dremmel  his nails.    I also started to comb him and some small grooming things now so that as he matures he will already be use to everything.   He is bringing us so much joy.  Not that I want time to go by fast but, I look forward to  seeing how he changes over time.   I look forward to sharing more pictures and stories of him over time.

nikkoandcash 005 nikkoandcash 002 nikko,lyla,cash 002 cashonback 006

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Cash’s story with all of us! hat a doll your boy is… So beautiful! I love his smudgy black nose! So cute! I think it’s wonderful that he is fitting it so purrfectly with your dogs! The pictures of him with your dogs are beautiful! Wow! Those dobermans look really huge next to Cash. What a happy story!

    NOTE: So sorry to hear about your loss of your beloved cat Chase last year. <3

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  2. Mitsy's Mom says:

    What a cutie pie! I love the “sprawled out on the back” picture. Too cute!

  3. That picture of Cash sleeping on his back in someone’s lap is Priceless (ha ha- laughing at my own joke is weak). I look forward to hearing about him in the future and pictures of him as he grows even more beautiful. Thanks for sharing him!

  4. I’m sorry for your loss of Chase. A new pet who needs your love helps heal a broken heart. Cash is beautiful!

  5. he is just precious. and he has great protectors it looks like. thanks for sharing cashs story.

  6. Cash is absolutely adorable!! He looks quite comfortable with his new family too. Wishing all of you the very best and many years of love to come. <3

  7. Great name! And what an absolutely adorable boy! Congrats on the new addition to your family.

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