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Bubbles baby 4Bubbles lives in South Africa

When people first meet Bubbles they think he is a dog. Why would anyone confuse a large fluffy cat as a dog you may ask? At the time of the mistake in identity, Bubbles is generally hanging his head out of the window of the car, eyes wide, fur around his neck blowing in the wind, or sitting on the center console inside the car having a feed out of my hand.

No one can and does believe that a cat drives in a car like he does, loves watching the scenery out of the window, sleeps like a baby on the back seat, comes for snacks during the drive and sometimes stretches out on the dashboard like a fluffy dash cover (although for safety reasons we try to avoid this).

That’s what makes Bubbles unique, but it is his amazing personality that makes him special.

Dashboard KittyBubbles has always been a travelling cat. We waited patiently for 13 weeks to be allowed to take him home from the breeder. The second he realized that the world was bigger than 1 room he was so excited and wanted to see more and more. At the time, we were building a house outside of the city. Each weekend we were required to take the 2 hour drive to go and check on the building. Bubbles was still really small so we would pop him in the car and bring him along. The car was packed with Bubbles food, a small litter box and a bowl of water, the air conditioner would be put on full so he didn’t get too warm and we would begin the journey. I never knew a cat could be so relaxed in the car; in fact the car is still the only place where I can get away Morning Walkswith brushing Bubbles without getting bitten or meowed at.

When we arrived at the building site, Bubbles would help us “inspect” the work that had been done. He would walk around; look under, over and on top of everything. But he was always right by our side. He loved these outings, his little eyes would light up, he would play hide and seek around the walls and when he was tired he would find a patch of shade to lie in and we would sit down and have a picnic sitting on a blanket in the middle of a building site.

When we drove slowly out of the estate, the security team would simply shake their heads at us as Hanging out on the tractorthey say Bubbles hanging out the window and it wasn’t long before they recognized him more often than they recognized us.

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These trips took place weekly for the better portion of a year. Bubbles however, having realized that the world was MUCH bigger than the 4 walls of his apartment, was never happy with just staying at home. We both worked during the day and Bubbles craved attention so the only solution that we could come up with was to take turns taking Bubbles to work. Luckily for both of us, we had bosses that loved animals!

The building is now done and we try to go down to the country atleast twice a month. We called the Bubbleshouse Bubble heaven because it really is. Bubbles loves the freedom of being able to go outdoors even though it is always under supervision. The place is pretty wild so we often have some zebra, pigs and mongoose running around the garden. This is the best gift we could give Bubbles as he lies in the grass, tail going mad, and likes to pretend that he can hunt just as well as his ancestors. In the evenings we all take walks together. When we get tired we sit at the top of the driveway and watch the sun going down. Bubbles will come and lie between my husband and I, looking very content and get a nice face scratch.

I try to find a way of spoiling Bubbles at every opportunity. This isn’t as easy as it sounds because he Bubbles rocksis extremely fussy, large and strong. Bubbles is such a huge part of our lives, I can’t imagine not sharing my days with him. He has never been a snuggly cat but he loves being with us. If we are inside then so is he. If we are outside then so is he. He loves to have his head scratched but touching anywhere lower that his neck will get you a beating. We adore his adventurous spirit and his sense of humor.

Earlier this year, we decided that Bubbles would be the perfect quality inspector for pet products so we decided to start making our own functional pet products. Our company is called Pannolino Pets which means pamper in Italian. Our very first product is a stunning litter tray that looks like a car and is appropriate because Bubbles drives a lot. If you would like to take a look, please go to our website www.pannolinopets.com. Bubbles has also started writing a blog called Bubbles view of the world http://www.tumblr.com/blog/bubblesviewoftheworld if you would like to hear more about his adventures.

image (30)

With love,
Tanya and Bubbles

TalkingSitting on center console

Making crazy eyes in the city

Hand feeding


Bubbles pretending Kitty Can is a bed

Bubbles looking at the viewBubbles baby 3

Bubbles baby 2Bubbles baby 1

Bubbles always needs to win

Being cute


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    1. OMG Bubbles is Bubbliciouslly BEAUTIFUL!!!! Looks like my Smokey but Bubbles is Ragdoll longy haired and Smokey isn’t but he isn’t a ragdoll either…. you are sooooooooooo blessed!
      Hey I was at the store while ago and saw a cute name for a Ragdoll…how about Ragamuffin or Raga and Muffin??? I gave a kitty to a friend once…Siamese of course and she named her Jillian Grey…
      I think Christian Grey and Anastasia Grey are good names for Raggies too! lol God knows you owners of Raggies DO have 50 shades of GRAY at your houses! I am so jealous!

      Bernadette… that would be a pretty name for a kitty…lol I am 4′ 11″ so my name is longer than I am!

      Bernadette Bellanger

      Crazy cat lady from Inez, Tx.

    2. Somehow I see Scooby Doo running around you ragdoll peoples houses yelling..”Raggie…Raggie!” lol Oh okay…I will get to work now…lol.BBB

  1. My 3 ragdolls, Bentley, Bella and Beatrix, the 3 B’s, all love to travel with us. But Bentley is the man when it comes to going to the store for treats. He loves to go, just like Bubbles.

  2. Hi, Tanya! Thanks for sharing the Wonderful World of Bubbles with us! What a great story! Bubbles is simply AMAZING! He’s so GORGEOUS! Lurve those kitten pictures! Oh those expressions on his little face just melt my heart! (What is it about Ragdoll kitten faces that just make us want to hug and squeeze them and kiss them? So cute!) 🙂

    He certainly has grown into a beautiful cat! You and your family are very lucky to have him in your lives and he is lucky to have found such a loving home!

    And…of course, who doesn’t lurve that name?! Bubbles! Just sounds like F-U-N!

    Thank you so much for sharing your love story with us!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

    1. Hi Patti (& Pink Sugar).

      Thank you for all your sweet comments, Bubbles is absolutely amazing and we adore him :). His name wasnt always Bubbles, he was christened with the name Baloo (from the Jungle book), but like everything we love, he got a nickname 🙂 Bubbles kind of stuck!
      We feel very blessed to have him.
      Bubbles posts a blog each and every week if you are interested. The easiest way to catch his updates is on our facebook page (if you aren’t already following):

      Thank you for letting me share – goodness knows I would talk about Bubbles full-time if people gave me the opportunity.

      Lots of Love,
      Bubbles and Tanya

      1. Hi, Bubbles & Tonya!

        Lurve the Disney Jungle Book movie! Baloo was my favorite character. Must have watched that movie 1 million times in my lifetime so far! I wanna be like you-oo-oo! lol 🙂

        I know what you mean about nicknames. We have about 10 for Miss Pink Sugarbelle! 🙂

        I will happily subscribe to your blog!

        Big hugs, love & blessings to you and your family!

        Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

      2. I think nicknames show how much we love our kitties. That or we are just crazy. I prefer the latter 🙂 Thank you Patti, hope you enjoy Bubbles blog.

        Kisses to Miss Pink Sugarbelle! Lots of Love Bubbles and Tanya.

  3. oh my what a beautiful boy “bubbles” is!!! your photos are fantastic too. i love the one of him running with you. what a great story. i have known one cat in my life that liked to go in the car. that is so cool that he loves going with you. he does also look very very much like the boss. thanks for sharing! litter pans are adorable too!

      1. todays blog was fantastic tanya! oh i laugh so hard and i can just see bubbles sitting at the computer typing away.. snacking on some cheats. it’s so smart and funny! yes, the barky bity is bad bad bad in that video, though it’s the fault of the tall ones. that kid was lucky there was a cat there to save him. that cat is a hero!! you need to write a book, i’m telling you. you’re very good and the stories are delightful. it would be a best seller!

      2. Thank you so much Patricia, so glad you loved it. Actually my husband Carl is the story teller of bubbles blog. I have both my boys trained really well 🙂 That kitty was absolutely amazing, he deserves his youtube following. I will tell a Bubbles that his fans want a book. Lots of love Tanya and bubbles!

    1. Hi Margo. I think it depends on what raggies get used to. Bubbles seems to hate anything that we dont do consistently. Once he is used to something it becomes a habit and there is no stopping him 🙂

      So glad you like the cat litter trays. Bubbles has been using his for the last 3 months and we are thrilled with the results! We dont get this caking of kitty litter anymore and the smell seems to be less too because the plastic is better quality that other litter trays. We are making them into beds aswell and we have bowls coming called Bubble Bowls. We really cant wait for those 🙂 Thanks for all your comments.

      With love,
      Tanya and Bubbles

  4. HI…….what a great story and Bubbles is such a great kitty cat.
    I am fortunate enough to own……well, let me put it this way, I am fortunate enough to be owned by a Ragdoll…………I do wonder if she would like to? Bubbles is just the sweetest cat and his kitty pictures are so sweet it makes me want a dozen of them!!
    Thanks for sharing Bubbles story, enjoyed it and will follow Bubbles and you also

  5. So adorable. The picture of Bubbles running makes me smile- those ears back are a familiar sight. Emily does that on her runs to beat me up the stairs! How lucky that you can take Bubbles to work with you? Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Hi Everyone. Thank you for all your special comments. Bubbles is a very amusing and lovable kitty and some of you have already read some of his blog posts. We posted this weeks Tuesday blog early just because we are so humbled and grateful for the warm and sweet messages that we received from everyone. If you would like to read the latest post, it is available on our website.

    Kisses and Hugs
    Bubbles and Tanya

  7. Love your Bubbles! He is such a beauty. Noticed how dark he was as a kitten and wondered if he is a mink or sepia by any chance. Love his beautiful coloring and luxurious fur. Your photos are extraordinary, especially the ones of him with the wagon and then the one where he is in the car. Just so adorable. Thank you for sharing his wonderful story. Can’t wait to see the website and look up your products. Am always on the hunt for great products for my 3 girls. Give him a big hug from me and my 3 girls. They have lots of nicknames too!
    Love, Teresa and Illaria Rose (Baby, Puddie), Olivia Grace (Sweet Baby Grace, Gracie), and Mariposa (Miss Mari, Mari-po-b_tch, which is lovingly stated when she acts mean to the babies).

    1. Hi Teresa. I have actually never noticed that he was darker as a kitten. I always thought he was darker now 🙂 Maybe it was just the lighting in the pictures or maybe he was dirty :)I dont think he is a mink or a sepia.

      I really wish I took more “proper” pictures of him, most are just with my cellphone because Bubbles is a little camera shy 🙂

      Would love to know what you think of the litter trays, we loved feedback 🙂 There is loads more to come and you will love the Bubble (feeding) bowls for your specials (Illaria Rose (Baby, Puddie), Olivia Grace (Sweet Baby Grace, Gracie), and Mariposa (Miss Mari, Mari-po-b_tch. I love the NAMES!!! Give them loads of kisses from us!

      1. Thanks so much for the kind words. I don’t know that much about all the kinds of Rag dolls but read that the babies that are born not white are minks or sepias. I absolutely love his color as a kitten in your photos. Think you have done an amazing job taking them and can tell you have a great eye for that. Can’t wait to see the bowl and bed.

  8. Thank you for sharing Bubbles’ story with us and thank you for the many lovely photos of your beautiful boy. Ragdolls are truly special cats, aren’t they? Love from Wendy and Ragdoll Loki!

  9. Sheesh, I’m so behind on YouTube and Facebook. I *think* I’m following Bubbles as Wilma Blake.

    I love Bubbles’ wild, adventurous spirit. I’ve only had one car cat–a huge, longhaired brown tabby Maine Coon wannabe named Max–and folks always did a doubletake when they saw him sitting regally in the front seat.

    There’s something extremely gratifying about seeing a fluffy “sissy la la” cat breaking all the stereotypes and “rules.” Run, Bubbles, run!!

  10. Hobbes doesn’t like to ride on the trip to where ever he is going. It reminds him of being left at the vet for 4 days while we were out of town, and he got neutered during his visit. Once we are on the way home, he is completely happy. Bubbles and Hobbes could almost be twins, except that Hobbes has green eyes. One of our friends nicknamed him HobbIt after his neutering.

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