SureFlap – The Pet Door Accessible with a Microchip

SureFlap - Sure Petcare Microchip Cat Flap, White, Scans Pet's ID Microchip on EntryDo you have a kitty that uses a cat or doggie door? Do you have a problem with neighborhood cats coming through your cat door?

SureFlap - Sure Petcare Microchip Cat Flap, White, Scans Pet's ID Microchip on Entry

In yesterday’s newsletter (sign up for our newsletter here), I mentioned the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door. It’s a pet door that opens to your kitty’s microchip or sensor on their collar, so that only your kitty comes inside. It’s a great invention from a company in the UK. Of course, there can be even more creative uses for it – like if you needed to keep two kitties separated for some reason or another.

SureFlap - Sure Petcare Microchip Cat Flap, White, Scans Pet's ID Microchip on Entry 1

Anyway, one of our readers already wrote me to tell me that she’s ordered it. I know a lot of readers have indoor kitties, so this product wouldn’t apply. However, for those readers that do have outdoor cats, I wanted to share it, in case it would be at all helpful. I love the ingenuity behind it too.

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap only unlocks for your cat’s implanted microchip or for SureFlap RFID collar tag.

SureFlap How It Works

The video does the best job at explaining how it works.


Learn more about the SureFlap Pet Door here.

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  1. Teresa Reid says:

    Great invention! Thanks for sharing. My friend could have used this when she had a farm and a opossum followed her cat into her house unknown to her. Only when she reached down to pick up the potato chip bag while she was watching TV, she discovered that the crunching that was coming from the bag was not her cat but this hairy little fellow! She about had a heart attack and so did he!♥♥♥

    1. omg, how terrifying – opossums can be so nasty!

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    Wow! Thanks for such great information, Jenny! This product is brilliant!! What a wonderful piece of engineering and design. If we had an indoor/outdoor kitty I would definitely want one of these!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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