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Caymus on the StairsAnimal Communicators

Animal communicators are becoming more common as people learn more about their animals and wanting to take care of them. Pet communicators are people that have pet psychic communication ability or an animal telepathy. They provide interspecies telepathic communication. Many animal communicators have the goal of being able to provide the animal with the ability to communicate with his or her owner, so that problems can be resolved and the animal can live more comfortably. Holly Jacobs pet communicator regularly spoke with Rags. Her number is (816) 686-0858. You’re also welcome to email her, if you’d prefer: Email Holly Jacobs animal communicator. Holly is able to communicate with your pet telepathically, so she does not have to live in your area to communicate with them. Here is a quote from a Ragdoll owner who used another animal communicator to solve some of the problems she was having with her cat (this could be a testimonial, if you will, of animal communication): “No I haven’t recorded anything but I did want to share with you my experience with an animal communicator since it happened before you joined. I was having 2 problems with my 3 cats. One problem is someone was peeing in odd places and I wanted to know who and why. The other problem was my youngest Ragdoll, Benji is afraid of 2 1/2 year old black cat Tommy. What I did was have an IM session on yahoo with the communicator. She gave me the choice of phone, email or IM and I picked IM. I found it to be very worthwhile. I paid $30 for a session that was supposed to last 30 minutes but actually ended up being about 45 minutes. She didn’t charge extra even though her website said she would. She didn’t need my cats to be in the room. I just typed to her what I wanted to know and she “thought” at them and typed back to me what they told her. First, I want to say I’ve had many unsuccessful phone sessions with regular human psychics to discuss my own life in the past(years ago). I got along much better with this animal person. There were times when we were both typing almost the exact same words at the same time. She told me it was Katie peeing in the odd places because she was jealous of Benji. But Katie wanted me to know Benji has also had a few accidents when he was afraid to go by Tommy to get to the litter box. However, she’s feeling confused because she does like him. Then she tried to make Benji understand that he’s bigger than Tommy now, Tommy isn’t trying to hurt him and just wants to play. She told me she explained to Katie how much it hurts and insults me when she pees anywhere other than the litter box. I won’t try to say a miracle happened immediately. Katie did still pee on a couple cat beds which she apparently didn’t define as “mine”. Tommy’s attitude changed immediately because I was correct to guess he does want to play with Benji and he was happy to think it would happen. Benji became a little more relaxed but still won’t play with Tommy. Katie wants to play with fishing pole toys with me alone. The communicator asked me if Katie does tricks and I said no. She said she saw a picture of Katie waving at me. I immediately knew it was the picture I took of her on her birthday when I was playing with a toy with her and caught her waving. Anyway, sorry I couldn’t answer what you actually asked but I think you’ll love talking to a communicator!” Gail used Gayle Nastasi of Gazehound’s Animal Communication. Please see the link to Gazehound below. Another animal communicator, Debbie McGillivray, wrote a book about animal communication, Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pet Psychic Communication (The Complete Idiot’s Guide). Of course, there remains a great deal of skepticism about animal communication. However, if you are considering having an animal communication session with your pet, then you will want to keep an open mind. Consultations with animal communicators can be fun, informative and enlightening. Being able to communicate with your animal will improve the bond you have with her or him and perhaps enable you to communicate yourself with your animal. As animal communicators gain popularity, people will gain a better understanding of their animal companions and hopefully start to bridge the gap of communication between the two. Do you have a story to share about animal communication? Are you an animal communicator? Please share your information about animal communicators with or simply leave a comment below. Cat Whisperer Morgen Marshall

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2 thoughts on “Animal Communicators

  1. Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101) says:

    I believe animals communicate with us all the time but most humans either choose not to believe or don’t trust their own intuition. That said, animal communicators, pet psychics are no different than any other profession. There good doctor/lawyers/plumbers/intuitives and bad ones. A responsible intuitive (whether they work with humans or pets or both like I do) will be honest and say if they aren’t able to read the subject or the information being received is not clear. There are plenty of good books on honing one’s intuitive skills and I encourage all pet owners to begin to tune into their pets. One way is to simply unplug from digital devices, breath, slow down, find a relaxed stillness and observe their furry friend. Notice their breathing, body language, the contours of every hair and whisker and say hello. Is there something you’d like me to know? You may be surprised what you “hear” or pick up in an image or word in you head. I can recommend a wonderful animal communicator’s animal communicator who will be featured at my blog.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I have had three experiences — the first two were awesome. the last was a
    joke. I don’t remember the first lady’s name but it was long distance on the
    east coast. i knew that she was communicating with Rudy, my collie, when she
    told me his story of how he ended up in the shelter until “Mike” came and got
    him. Mike was the collie rescuer that i got Rudy from. I did not tell her that
    so Rudy had to.

    The second one is a local gal and she was pretty much always in tune with my
    animals. I called to set up a consultation because i had just lost another one
    of my collies and she could hardly talk to me because she started coughing —
    she knew Tonka had died and what the issues were before i had a chance to tell

    the third one is also local but trying to become a “star” — i was given a gift
    certificate for my birthday which is the only reason i used her — she is a
    fake. at the time i had five collies here — she wanted to talk about people
    and i told her no, i didn’t want to talk about people. so she says who are we
    starting with? i told her bonnie lass because she had just arrived through
    rescue — what kind of dog? — collie, all my dogs are collies. so she talked
    about bonnie lass and said who’s next? tina. what kind of dog? collie. all my
    dogs are collies. next was buddy. what kind of dog? collie. all my dogs are
    collies. I HAD TO SAY THAT FIVE TIMES but she was psychic. uh huh. and she
    was pretty much wrong about everything she tried to tell me. except for the

    i do believe in animal communication but i also believe there are a lot of
    frauds out there.

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