The Importance of Animal Communication

Rags by Elaina G
Rags by Elaina G, copyright Elaina G

If you are a loyal reader, than you have more than likely read a couple of the Animal Communication interviews that I have featured on Sundays.  If you would like to check them out – they’re under our pet communicators category.

I first heard of animal communication (I think – cannot remember exactly) from a friend that had used one.  I decided to give it a try and called a local animal communicator in Kansas City named Holly Jacobs.

I only had Rags at the time, so that’s who I wanted Holly to talk to.  When Holly came over to talk to us, Rags had just been through chemo and I was curious about how he was doing.

I don’t know how to explain animal communication and how it works, but I knew from Holly’s responses that Rags’ replies were definitely from him.  I have since referred Holly to several people and they too have thought she was talking to their cat.

Animal Communication can help with several things:

  • the process of losing a pet
  • behaviorial problems
  • medical problems
  • new cat introductions or new pet introductions
  • going through the process of saying goodbye to your pet
  • and much more!

Later on, I used Linda Trent to communicate with Rags.  A friend had referred me to Linda after I told them about Holly and when I found out that Linda recorded the session and sent you a copy of the tape, I was more into that because I wanted to have the tapes to listen to.

I would have never made it through Rags’ death if it hadn’t been for the ability to talk to Rags through Linda.

Therefore, I have chosen to promote animal communication as much as I can on this site because it is so invaluable!  In the coming weeks, I am going to feature animal communication product reviews.  The first one, of course, will be with Rags through Tim Link.

They will be featured as Q & A sessions with animal communicators I have already featured on this site.  I hope you will find them interesting and enjoyable, and if you have any questions you’d like to ask my cats – let me know!

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