7 Touching Cat Loss Sympathy Gifts

As much as we’d like our fur babies to be around for ages, and although we offer them the best possible life they can have, there comes a time when we need to let them go and say our goodbyes.

Our cats have gradually become our best friends, and parting ways with friends is never easy. Having said this, if you’d like to have a keepsake of your beloved furry friend or know someone who has lost their cat, it may help to offer something to remember their pets by and soothe their broken hearts.

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Here is a list of beautiful loss of cat gifts that may very well bring a bit of sunshine to any grieving heart:

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Canvas Discount Blanket

CanvasDiscount Premium Photo Blanket with Ragdoll cat printed on it, laid over a single bed

The team at CanvasDiscount.com is dedicated to printing photos of your beloved cat on anything from wall decorations to towels, blankets, and mugs. But let’s look at how this cat photo blanket can be an excellent example of the loss of a cat gift for those dear to you.

You can send in a photo of the cat you would like to appear on the blanket, and it will be printed on a super soft, 100% polyester blanket that will make any bedroom pop. To this end, it can also be used outdoors at a picnic, just as well. In addition, this cat photo blanket can easily be washed on a cold cycle and then dried on a low-drying setting while maintaining its vibrant colors and soft texture.

The best part is that you don’t need to send only one photo; instead, you can opt for a collage of several favorite pictures. It will almost look like a quilt and have pictures of your beloved cat in several settings. So, any time you go for a nap or a relaxing session in the park, you’ll be reminded of and protected by your lovely friend.

Read our Canvas Discount blanket full review.

Cuddle Clones

Cuddle Clones Product stuffed animal to look like your pet. Ragdoll cat sitting with stuffed animal replica sitting next to it

A touching gift for any pet owner who’s lost their fur baby can be a custom stuffed animal created by Cuddle Clones. They can replicate your beloved cat from the photo you’ve sent them, so you can always have a cute version of them present with you.

The ordering process is straightforward and easy – you only need to upload a full-body picture of the cat you want to replicate on their website. As a heads up, the photo needs to be super sharp so they can integrate all the details in the design of the Cuddle Clone. Each Cuddle Clone is handcrafted by a team of professionals with a keen eye for identifying and replicating all the features that make your cat unique.

The processing time of a Cuddle Clone is 8 weeks, but if you want to gift this cute replica even earlier and are willing to pay an extra fee, you can opt for the 2-week, 4-week, or 6-week rush. The Cuddle Clones are sturdy, with a bit of room for squeezing and lifting up, while also made of synthetic plush fabrics that are entirely safe for pets.

Since they place a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction, Cuddle Clones has a rare and extremely welcome refund policy, according to which you’ll be fully refunded if you do not like your Cuddle Clone. Moreover, they won’t let anything go to waste – the unwanted Cuddle Clone will be sold so that someone else can enjoy it.

Finally, the Cuddle Clone is not meant to be used as a toy but as a display item that only goes through some wear and tear. Please read our full review here.

There’s really no easy way to part ways with the most special friends we could’ve ever had, but getting one of these touching loss of cat gifts can make it feel like they never really left. Their energy and presence will always be felt near, regardless of how much time has passed since they went on to a better place. Purchase here.

Personalized Cat Nose Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Etsy Cat Nose Bracelet sterling silver hanging on black corded necklace

This one is a type of gift unique for any cat owner who wants a sweet keepsake they can always wear with them. This personalized cat nose bracelet made of recycled sterling silver captures every detail on your cat’s nose. Cats’ noses are like fingerprints; this gem will capture all the details that make your cat’s nose unique worldwide.

Order this beautiful personalized cat nose bracelet so you can have a tiny part of your cat even when they won’t be around anymore. As soon as you order, you’ll receive a mold-making kit, so you can take three molds of your cat’s nose for a couple of seconds if you manage to get them to stay still for a little while. Then, you can send everything back in the self-addressed envelope they include. Your sterling silver cat nose bracelet will arrive within 8-10 weeks. As a bonus, you can also have the cat’s name engraved on the back of the nose bracelet.

This is one of the greatest cat-loss gifts you can give yourself or a close acquaintance to preserve the memory of a beloved furry friend. It can also serve as a unique conversation starter for any animal lover.

Custom Keychain

Custom Personalized Cat Keychain, a pair sitting in a persons hand

A more classic gift for those who have lost their cat, this custom keychain can be engraved with your cat’s portrait, following an image you send in. As soon as you send in the image, you can expect a processing time of 5-8 business days, to which you can also add the necessary shipping time.

Depending on your preferences and budget, you can opt for a 2 cm, 3 cm, or 4 cm version of the keychain. You can also opt for the basic stainless steel custom cat keychain or the sterling silver one, which will be pricier but more long-lasting. Moreover, you’ll also get a special cloth to help you clean and preserve your sterling silver keychain better.

Regardless of the options you choose, you also have the included bonus of engraving the cat’s name on the back. With a custom keychain such as this one, you’ll always have access to a fond little memory of your cat daily.

Custom Cat Magnet

Custom Personalized cat or dog Magnet

If you want a small yet cute keepsake of your furry friend, consider ordering this custom cat magnet. It is entirely handmade from polymer clay and will be hand-painted by the shop’s artist to look like your cat.

The process is the same as with any other custom cat products – you send a clear reference photo, and the rest will be taken care of.

The polymer clay magnet will be 1 – 1.5 inches tall. It can be made to include any additional details, such as unique spots or even a collar or bandana, for a small extra fee. The custom cat magnet comes wrapped in tissue paper in a colorful gift box, so you can easily gift it yourself without further arrangements.

This is, without a doubt, one of the many wonderful cat loss gifts that can make any cat owner smile while going about their regular day in their home or office. What’s more, you also get to support an artist who is passionate about their work and loves animals.

Pet Loss Necklace. Lock of Hair Necklace

Silver Pet loss Necklace with fur inside sitting on wooden box

Another great way to remember your beloved cat forever is to keep a lock of their hair in this beautiful lock of hair necklace.

All you need to do is send in a photo of your furry friend, which will be on the back of the locket, and the name you’d like to have engraved on a stainless steel heart charm, which will be on the front. The only requirement here is that the name is less than 7 letters long so the artist can easily hand stamp it.

The locket is 1″ in diameter and hangs off a 24″ stainless steel cable chain. Stainless steel is the more affordable alternative to sterling silver while also being hypoallergenic and robust.

The significant part about this locket is that it has a strong magnetic closure, which enables you to place it inside your small furry friend’s hair, ashes, or fur. Choose this as one of your cat loss gifts; you will feel like your cat is always lovingly watching over you while you live in their absence.

Pet Cremation Jewelry

Aqua Blue Glass Cremation Ash Memorial Pendant For Cat on a silver chain necklace

Suppose you’d like your cat to accompany you wherever you go and wear stunning jewelry simultaneously. In that case, you may want to consider getting this cat cremation glass fused pendant. There’s nothing more touching than having your furry baby so close to you at all times by fusing their ashes with this gorgeous kiln-fired glass.

An ode to variety and artistic endeavor, this stunning jewelry is available in multiple color options – lite pink, aqua blue, yellow, orange, or dark blue. Depending on your preferences, the pendant can be attached to a sterling silver plated chain or a black ribbon necklace. It can be worn either by men or women.

After you place your order, you will receive a kit from the shop owner that includes a small spoon and container and a pre-paid package in which you can return the cat’s ashes. Once the artist receives the ashes, they will take about two weeks to send the pendant to you, along with your furry baby’s unused ashes.

By wearing this cremation jewelry, you’ll feel that your special friend has never really left your side and will always be there to watch over you.

Custom Cat Urn

Custom Cat Urn Gray and creamy white sitting on a wooden table

These custom cat urns on Etsy by PaperTurtleUrns are a delightful way to honor your beloved feline friend.

You can customize it to best reflect your kitty with a unique color and pattern that matches your kitty’s markings or full portrait.

Lisa wrote, “I recently had a custom cat urn made by an artist on Etsy for my Oliver Sebastian. It was just delivered yesterday. Laura does wonderful work and is a joy. Here are a couple of photos of the little urn-she does plain ones, or you can choose custom to add markings, names, paws, tail, etc. Those extra special loves deserve to be honored in special ways.”

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