Cuddle Clones Product Review: Custom Stuffed Animals of Pets

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Cuddle Clones is a company that makes custom stuff animals of your pet from photos.  They also have cool products like holiday stockings, slippers, golf club head covers and more – that can all feature your kitty, pup, horse, bunny and more!

We have featured them for some time and asked if we could get a Cuddle Clone of Charlie or Trigg.  I asked Cuddle Clones to decide which cat to do – and they chose Charlie based on his unique blaze (the white stripe down his nose).

So, I went to their website and went through the process that any customer would need to do in order to order a custom plush stuffed animal from them.  The process on site was easy and stream-lined – what was difficult was getting all the photos needed of Charlie.  It probably would have been better to have someone help me get his attention while I took the photos, for example.  But seriously, getting his photos was the only thing that was somewhat time consuming.  Everything else was smooth sailing.

I do think that overall the Cuddle Clones dogs look more “cloned” than their cats, but thought the Charlie Cuddle Clone turned out pretty well.  It still amazes me how they can take digital photos and turn them into a 3D stuffed animal – I cannot tell you how many times in the past week (since we got the Cuddle Clone) that I have passed by it and thought it was Charlie.  I have done so many double takes – and even almost said, “Wubbie, what are you doing in that box?” (I have had the Cuddle Clone in the opened box it was shipped in because Trigg is somewhat fearful of it).  If I really worked with Trigg, we would get over the Cuddle Clone – but have been too busy this week to work with him on that.  So that’s why I have kept it in the box.

How to Order a Cuddle Clone

Here’s our video where we ordered the Cuddle Clone of Charlie – it requires photos of all sides of your pet, so they can duplicate it in the best way possible.  Getting the photos of Charlie sitting still was one of my biggest challenges – other than that, it was a pretty simple process.


Customizing Your Cuddle Clone

As you can see in our ordering video, you have some options when it comes to ordering your Cuddle Clone – even choosing which position you’d like your Cuddle Clone in and asking for little details like a pink lip, if you’d like.

Cuddle Clone Timeline

Cuddle Clones usually take 8 weeks to make. We were supposed to get ours in May, but I had told Cuddle Clones not to hurry ours since it was for a review and not for a gift or a real order, per say. So we got ours in June. Typically, however, they take 8 weeks to make – and you do have the choice to choose a 2-week, 4-week or 6-week rush, for an additional fee.

How Big is a Cuddle Clone?

Cuddle Clones range in size from 4-24 inches in length. Cats range from 13-24 inches in length. Many readers commented (when I posted “teaser” photos on our social media) that they were surprised it is “life size”. It is a good sized “cat” – but it is still smaller than Charlie.

Cat inspecting a Cuddle Clone Custom Stuffed Animal of itself

What are Cuddle Clones Made Of?

Cuddle Clones are made of synthetic plush fabrics. I verified that these fabrics are safe for pets to be around.

Are Cuddle Clones Soft or Hard?

A reader asked me this question. You can see in our video below that I can “squeeze” the back of our Charlie Cuddle clone to pick it up. It is not completely squishable, but it is also harder.

Cuddle Clones Product Review Custom Stuffed Animals of Pets Cuddle Clones Coupon Code FLOPPYCATS10

100% Refund

Cuddle Clones has a rare refund policy for a company that makes customized products. If your expectations are not met, they offer a full refund.  And when you send your Cuddle Clone back to them, they then sell it as an “adoptable” – so that someone else can enjoy the stuffed animal – love the no waste part of that equation.

Makes a Great Gift

What a great gift for someone who has just lost their pet – or for a son/daughter who is going off to college, but can’t have their favorite pet in the dorm with them.

Cuddle Clone Review Video


Cool or Weird?

It’s a mixed bag on what people think of it.  My mom thought it was bit weird/eerie because it looked so much like Charlie.  Others think it is super cool.

I like the idea of bringing your Cuddle Clone with you around the world and taking photos of it in different places where you travel.  Cuddle Clones can go places real pets can’t go (work, vacation, the grocery store, nursing home).

Cuddle Clones Are Not Toys

A baby petting a cuddle clone of a cat

If you are looking for a toy for your small child or for your dog, for example, this is not it. They would not hold up to a lot of wear and tear that a dog or a small child might cause. However, they are great for display on your bed or wherever and can withstand some hugs.


Your cat may think it’s an invader…and if that’s the case, you might have to get them used to it over time.  See our product review video to see what I mean with Trigg’s reaction to it.

Cuddle Clones Product Review Custom Stuffed Animals of Pets Cuddle Clones Coupon Code FLOPPYCATS10 Chiggy No Likey

Cuddle Clones Coupon Code

To get started, you can order a Cuddle Clones on their website and use coupon code FLOPPYCATS10 to get 10% off your order.

Buy Your Own Customized Plush Stuffed Toy Now:


Be sure to use our Cuddle Clone coupon code – FLOPPYCATS10 – to get 10% off your purchase =)

If you order a Cuddle Clone – please do share photos of it with us on our social media or through email!

Or Get Your Own Cuddle Clones Charlie!

That’s right – now that a Cuddle Clone of Charlie has been made – you can have one made just for you.  Please shoot me an email at if you are interested in a Charlie Cuddle Clone, please send me your name, address, city, state and best email.  I will pass your info onto Cuddle Clones from there.

Cat sitting next to a Cuddle Clone Custom Stuffed Animal of itself

Other Cuddle Clones Products

Cuddle Clones Customized Slippers and Golf Club Headcovers of your Pet Cuddle Clones Coupon Code FLOPPYCATS10
  • Slippers
  • Golf Club Covers
  • Holiday Stockings
  • Figurines
  • Ornaments
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Granite Memorial
  • Handmade Wooden Memorial
Cuddle Clones Coupon Code FLOPPYCATS10

Cuddle Clones Gives Back!

Every month, Cuddle Clones donates a portion of every purchase to an individual pet in need, a shelter or an animal welfare organization.

We received the Cuddle Clone for review from the manufacturer.  Receiving the free product and the review fee did not influence this honest post.

Check out our other cat product reviews.

What do you think of Cuddle Clones?  Do you like how the Charlie one turned out?

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  1. Fantastic post, video & pics, Jenny!! I think Cuddle Clones ROCK!!! Great company and great products!!! LURVE all the info you provided in this post.
    Truly a one stop resource for information about Everything Cuddle Clone!!
    Great job!! 🙂 <3

    OMG!!! The Charlie Cuddle Clone In Da House Video was hilarious thanks to Mr. Chigster!! First, Charlie's Cuddle Clone is AMAZEBALLS! They did a great job! And, as you said, from the back it looks so REAL!! Now, of course, the face doesn't match purrfectly but we all know the kitty cuddle clones never quite look as purrfect in the face as those doggie cuddle clones do.. .But, that being said, overall this Charlie Cuddle Clone is SUPER PAWESOME!! They did a GREAT JOB with it!! The difference between Charlie, Caymus & Murphy's reaction versus Chiggy's reaction is freakin' PRICELESS!! Awwww, Chiggy, YOU are such a goofball!! Poor Chiggy being so intimidated by it…. Lurved the Parker section to! Wow! He's a year old already?! Looks GORGEOUS! Such a great and funny video, honey!! Really enjoyed it soooo very much!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. Thanks, Ms. Patti – yes, they did a great job. And so did Chiggy with making everyone laugh!

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