10 Serious Things Everyone Should Know Before Getting a Cat

You saw too many cat pictures online and now want one in your home. It’s an understandable urge, but beware: getting a cat is a rewarding experience, provided you take full responsibility for your pet’s wellbeing. A popular online community recently shared incredible information one should have when bringing a kitty home.

Remember, the journey of cat ownership is filled with love and companionship, so be prepared to enjoy countless cuddles and playful antics once you bring your new feline friend into your life.


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Owning a cat can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience, as these graceful creatures bring companionship, affection, and entertainment into our lives. However, it is crucial to remember that being a responsible cat owner entails more than just cuddles and playtime. It involves providing proper nutrition, regular veterinary care, a safe environment, and ample mental and physical stimulation for your feline companion. From ensuring they have a balanced diet to keeping their living space clean and enriched, taking full responsibility for your cat’s well-being is essential for their overall health and happiness. By committing to the care and welfare of your pet, you can forge a deep bond and create a loving and harmonious relationship that lasts a lifetime.

1. A Family Member

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Remember that cats can live up to a decade or more. Considering their lifespan, it is clear that these furry friends are here to say. You should think of cats as part of the household then a temporary plaything. As someone aptly puts it, when you adopt a kitty, you promise it a loving bond.

2. Food, Water, Shelter

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It may seem self-explanatory that your kitty will require these basics. However, even in choices of food, you have to exercise mindfulness. Giving your cat the correct quantity of cat food according to its age or health condition is an important consideration. You should be providing fresh water frequently. And, of course, ensure that your furball has a cozy place to sleep, even if it’s next to you.

3. Embrace the Difference

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You may hold the stereotypical notion that all cats are aloof. However, experienced cat owners share that this is not the case. One owner shares how their cat is a clingy drama queen who loves to nap in their lap for hours! Each cat has a unique personality; you should be open to that idea when getting one as your pet. 

4. Cleaning the Litter

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With great pets comes great responsibility. While cats can clean themselves, they do require your assistance when it comes to the litter box. Cleaning the litter box is nobody’s favorite task, but owning a cat means the chore is inevitable. You better be up for cleaning any mess your kitty might make.

5. Spa Treatment

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Cats are glorious creatures, and they must be treated as divas. This means that you will have to groom your cat regularly by trimming the murder mittens and giving the coat a good brushing. 

6. Stimulation

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As many cat lovers point out, these feline friends may be independent, but even they can get bored and lonely. Ensure you get your cat some toys. You should also spend enough time playing with it, especially if it’s young.

7. Health Management

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Remember that your cat is susceptible to health problems like any living creature. Hence, you must take your furbaby to the vet for regular checkups and shots. You should also be prepared for emergency visits if needed. Check the status of neutering/spaying, vaccines, deworming, etc. 

8. Hugs and Kisses

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Shower your cat with loads of love. As many suggest, letting your kitty snuggle up in your lap is one way to show affection. Cats require love and attention, though finding their preferences might take some time.

9. Getting Settled

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When adopting a cat, be mindful of its unique needs. For example, if you’re considering adopting an older cat, you might have to take time off work to settle it in your home. Be prepared with all the supplies and book a vet visit to know your cat’s condition at the time of adoption.

10. Making a Commitment

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Finally, a feline owner mentions that you may have to schedule and plan things according to your cat’s situation. Such concerns can seem like a lot of commitment but know that you’re not alone. Vets and groomers are there to assist you alongside the internet. And, of course, your cat’s love for you will outweigh the struggles.

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