10 Absolute Weirdest Things That Peoples Cats Do on the Regular

Cats may be sophisticated, but that does not mean they won’t wow you with their silly, odd, and weird antics. Some of these things that cats do will surprise you and delight you. An online community of cat lovers shared a list of weird things their furbabies do, and some of them are absolutely hysterical.

Joy and Laughter

A scared cat trying to hide in blankets
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From a cat’s sudden obsession with a mundane household object to their quirky rituals before mealtime, these shared stories highlight the unique personalities and unpredictable nature of cats. Whether it’s a cat hilariously pouncing on their own shadow or engaging in an intense staring contest with an inanimate object, these accounts remind us that our furry friends have an uncanny ability to bring laughter and joy into our lives.

1. Bathtime Besties

Funny cat is taking a bath in a colorful bathtub with toy duck.
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It is a well-known fact that cats despise water. Yet, one person’s cat, Cletus, is an odd fellow who wants to get in the bathtub. However, he only makes this exception when his owner is inside. Despite his general hatred toward the water, Cletus pushes the limits to be with his human friend.

2. A Rewarding Experience

Red cat with cute ducklings on yellow pillow close up
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Having a cat can be a rewarding experience, quite literally. Jenny’s cat, Oliver, would bring her and her husband numerous presents, and quite silly ones. 

Once, Oliver brought back a perfectly unharmed duckling. Other honorary mentions are an uneaten Gregg’s sausage roll and an unopened packet of crisps. It’s the thought that counts.

3. A Million Dollar Smile

tabby cat about to get teeth brushed tootbrush
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One person shares their cat, Nikita’s fondness for having her teeth brushed. Whenever she would hear her owner using the electric toothbrush, she would run and jump on the bathroom counter and try to dig her brush out of the drawer. 

The nagging only stopped when Nikita got her brushing done with the electric toothbrush. Of course, her pristine white teeth made quite an impression on the vet.

4. When the Pet Pets Back

young man and brown and white cat play together in the living room
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If you thought you were the only one who could do the petting, you are dead wrong. Ray shares how they would cuddle their cat, Bentley. After some time, Bentley would bring his paw to the human’s face and allow nose touches. Maybe, he was petting his owner back. 

5. The Angry Cat’s Wrath

Domestic cat breed toyger dropped and broke flower pot
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If a cat gets angry at you, you’re in deep trouble. An owner shares what their cat would do every time she’d be mad at them: sit in the beloved plant pots. Know that the cat did not do this for fun, only when she felt she had been wronged. The list of squashed plants is endless. Yet somehow, they’d always be the most fragile and precious ones. 

6. An Oddball

cat and water pot
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A feline lover talks about their seven-month-old kitty, who is extremely hyperactive. She has no fear of humans and is incredibly clingy. She even loves water. Turn on a faucet, and there she is. And that’s not all! She is not taken aback by the vacuum either. In her head, it is a big, noisy mouse to be chased.

7. Shut Up Call

Cat and man sleeping
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You don’t know how loud of a snorer you are till your cat shuts you up in your sleep. Aly mentions how her cat would jut his paw in and out of her mouth, waking her up. After a little investigation, the snoring seemed too loud, and this was the only way to silence the human. 

8. A Man of Discipline

Cat opening door
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Another cat lover mentions how their cat would ensure no one stays up for long. It was bad news if anyone in the family dared stay up later than their usual bedtime. The cat would repeatedly attack them until they went to bed.

9. Sock Hunter

Cute red orange ginger cat sleeping on a human foot with a sock on
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Babu’s primal hunting instincts would kick in whenever he saw a pile of clean socks in his owner’s drawer. He will yowl and appear with a sock dangling from the corner of his mouth. He would proudly show off his “kills.” 

The owner recalls waking up to find nine socks on the kitchen floor. Later that day, they found five more. Babu is quite a collector!

10. Delivery Service

Orange Cats playing with another cat
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Finally, an owner mentions how their cat, Miss Corona, would grab things in her mouth and transport them from one place to another. She even brought her owner a pair of shoes one morning. It’s always nice to have a helping paw. What crazy things does your cat do on the regular?

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