Cat Brush and Comb – What Are Your Favorite Cat Grooming Tools?

I am asked a lot about cat brushes.  However, it is usually difficult to refer anyone to anything because Charlie and Trigg borderline hate cat brushes and combs.

Charlie biting the JW Grip Soft Comb
Charlie biting the JW Grip Soft Comb

We have reviewed quite a few – luckily Caymus and Murphy do not hate brushes or combs.  In fact, I have never had cats hate brushes and combs like Charlie and Trigg do…however, that usually doesn’t stop me.  One of my favorite cat grooming tools is the JW Pet Comb – I usually can grab it and get a mat out or a knot or just comb out hair to make it look nicer.

Here are some other cat brushes we have reviewed (along with our videos of each one) – do you have a favorite cat brush? Please list it below in the comments and be sure to include why you love it!

Here are the brushes we have reviewed:

JW Grip Soft Cat Brush – Read our review or buy it here

JW Pet Gift Soft Slicker Brush – Read our review or buy it here

Shedmonster – Read our review or buy it here

JW Pet Cat Comb – buy it here

JW Pet Gripsoft Rotating Comfort Cat Comb – buy it here

JW Pet Shedding Blade for Cats – Read our review or buy it here

KONG Zoom Groom Cat Brush Review – Read our review or buy it here

Tangle Teaser (made for humans, but Charlie likes it) – buy it here

Safari Cat Comb Review – Read our review or buy it here

EZ-Groomer Cat Shedding Comb 7-Tooth – Read our review or buy it here

What is your favorite cat brush and why?  Please leave comments below and be sure to include:

  1. Brand of cat brush, i.e. JW Pet
  2. Model of cat brush, i.e. Slicker Brush
  3. Price you remember paying for it – or link to where one can find it online
  4. Why you like it for your Ragdoll cat or if you don’t have a Ragdoll – what is their coat like and why do you like it?
  5. Can’t decide on just one?

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  1. DezizWorld says:

    Mommy sez in all her years she’s found dat long haired cats hoo need da most gwoomin’ tend to hate it da most too. Dusn’t matter whether they’ve ever had a bad sperience or not. Me da doll dusn’t care fur bwushes, but me dz like da Furminatoor alwight and a cheap black barbers comb wound meez face. Now sis Lexi da short haired furmily member…she hasn’t met a bwush or comb she didn’t like. MOL As fur bitin, it’s not aloud in ow house unless weez at da Vet and don’t hav ow wits ’bout us.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. ABarletta says:

      Dear Dezi and Lexi: It took a wittle time to figger out jus what it was yous was saying. But afta a while I figgered it out. I agree with your mom dat the kittehs who need it the most hate grooming and da ones what have short hair love it da most. Sebbie da long haired cat tolerates brushing, but combing, uh, uh. No way Jose.
      Gracie da short haired kitteh loves brushing and coming. Go figger.

  2. Diane Sommer says:

    I have questions about mats. My Ragdoll, MiaSophia, didn’t have mats when I got her last August but over the last few weeks she has many and I’m having trouble getting caught up. She really hates having me work on the mats so it’s hard to do and not make her mad. I’ll give a little background on her.

    She was a breeder for two years and she has beautiful hair so she was also in the breeder’s ads for Ragdolls. Now I’m not sure how fellow cat lovers will feel about this next revelation. She has all 4 paws declawed. The breeder said it was because she has many people that handle the cats so she has them declawed as soon after they are born as she can. She’s a tech at her vets and he does all her work on her cats.

    I don’t know if not having claws could be why she has so many mats. I’m thinking she can’t get them out herself. She has them on her sides and I’ve looked closely at them and they are down deep next to her skin. She also has a clump under her chest between her two front legs. I really need help. Do I keep trying or do I take her to a cat groomer?

    I appreciate each and every comment out there that will help me with my new girl. She loves me and follows me everywhere I go and sleeps with me. Oh the breeder told me she’s not a lap cat but within the first month she has been sitting on my lap and my husbands so I think there was probably too much competition at the breeders.

    Diane & MiaSophia

  3. ABarletta says:

    Hi Strikersmom, Thanks! Will definitely look into the products you list. I do have a rotating comb, but I don’t think it is a very good one. Doesn’t seem to penetrate Sebbie’s coat. Sort of useless. But maybe I should give it another try.

  4. ABarletta says:

    Dear Ilovedaisies,thanks so much for all the research and suggestions. My head is spinning with all the info. I have viewed a bunch of videos, but they make it look so easy. The cat sits there and puts up with all the pushing and pulling and de-matting. Sebastian won’t do that. And now with his heart condition, I am afraid to confine him and get him all nervous and upset. What we do for these critters.

    1. says:

      Dear ABarletta,

      It’s a lot of information on a lot of different things: brushes, combs, de-matters, instructional videos. It can make anyone’s head spin.

      Just focus on the one thing you’re most interested in, and go from there. I just looked at most of those You-Tube videos myself, out of curiosity. Many if not most of them are Persians which have an entirely different temperament. I know my Lolly won’t just sit there and be docile, either.

      But scanning on down thru the list there are different videos on retraining methods, muzzles (who knew!), as well as different grooming tools (and shaving!). I’d suggest limiting yourself to viewing a few at a time that are on the subject you’re most interested in, and calling it a day. If you find a presenter you particularly like, you can “Subscribe” with them, and you’ll then know about any new postings. There’s lots of different viewpoints and tools to mull over.

      If Sebastian has a heart condition, you might ask your vets recommendation for what they’d suggest for having the grooming experience be helpful (so as not to have matts), along with being as stress free as possible.


  5. strikersmom says:

    My baby doesn’t like grooming either but he is getting better. I have followed our breeders’ recommendations and it has worked well so far. Striker is almost one year old.
    1. Jerob anti-stat conditioner and detangler spray. I bought it direct from Jerob, online.
    2. A rotating pin comb. Mine is the U Groom Non Slip Rubber Grip Rotating Pin Comb 7 1/4 inch. Purchased on Amazon.
    3. A Miller’s Forge small slicker brush. I don’t recall where I bought it from.

    I have also bought the tangle teaser due to Jenny’s recommendation, from Amazon, and it worked well when he was younger, it was the only brush he would tolerate.

    Love reading all the suggestions and tips! My boy mats easily, so I brush him almost every day.

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