World’s Best Cat Litter Multi Cat Clumping Formula – Product Review

Trigg in World's Best Cat Litter
Trigg in World’s Best Cat Litter

We’ve been sent a lot of World’s Best Cat Litter in the last two months.  First up was the World’s Best Cat Litter Multi Cat Clumping Formula scented and then we got the regular World’s Best Cat Litter Multi Cat Clumping Formula.

I had previously tried World’s Best Cat Litter Cat Clumping Formula, but did not have a lot of success in the odor department, as you might recall.  So when the scented with lavender one came out in a Multi-Cat formula, I got really excited.  However, odor control was still an issue for OUR household with that litter.

So I was excited to see if the World’s Best Cat Litter Multi Cat Clumping Formula would make a difference and it is a much bigger improvement from the green and purple bags – and I so badly want one of their formulas to work for us.

On a scale from 1 to 5, I would give it’s odor control a 3.5.  It’s still not my 5, but I have been told I have a sniffer like a pregnant woman.

I have a confession though – while I empty the litter box out several times a day, all I do is scoop it and dump it into a trash can sitting next to the litter box.  And I only dump it out into the garage trash when it’s time to take out the trash.  In other words, there’s a lot of urine and feces that is in that trash can by the end of the week.  So, really it might not be World’s Best Cat Litter’s issue, but mine. Man, that makes me sound like a dirty person!

World's Best Cat Litter Multi Cat Clumping Formula
World’s Best Cat Litter Multi Cat Clumping Formula

In fact, ever since switching to non-clay litters for my two crazy kitties, I have not found one that can stand up to clay’s superior odor control.  I am unsure of the whole clay debate still (about it being bad for the kitties, etc), actually, and also wonder if in time we will see issues with corn, nut and wheat based litters as well.

I do love the concept and other things about World’s Best Cat Litter Multi Cat Clumping Formula, so I’ve listed them below.

Why I Love This Litter:

  • Made from whole kernel corn – I love the eco-friendly approach
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Non Toxic
  • It is readily available
  • I love, love, love the way it clumps – check out the videos I did when it arrived to see how it clumps – I posted them below.
  • Because it clumps so well, it’s easy to scoop!
  • Because it clumps so well – the only litter wasted is that portion that surrounds the cat’s waste!
  • Comes in large 34 lb. bags
  • It is flushable!
  • I have a secret crush on their marketing efforts and their approach to donations
  • My cats use the litter box (sometimes cats can not like a litter and therefore, not go the bathroom in the litter box)

All in all, the only true litter solution is the one that:

  1. Your cat likes – so s/he goes in it
  2. You like – so you don’t hate the whole process


How It Clumps and Scoops:


Do you have questions for World’s Best Cat Litter?  Or want to socialize with them?  Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. I have been using World’s Best now for about a year. I have to agree about the odor issue when it comes to urine; but the feces issue well that’s one that I have dealt with for some time. My cats, sisters, are 16.5 yrs old and soon to be 17 in March, 2013. One has no feces odor at all, and the other…OMG it’s like she’s rotting from the inside, they both eat the same brand of cat food, rarely get table food, and both use the same water bowl. I finally gave in and tried mixing the clay w/the corn. Success with that is middle of the road when it came to odor control, so I just stayed with World’s Best, because of the clumping factor. I would love to get a Litter Bot but it doesn’t work well with corn litter, and I don’t like the Cat Genie setup.
    Hope this helps someone.

  2. Chaosbutterfly says:

    From a carbon footprint standpoint though, corn is not environmentally friendly at all. It strips nutrients from the soil and requires farmers to pour on the fertilizers thickly, which causes all kinds of water and wildlife problems.
    In terms of the land to yield ratio, it’s crazy inefficient.
    And it sucks up way too much water and is really oil intensive to plant, harvest, and process.
    It may be better than clay because it’s biodegradable, but that doesn’t negate all the energy that goes into producing it, so I wouldn’t call it nature-friendly. Maybe neutral is better haha.

  3. We have tried every type of clay clumping and non clumping litter that I know of here at Kitty City.
    The non-clumping such as special kitty is the worst and tends to harden in the bottom of the pan when wet. I have had scooper handles snap in half trying to get the cat urine out of the litter boxes.
    The clumping litter with chemical fragrances like fresh step, arm and hammer and many others tends to be very dusty and breathing all the chemicals and clay dust is not only bad for cats but for people also. I can’t take the dust, it kills me.
    The light weight corn type litters with the added fragrance that are now becoming popular are pretty good when they are fresh and will make the whole room smell nice until they become saturated. We use this type in our bedroom and have 4 cats that use 2 very large boxes. After about 4-5 days the nice fragrance is not so nice any longer, and the room smells kinda funky. We normally change litter once per week so the last day or so is not as nice as the first few days. LOL I think it is better than the clumping with chemicals and the non clumping types. There is little to no dust so even though there are chemicals that may be absorbed into the cats paws or licked by the cats it is not being inhaled into the lungs like the dusty clumping litter.
    Feline Pine or wood pellets for stoves are about the most natural litters that you could use. I understand that hard wood pellets should not be used as some hard wood oils are bad for cats. Pine is safe. There is dust from this type litter but without the chemicals. It does not hide the feces odor but does pretty good covering urine odor. We use wood pellets at Kitty City partly because they are inexpensive and partly because most of the litter boxes we have are outside in enclosed play runs where the smell is not much of an issue.
    We do have litterboxes in our living room and laundry room with wood pellets. About the only way we can control odor from the feces in these boxes is to scoop soon as we smell the cats have gone poo.
    We had some of the silica litter donated and it was not much good at anything except that it seemed to have very little dust.
    We also tried the litterbox with the white stone looking pellets on top of a grill that allowed the urine to pass below and be absorbed by a disposable pad. This is one strange litter box. The poo gets mixed up in the hard pellets and the odor is bad. I would not recomend this set up. It’s too expensive and does not work well.

    1. Thanks, Ed for sharing this info! Someone with the amount of kitties you have has a totally different experience with litter than the two cat household I have! Would love to see some of your cat litter box set ups!

  4. I was going to try this after I learned about the clay litters but after doing more research I found it’s just as if not more dangerous then clay and cats and dogs have become very sick and/or died from aflatoxin . It can be stored though at 70f degrees at 18% moisture saftley for about a month !

  5. Christina says:

    Love your website 🙂 I just bought a 3kg bag of Worlds Best Cat Litter but the bag seems rather small? How long does a bag usually last you? I have quite a big litterbox for my raggie so the litter does cover the bottom but its not as high as my old litter was…

    1. Christina, I am checking with WBCL – not sure, I think it will depend on a lot of things – how quickly your kitty pees, etc.

  6. I am just gearing up to try World’s Best if only to reduce the amount of dust that the regular clay stuff causes.

  7. I’ve always used clumping clay with my boys too. I know it can be dangerous, so I’m going to give the World’s Best a fair try. I don’t want my boys feet to be yellow though – my older boys are very white as well. I wonder if non-clumping clay might be an option, although not as convenient. When I had just one cat, I liked the traditional non-clumping clay, but when I got two, it wasn’t very convenient or cost effective!

    1. I have two mitted 4-year old ragdolls…Jambo (hello in Swahili) and Bula (hello in Fijian)…We traveled to both places. They have only used World’s Best LItter Multiple Formula…want to try the Lavender scented multiple formula. Has anyone tried this?

      1. Hi Julie, Yes, I tried it and it’s OK – smells good until they go the bathroom in it. I think if you like WBCL, then you will like the Lavendar. Jenny

  8. The breeder sent World’s Best home with my kitten, and I mixed it with my older boys clay litter (clay on bottom, World’s Best on top) and that seems to be fine. For a kitten. I don’t like the way it tracks, and I read somewhere that it stains the white feet of cats? My kitten has high white boots on his back feet, and they are kind of yellow. I have to wonder if it’s from the litter?

    The kitten got in the big boys’ box this morning (no holding him back!) and came out with a bit of clay stuck to his paws. I didn’t like that either! I’m not sure what the answer is … I’ll use the bag I have (and the one I bought with the free rebate) and make a decision from there, I guess …

    Any thoughts?

    1. Could be from the litter, not sure. When Charlie and Trigg were kittens, I found that clumping clay worked best, but have now learned the dangers of clay. So it might be a trial and error approach that you have to execute.

  9. Just curious -what is it about their donations and marketing that you like? I haven’t tried them in ages. I may have to give this new one a shot and see how it goes over here.

    1. they are constantly donating product and they offer some of the coolest giveaways for their loyal customers – you can sign up on their website to get them in your inbox. I also like the branding image they portray – it’s hip, clean and to the point.

  10. I concur on the Walmart brand “Special Kitty” litter. I’ve found it to be the best clumping litter of the many I have tried. It is less dusty and cheaper than all the others! (I was very surprised at this.) I go through a lot of litter, so I appreciate the savings and the quality.

  11. It’s funny because I HATE the multiple cat version, and LOVE the regular version? I use it in my Litter Maid, and for some reason the multiple just doesn’t work right. I also like the smell better on the regular versus the multicat.

    I love the fact that we can all have different opinions too. I use that in the electric boxes, and cedar clumping litter in the other boxes.

    1. Donna! Where have you been? That is totally funny about you liking the green vs. red. I still don’t think there’s a perfect litter…for me.

      1. hehehe – I’ve been soo crazy busy! I have a friend who also likes the green better and has 4 cats? Go figure?

        I love the stuff I get at WalMart – it’s 8 in 1 and it clumps great, and smells great? Weighs nothing?

        1. What is the stuff at Wal-mart called? Is it their Walmart brand?

          1. It’s similar to the Arm & Hammer in the orange bag – but without that horrific smell. I just checked WalMart on-line and don’t see it. They make me nuts! It’s about $7.00 a bag – and it’s the best!

  12. I like the idea of this litter, and I wish my cats would accept this formula. I’ve tried to switch a couple of times without success.

    1. Me too! It really is ironic how certain cats like certain litters. What do you use now? I think you’ve told me, but please refresh my memory!

  13. I tried some of this litter with Annabella, and although I scooped every day (the stuff went into a plastic bag and out into the garage) it smelled bad. All the clay-based litter left a dark smudge around her nostrils (and imagine her lung!). The only one I’ve found that is virtually odor-free is Feline Pine. She loves it too, which, of course, is the best part 🙂

    1. Wow – we had Feline Pine when we got Caymus and Murphy and what a mess it was! It’s so funny how there’s certain litters for certain people and certain cats!

      1. Yes, it’s messy. But everything else we’ve tried is, also! If it doesn’t stink, and Annie likes it, we’re good 🙂

  14. We’ve always used World’s Best with Gary, Minou and Samson. The one litter box in our master bath always gets flushed, and the litter boxes in our mudroom go directly into the main garbage in the garage, so odor has never been a problem. We love how the litter clumps immediately, and a large bag lasts forever! It’s also very light-weight so scooping is quite easy. I’ve never had to scrape pee off the bottom of the litter box with World’s Best. We had my in-laws elderly siamese, Joey, stay with us for a month while they travelled. He has always had a rash around his ears. While staying with us, it dissapeared. We figured it had to be the change in litter. My in-laws switched, and the rash has never returned.

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